17 California communities could run out of water

January 29, 2014

lake1As California’s drought intensifies, 17 communities in 10 counties across the state are in danger of running out of water within 60 to 120 days, state officials announced Tuesday. [MercuryNews]

The 17 water districts are all in small rural communities from Kern County to Mendocino County. In some of these communities wells are running dry and reservoirs are nearly empty.

While San Luis Obispo County is not one of the 10 counties, it is one of 27 counties in the state to be declared a natural disaster area by the U.S. Department of Agriculture because of the drought.

Even though rain is slated for Thursday, major storms are desperately needed to replenish the snowpack and reservoirs.

“This is a statewide drought. This is a serious drought,” said Bill Croyle, director of the state Drought Task Force.

“On the Central Coast, they have in the past looked at desalination,” Croyle added. “So if we lose our groundwater and surface water, we are going to go to the ocean. It is going to be expensive, but you bring in mobile plants and fire them up.”

Several years ago, the $176 million dollar controversial Nacimiento Water Project pipeline was completed. While promoted by some San Luis Obispo County staffers and officials, opponents of the pipeline argued for a desalination plant contending that during a serious drought water levels at the lake would be miniscule. Water levels at Nacimiento Lake are currently at about 5 percent.



What I don’t get is how any sane person can look at the vast Majority of CA. from Monterrey South, that gets on average around 13-18 inches on a average year of rain and only falls from about Oct-April and think that 30 million people can get by with this and to just suck it up and live within your means.

Folks that isn’t much water to start with and then a drought? Yea do the math. It doesn’t pencil out.


The only way I see for us to get out of this mess is to announce that we are going to grant amnesty to any non US citizen who can get to California before July 1st. This will help put everything in balance:

overload the health care system

overload the education system

overload the justice/prison system

and finally

overload the state’s water resources.

This way, everything is overloaded at once and will strike a nice balance.

Problem solved. Now waiting for the boomerang effect: http://soundwaves.usgs.gov/2011/01/research2.html

fishing village

Calif State Water Project can just say, NO WATER!! FOR YOU!! , What a rip off when we’ve paid in all of these years. How right you were Colby Crotzer, Susan Mullen and Ben Luna. Did not want to buy in to State Water! I hope you all hear about your vision for the future. thank goodness for our desal plant (you put in!) and well water for now, amazingly accurate.


Sounds like those communities didn’t effectively PLAN their water resources and/or they got snaked by the state’s water managers and water bankers: http://www.sacbee.com/2014/01/26/6097073/viewpoints-better-solutions-for.html

Ted Slanders

There is one quick solution to California’s severe drought, and that is to find just ONE true Christian that actually believes in Jesus the Christ and the Christian doctrine!

Within the Hebrew God’s bible, the pseudo-christian is given solace in knowing directly by their Savior Himself, Jesus the Christ, that when praying they will receive their prayer requests if they actually BELIEVE that they will receive them. It is that simple.

Jesus stated; “And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.” (Matthew 21:22)

Jesus stated; “What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.” (Mark 11, 24)

Now, the rub. Obviously many Christians have been praying for this drought to end quickly within the context of the passages above, but their prayers, to date, have obviously gone unanswered. Therefore, we can only logically assume by Jesus’ own words, that the Christians that are praying in this respect, DO NOT BELIEVE ENOUGH, OR AT ALL!

Therefore, Jerry Brown should initiate a task force post haste to find that one elusive Christian that actually BELIEVES, as the passages so state, so they can quickly throw a prayer skyward to Jesus to end California’s drought!


Sorry, Ted, you guy doesn’t exist.


And the difference between the Sky Daddy who doesn’t answer prayers, and no Sky Daddy at all is what???




