Rally to return publishers grandchildren

December 16, 2013

Citizens of San Luis Obispo County gathered outside the courthouse on the morning of December 10, 2013 to call for the release of CalCoastNews publisher Karen Velie’s grandchildren from Child Welfare Services custody. Protesters then entered the SLO County Board of Supervisors meeting and addressed the board during public comment.


Later that day, Velie was permitted to visit with her children for the first time in four months. CWS is in the process of returning the children to their family.

The children at the SLO Children's Museum in June, after building their rendition of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

The children at the SLO Children’s Museum in June, after building their rendition of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.


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Name of social workers involved in case who are making recommendations?

Isn’t it ironic that the Government cannot take your property without due process of law, but can apparently take your children without showing imminent danger to the kids. I wonder if a lawyer would take a case on behalf of the children against the officers, the child welfare officials and the foster parents for kidnapping and false imprisonment. At least then all of the facts would have to come out in public.

Oh wait that would be government prosecuting government..doesn’t happen. Civil suit maybe- negligent infliction of extreme emotional distress?

Government entities may not prosecute each other, but they sure love to fine each other!

Sure there have been lots of $$ CPS has had to dig into there funds to settle cases.

How do you place a dollar sign on a child???

My children are priceless! No amount of $ they could ever offer me would ever due.

I would never touch $ from them that they have made off DESTROYING loving families.


This is easy for them they pay off/case closed and they got back doing dirty business. This is a contributing factor as to things staying status quo.

Wonder what it would look like if people would not accept payoffs…the price is to high and by accepting there “pay off/settlement” you generally reach spoken or not a mutual agreement of no wrong doing that can be spoke of.

Gross. What’s your price.. How much is your child/family worth?

Mine is not for sale!!!!


Good luck finding a lawyer (local) that will go up against CWS. Been there done that! Especially court appointed attorney’s! They are part of the “system.” Are you kidding me? They have to daily work with each other. They are all colleagues. Trust me the Judge and the lawyer are out on the greens together.One would think this is not the case…

There are 2 reputable LA lawyers who have gotten involved with some cases from Slo County. Cases the Grand Jury investigated,

In one of the articles from Cal Coast News,I do recall Karen Velie’s attorney even advise her not do dispute Child Welfare Reports. What kind of crazy advice is that?

Well, one from an attorney that know and plays the systems way!

Many of these lawyers who are guardian ad litem’s should be reported to the Ca. State Bar for investigation for failing to uphold there legal and ethical obligation.

You can even take your Attorney to arbitration, if he/she is not performing to American Bar Association Standards (ABAS) why be charged an enormous bill and not receive the service. Trust me, I know when you are in the position you would spend every red cent. You can go bankrupt fighting for your children. And should know that you have recourse.

The dislikes on many of the postings makes me wonder who thinks these kids should have been taken and why don’t they speak up and state their reasoning. After all it’s anonymous.

It is time that Director Lee Collins takes personal accountability and responsibility for his department and staff alike!!! OVERSIGHT on Child Welfare.

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident. Many cases do not have this outcome…before I speak to soon. Lets wait and just see how CWS handles this case until they close it.

There should be no reason these children should be removed or are in the custody of the state-unless they are in “imminent danger.” A “dirty house” or “depression” does not equate to three child becoming dependents of the court.

It begins with a dirty house and then….keep filling it in as to the next reason they continue to keep your children.

I personally know, first hand experience…it begins with one accusation and then CWS has to meet the reason of removal so things begin to be falsified to support there petition for removal. And they will never say they made a mistake or are wrong.

You will be intimidated to jump through all the hoops (so called case plans) and depending on the case workers mood the outcome follows suit.

Trust me your child can be held hostage while you are left with no other option other than to comply with a social workers cookie cutter case plan-whether you agree with it or not….

I will not continue on, for now.. but I do want the TRUTH and to see JUSTICE for all these children. The one’s who have gone before and the future ones. A voice for the family’s in cases just like this who were given “gag” orders by the courts, claiming confidentiality.

It is injustice and it happened to my family. It must stop!!!!!!!!



CA Codes (wic:300-304.7)


WELFARE AND INSTITUTIONS CODE SECTION 300-304.7. 300. Any child who comes within any of the following descriptions is within the jurisdiction of the …

I am encouraged to see the continued good fight for oversight on CWS.

accountability will never happen as long as Mr. Gibson and Mr. Hill are on the BOS, a change here needs to be our first goal and then more will follow

Didn’t hear anything from Debbie Arnold until today, she sits on the CAPSLO board. Maybe Andrea had a chat with her. It’s a high-stakes poker game, unfortunately involving children. Bruce Gibson and his vile pug Adam Hill need to go. Politics aside, there are plenty of decent liberals and conservatives to be elected.

What about a request for a Panel Review Hearing?

or Bring the matter up to the Executive Director( Lisa Fraser) San Luis Obispo Child Abuse Prevention Council. http://www.slocap.org

I have yet to read any mention of CASA -Court Appointed Special Advocates- who are suppose to advocate for the children?

The more support and continued fight for the truth and justice will come..


Accountability does happen. With the proper attitude. And a lot of hard, I mean hard work.

These (Board of Supervisors and Child Welfare Services) are two separate Departments. There are separate issues with both

entities. I agree change needs to happen!

However, to indicate accountability will never happen…

is disappointing to say the least. Change can begin with just one person having the courage to do the right thing.

Lots of politics are involved in both said. People who want Justice are dedicated to fight for both Departments to be held accountable. This seems to be most appropriate.

Strictly politics…..hard to be anonymous when you’re adam hill!