Capps to require background checks for employees

December 16, 2013
Lois Capps

Lois Capps

Following the death of a 27-year-old woman in an accident caused by a then aide to Rep. Lois Capps, the congresswoman announced that she plans to make all current and future employees undergo criminal background checks. [KSBY]

Ex-Capps district representative Raymond Morua, 32, is accused of murder in the death of Mallory Ray Dies, 27. Dies died last week from injuries she suffered when Morua crashed his vehicle into her as she was crossing a street.

Morua had a .17 blood alcohol level at the scene of his arrest.

Capps’s ex-aide had two prior DUI convictions in Ventura County in 2006 and 2007.

Capps said she was unaware of the convictions when she hired Morua as a returning veteran and student at UC Santa Barbara.

“He was a student intern in our office,” Capps said. “Very outstanding work that he did. And he was an outstanding member of our staff.”

Morua is also charged with vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated and fleeing the scene of an accident that caused a death.

U.S. Capitol Police will perform the background checks on Capps’s employees.


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Most all employers already perform background checks prior to hiring an employee…

but unions will not allow true random testing of LEO’s after hiring….

the union is not as all powerful as you project, LEO drug use is negligible, thats why no random tests, they cost money, and cops always find something more important to spend money on then silly pee in a cup programs for themselves. if it were actually a problem it would come up in contract talks, unions are democratic, ideas are always discussed .trust me! I love democracy! as old fashion as that may seem to be nowadays

Police officer with gun should require tests, and Yes the unions has fought it time and time again. The recent case of an officers extorting money should indicate testing is needed, if it stops one officers it would be worth it.

You say testing should be done in this case. So who should pay for this testing you suggest?

If it actually meant a failed test would result in a dismissal, not a paid leave while under further investigations, no dragged out scene, some actual consequences for actions I think the funding should come from their budget

Thank you for the reply. O.k. so why then can’t this come from Lois’s budget vs her salary, same as you suggest here? Either way a budget is our tax dollars.

It’s “negligible” because there is no testing. The LAPD insisted that testing was a waste of money but when the city pressed the issue they happily gave other concessions to avoid it.

I would be more concerned about testing for steroid abuse and alcohol abuse than other illegal drugs with cops. While there will be the occasional bad cop with an illegal drug habit, they are more likely to abuse the “legal” ones and those can have as big a negative effect on their ability to do their job properly as the illegal ones.


Drunk drivers are just as evil as killers with guns. In addition to criminal background checks, Capps aides should be screened for alcohol and drug abuse.

And screened for political extremism? How about Capps screening her staff for extreme liberalism? Oh, no, wait, that’s knock her out of work also…………. Never mind.


Thanks you Lois for acknowleding the professional performance of your staff while accepting this performance may not be good enough for your office. Yes, background elegibllity should be a requirement for any public office, including staff. A victorious election or appointment should never launder history.

This is a great trend or hopefully a national policy you may have started in the darkness of this tragedy.

Let’s just hope that after her next election she is doing this for her private sector company

Then I noticed this line “U.S. Capitol Police will perform the background checks on Capps’s employees” which means the taxpayers will likely be footing the bill, another reason for her find another line of work after her next election, Why wouldn’t she pay for this?

Just so I’m clear on your thinking here and you aren’t being partisan, then I would assume you think ALL Representatives and Senators should have to do this?

Since those elected are representatives of the voters maybe the voters should be asked if this is something that needs to be done

O.k. fair enough but I ask again, do you think all need to do and onto this question that you ask, do you think this (background checks) is something that needs to be done?