California senator proposes Obamacare for illegal immigrants

January 13, 2014

Covered CaliforniaCalifornia should grant immigrants who enter the country illegally access to state-sponsored health insurance, the head of the Legislature’s Latino caucus announced Friday. [LA Times]

Democratic Sen. Ricardo Lara said he plans to introduce a bill similar to the Affordable Care Act that would provide health insurance to illegal immigrants. Lara said immigration status should be irrelevant if the goal of the federal law is to provide coverage for the uninsured.

“Immigration status shouldn’t bar individuals from health coverage, especially since their taxes contribute to the growth of our economy,” Lara said.

Federal law currently prohibits individuals who enter the country illegally from obtaining coverage through Covered California, the state exchange created under the Affordable Care Act. Yet, Lara and his backers are considering creating a program within Covered California that would insure undocumented immigrants.

They are also considering alternatives, such as expanding Medi-Cal coverage.

An estimated 2.6 million illegal immigrants live in California, about 1 million of whom are uninsured.

Republican assemblyman and gubernatorial candidate, Tim Donnelly, said Lara is trading on the plight of people ineligible to receive health benefits.

“California cannot afford to create another incentive to attract people to come to our state illegally in pursuit of taxpayer-subsidized benefits,” Donnelly said.



It seems to me that the people who loudly insist that everyone has a constitutional right to buy lethal weapons without burdensome documentation are the very same people who loudly insist that everyone must provide burdensome documentation to exercise their constitutional right to vote…HYPOCRICTES!


Hey what about free housing? They need a place to stay too! And a car, shouldn’t be in California without a car!


…and do not forget a mincome!! After all, EVERYONE is ENTITLED to a decent EVERYTHING!

My goodness, are we just going to sit here while people who are not working for something are deprived of said things?! Of course not, we’ll take it from “other people” (never ourselves, at least in any harming quantity, right?) and distribute it to those who have not earned it – other than existing, to which they are entitled to it.

Woohoo! What could POSSIBLY go wrong with this?! Man, oh man! Can’t wait. Nirvana here we come (and not the shotgun in the mouth rock band version).

Remember, if you’re stopped at the border and they require a password to get in it is this:

*vote democrat*


Even Gov. Brown said the state of California is a magnet for the low-income, unskilled worker… other words “illegals from Mexico”.


Please be aware of Kevin de Leon ( hotel bedsheet law) who is part of the John Perez/Villaraigosa crowd in the legislature, and involved with the Calderon scandal (mentioned 56 times in the FBI investigation) who is currently running for SenatePresident Pro Tem and is being supported by Darrell Steinberg. He is also the son of an illegal immigrant and strongly supports people here illegally.



Pshah! Homework and Facts… who needs them! They’ll probably just get in the way of me proving to others how much better I am than they are because I am supporting this wonderful idea!

If you do not like my extreme ideas, you obviously must hate. You don’t believe in Social Justice? Redistribution and equality? Why are you such a racist hate-monger?


Russ J

Illegals already have access to the same medical care of the insured. What would be different? This is just a liberal/lefty/La Raza freak making a name for himself. Our elected officials will love the idea. Long live the California Dream – haves, have nots and public union workers.


Talk about a conflict of interests, an immigrant democrat Sen. Ricardo Lara proposing free health for care illegal immigrants (possibly his family members crossing over the border as we speak) after we already gave them the Dream Act (free education), now you can drive here by getting a license and now, let’s give them all kinds of free health care and you can still be an illegal immigrant, oh lay. Wow, thank you democrat party, I’m so proud we have our state going to total destruction. What’s next, illegal immigrants will be able to vote.


They already do vote….no need to prove you are a citizen when you register to vote.


To the guy who said “…just give ’em the whole state” Be like dejavoo reversed. Remember, California was part of Mexico until we took it from them.

We are the foreigners, Kemosabie!


Yeah, and the Asians who came over the land bridge 10,000 years ago took the land from the animals, and the Cro Magnon’s took Europe from the Neanderthals 100,000 years ago, what’s your point?


Willnose, if we follow your logic, then both Americans and Mexicans are foreigners. The land would go back to Native Americans. The leftist La Raza claims to the American Southwest are bogus. That’s why they have changed their claim from “it belongs to Mexico” to “it belongs to the indigenous people”. However, that claim is also bogus because they want to include all the indigenous people in the Americas, not just the ones who originally inhabited the land in question.


Well lets make it right. We can turn everyone of our vineyards into reservations for the one whitey really screwed over. BTW, when you get a chance post up a picture of the 15 illegals you invited into your house to live with your. Undoubtedly where ever your house stands was once a nice Mexican hacienda and you should give it back.


Who’s looking out for you? If your answer in no one…then why do we still pay our taxes? If the constitution is just a rag to our nations leaders then I say an organized TAX REVOLT is the only way to wake them up. If the political class had to face a serious wide spread tax revolt it would get their attention faster than you can say furious.


Your solution is half right.


…except you really think they need OUR tax money? No, they need us to BELIEVE that this fiat currency is worth something (such as being accepted at a method to pay tax). As long as we keep believing in the currency, they can make up as much as they need; like the private bank, Federal Reserve, has been doing each month to the tune of $84+ billion PER MONTH in digitized, created-out-of-nothing money that it’s been dumping to keep wall street and their executive branch agents happy.

We stop paying taxes is not going to hurt someone who can keep typing zeros into their bank statements; rather, we should stop viewing fiat currency as having value. Of course, that’d wipe out most Americans, as so many profit and exist solely because there is “faith” in the system.


Just another way to add more members to the democratic party. Vote for the guy with the D next to his name and all your troubles are over!

Ted Slanders


What about not being able to vote entirely in the first place?! You know, like was done in many states where the GOP came up with every excuse in the book to NOT allow certain factions of our society to gain access to vote by their outright voter suppression?


Proof please, not just rhetoric and circumstantial evidence, real proof where something done actually prevented someone voting?


Do you really want to talk about voting fraud? How about entire precincts where 100% of the vote was for Obama? What about the people that admittedly voted 2 or more times for Obama? I am NOT a republican, nor am I a democrat. Just a US Citizen who believes in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and believes we should ALL follow the letter of the law and not sacrifice the principals of this country to remain in power…..


No we don’t because it is brought up over and over without any meat to the claim.

Might as well bring up benghazi, The Constitution and Monica if you want people to take these claims seriously (or ignore completely).

Protip: Next time you are stopped for speeding be sure to bring up “the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and we should ALL follow the letter of the law”

You will make that leo’s day.


You mean like dead people?