San Luis Obispo County Jail inmate dies from H1N1 flu

January 28, 2014

jailCorrection: The inmate had been in the jail for three months.

A San Luis Obispo County Jail inmate died Monday of the H1N1 flu virus.

The SLO County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that 35-year-old Rudy Joseph Silva was transported to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center last Thursday after being evaluated at the jail. Silva had been in the county jail for three months.

At the hospital, Silva was diagnosed with H1N1 and placed in the intensive care unit. Sheriff officials allowed Silva’s family to visit him at the hospital, sheriff’s spokesperson Tony Cipolla said.

Jail staff is taking steps to protect themselves and the inmates including testing arriving prisoners for the virus and offering all inmates flu shots, Cipolla said.



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My condolences to this man’s family. I hope the jail can contain this outbreak.

It is interesting to note that county jails throughout the state are enrolling all of the prisoners in Obamacare in order to pass the cost of their healthcare onto government subsidized health insurance programs. This in theory saves the county money, but in reality it just shifts how we pay for them. Now instead of paying for them while incarcerated we get to pay for them after they are released through higher premiums to make up the differences for the insurance companies.

The upside of course is that the insurance companies will be able to deny medical services that the state would have had to pay for.

Do you have a link or any backup to that claim? I would think that a JAIL cannot enroll anyone in anything. Maybe a PRISON, but a Jail is temporary (usually under 1 year).

Where did you hear this? Please share. Thanks.

They are enrolling them in obamacare, enrolling them to vote, as well as making legal those who are not yet citizens.

If Silva had been in the county jail for one day, why did it say he was put in on October 22? Looks like he got this flu while he was in jail. He didn’t just complain on Thursday of the illness. He was complaining for over a week that his cough was getting worse.Then when they found him in his cell in a coma, they took him to the hospital.

That’s one way to cut through all of the California death row red tape.

Just a reminder, Jail often does not mean Proven Guilt. Of course I bet this means there’s a blood-sucker ready to pounce on the public’s coffer’s over this. Such a sad state we’re in.

Condolences to this man’s family.

I’m not sure how the county jail could prevent such an outbreak. I doubt that the prisoners and the state would allow mandatory immunization of all inmates upon arrival.

I suppose the best they could do is to encourage proper sanitation…as some inmates could simply be carriers of this virus while showing no symptoms.

While litigation would be absurd, I have no doubt it’s coming.

Being sentenced to jail means one has been convicted of a crime. In order to be convicted guilt must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Not being found guilty is not proven innocence, but being found guilty is proven guilt.

Except he wasn’t a murderer or rapist; he was arrested for petty theft & drugs. Not death row crimes.