Thieves return stolen Jet Ski

December 16, 2013

13-1888The thieves who took a Jet Ski from a Grover Beach parking lot, contacted the owner Friday to say they were leaving the Jet Ski on the side of the road.

On Dc. 13, surveillance footage caught three men driving a white Ford Ranger away from the Seaview Inn with the 2012 Ski Clinic Bob Gen3 Jet Ski.

After Grover Beach police publicized the theft, the owner was contacted via his cell phone and informed the Jet Ski would be left in Monterey County area of San Lucas Road and Highway 101. The victim then contacted the Monterey County Sheriff’s Department and asked to have a deputy respond to the scene.

The Jet Ski is valued at $10,000.

The Grover Beach Police Department is continuing the investigation into the theft and anyone with information regarding this case is encouraged to contact Officer Reggie Bio or Detective Jerry Cornell of the Grover Beach Police Department at (805) 473-4511 or CrimeStoppers at (805) 543-STOP (543-7867).


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The thieves called the owner’s cellphone? Did they know him or was the number made public? Also, with the lack of public phones, it should be easy enough to trace (even if they had their caller ID blocked).

N C G, are you referencing south “SLO” county as having criminals, or south “Monterey” county? Plenty of bad guys ALSO hitting the Interlake area from San Ardo/Salinas/King City etc. Been victimized ourselves. But you are correct also.

Just saying.

South County has a disproportional amount of criminals. The 2 thieves who attempted to steal my boat from the shoreline of Lake San Antonio were from Arroyo Grande.

You may be correct about the common thieves being more prevalent in South County but it seems that the big-time thieves live north of the grade. (Guth/Yaguda, Gearhardt, etc., ad nauseum) And then we have the legalized thieves that, while present throughout the county, center their activities in SLO. (aka Board of Supervisors, city administrators, city councils, etc.)