Agricultural visionary Ernie Righetti dead at 97

January 28, 2014


Ernie Righetti, the man who introduced avocados to the area, died Sunday night. He was 97. [Tribune]

Righetti had been under hospice care. He died at Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center in San Luis Obispo.

Righetti lived in the house he was born in, with three generations of his family living nearby on the farm. Every tree on the Righetti property has been hand-planted, hand-pruned, and every avocado hand-picked, according to Home Grown in California.

Righetti is survived by his wife Susan, and sons Scott, Craig, Don and David. Plans for a memorial service are pending.


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Well, farewell Old Timer. Thanks for introducing avocados and Thank You for your contributions to your county and fellow citizens. Your obituary makes us appreciate this county more than ever, because by coincidence you were born here in the same, or next, year our clan first clattered our way into SLO county in a rickety drop top Olds or Chevy we can’t make out in the faded photo.

We’ve done our part for SLO county, and are proud, walked it’s dust since 1916 but sounds like us old El Pomar grange barley new-comer sharecroppers can’t hold a candle up to your contributions and successes, to a true pioneer and rancher such as yourself. Good for you. Your labors and contributions deserve reporting and praise. Sorry I never got to meet you, but I know your type and have been honored to know and admire several analogues of your genre. Bet you were generous, productive, and admirable.

Farewell, and best of healing to your family.

Well said. I did meet him once or twice (my family is friends with one of his sons’ family); all of those Righetti’s are really solid stock, the man definitely passed on some quality genes. Fine human beings, and damn hard workers.