California senator proposes Obamacare for illegal immigrants

January 13, 2014

Covered CaliforniaCalifornia should grant immigrants who enter the country illegally access to state-sponsored health insurance, the head of the Legislature’s Latino caucus announced Friday. [LA Times]

Democratic Sen. Ricardo Lara said he plans to introduce a bill similar to the Affordable Care Act that would provide health insurance to illegal immigrants. Lara said immigration status should be irrelevant if the goal of the federal law is to provide coverage for the uninsured.

“Immigration status shouldn’t bar individuals from health coverage, especially since their taxes contribute to the growth of our economy,” Lara said.

Federal law currently prohibits individuals who enter the country illegally from obtaining coverage through Covered California, the state exchange created under the Affordable Care Act. Yet, Lara and his backers are considering creating a program within Covered California that would insure undocumented immigrants.

They are also considering alternatives, such as expanding Medi-Cal coverage.

An estimated 2.6 million illegal immigrants live in California, about 1 million of whom are uninsured.

Republican assemblyman and gubernatorial candidate, Tim Donnelly, said Lara is trading on the plight of people ineligible to receive health benefits.

“California cannot afford to create another incentive to attract people to come to our state illegally in pursuit of taxpayer-subsidized benefits,” Donnelly said.



Mexico has universal health care for its citizens. Just require or coordinate with Mexico to set up clinics in US cities and send Mexican citizens to border hospitals for serious operations/treatment. Many of their doctors are trained in the US. Mexican citizens wouldn’t pay a dime, and I wouldn’t hesitate to go to a hospital in Mexico even though you sometimes have to bring your own sheets and blankets.

In my opinion, Richard Lara is one of our California Senators who needs to be investigated for payoffs from the Sinoloa Drug Cartel.


Surprise, surprise, surprise…..

Jorge Estrada

We already do that, actually they have to go to prizon first. From there they get free everything.


Nice. Let me suggest giving them a free house, ya know one of the many that have been foreclosed upon, a free vehicle, perhaps one of the hundreds of “to be auctioned off “decommissioned government vehicles, free clothing, a free paycheck and whatever else an felony committing criminal needs to enjoy the “American Dream” It will reaffirm the thought none of us legal, hard working citizens need to bother working or paying taxes anymore. We can all sit around playing cockarocha music an drink crap beer.

One step closed to a civil war.. You liberal crack pots think the Tea party is wacko, you aint seen shit yet.


Ricardo Lara hails from the area of East Los Angeles which is the hotbed of public corruption …. sooooo, this hare brained proposal should be seen for what it is.


Absolutely a Christian thing to do, and be cause of the big push for seperation of government and religious belief, it should never happen.


You’re right ….. their own Government


Just give them the whole d@mn state. That’s where we’re headed anyway.


Good idea, and then we become the illegal citizens and can reap all the benefits afforded to illegal. I just read that illegal driver’s license being implemented in California in 2015 is going to cost DMV approximately $61 millions and the legal citizens are going to pay for it (the 100% increase in license fee on the ballot come the next election). They say it is for highways just like the last tax all voted to increase the sales tax for the schools which only a portion goes to the schools, the state employees already got a raise, etc. etc. etc. Keep voting the taxes in for yourselves and see it spent on the illegals – help, we are voting against ourselves!


hey, if they pay they can play


One word, traitor.

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