Don’t get too excited about the mobile desal plants. They were created by the military and designed to be connected to city piping infrastructure for distribution. This means that they can supply a town on the coast with purified water. http://www.water.ca.gov/desalination/pud_pdf/Mobile_Desalination.pdf

They can’t supply agriculture with water (the water is too expensive), and they can’t be set up in Kern County or even in San Luis Obispo County for inland residents at an affordable cost. You might as well buy Figi bottled water at the store to wash your dishes–it would be cheaper.

Maybe the state “drought people” could communicate with the state “open borders” people and the “ag gone wild with vineyards” global companies.

Just don’t start with this “pipe water here from the Mississippi River”. The rest of the US will not lift a finger to help California because California won’t help itself.


Citizen, your point might have some validity if the discussion is limited to the current moment. But the anti-desalting boo-birds were saying the very same things 40 years ago! Too expensive. Too problematic. But soon, desal may be all there is. Think about where desalting would be if we’d started seriously doing it decades ago, instead of listening to people back then who sound just like Supervisor Gibson today.


Oh lord. Why aren’t you in prison already. Dee Thomas Murphy?


Google Dee Thomas Murphy for more information.


As a Los Osos homeowner, I certainly have googled this weirdo. He is delusional.


Here is the thing that has always pissed me off about the water game here in CA.

We discussed this in my Conservation class (another name for Geology) at Cuesta back in ’83. My teacher made the point that a vast amount of the population centers in CA. are in areas that are classified desert. Even back then people made the argument that it’s all developments fault BUT as my teacher pointed out even back then, the mistake was made of even building ANYTHING in the first place back in the 1800’s.

Point? We are in a desert and always have been but instead of looking for long term solutions of water from other places, we let certain types in this state hold us hostage with water so no more building goes on. O.k. fine but what do you do then IN A DROUGHT!!??

You don’t want development? Well then get in the DeLorean and go with the Doc back to the 1800’s and tell them not to build at all. Oh and while your at it tell them to keep the fornicating down to so we keep the amount of people down. Till then, lets stop this B.S. game of holding us hostage because you don’t want development. It didn’t stop it thirty years ago when discussed in my class and we now have way more population but mostly same water sources. Let’s get to talking more about solutions and stop bitching about what has been done and isn’t most likely going to change or fix it either way!!!


Look at it this way. It has already been proven that stopping building isn’t going to stop it. Cambria has had a moratorium for about fifteen years?? Well here they are almost out of water. Did that stop it from coming? In the meantime they could have been working on future supplies while asking to curtail usage. Well they did the one without the other.

That is my point with the state. We are doing the one without the other. I get people don’t like building. Again stop it all tomorrow. It isn’t going to change the possibility of this happening again in the future. We are in a desert. Pretty easy to understand.


http://youtu.be/Hydg6cvls88 Watch this short KSBY news story from 2008 featuring technology that reclaims and re-purifies 100% of EVERY household/building/facilities’, polluted/sewage discharges. This technology was “federally mandated” to be used to protect our valuable drinking water resources from pollution decades ago, yet has been ‘swept under the rug’ by San Luis Obispo & Santa Barbara County Supervisors and your friendly Regional Water Quality Control Board.

We are wasting MILLIONS OF GALLONS OF WATER every single day when we could be saving and recycling ALL that precious water. San Luis Obispo County is dumping thousands of pounds of toxins, viruses, pharmaceuticals, disease carrying pathogens, directly into our drinking water resources EVERY DAY by REFUSING to implement this technology all for money and control of growth, development and our water.

1,500 PEOPLE DIE EVERY DAY is the US from cancer, that’s 45,000 people EVERY MONTH. Congress made it a “CONGRESSIONAL MANDATE OF THE HIGHEST PRIORITY” and a “STRICT LIABILITY STATUE” to implement this technology, yet our County Supervisors have violated The Federal Water Pollution Control Act Amendment of 1972, Public Law 92-500, aka The Clean Water Act to keep their unlawful revenue stream flowing in all while poisoning and wasting our most precious drinking water resources.

Sarah Bellum



Looks like The Reclamator Man is back.


That should read…Wrecklamator/


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