California Supreme Court to rule on law license for illegal immigrant

January 2, 2014

lawThe California Supreme Court will rule Thursday whether a man living in the U.S. illegally can receive a license to practice law.

Undocumented immigrant Sergio Garcia has graduated from law school and passed the state bar exam. Federal law, however, prohibits a state agency from granting a professional license to an illegal immigrant

In September, the majority of the court justices appeared reluctant to approve a license for Garcia.

The California Legislature then passed emergency legislation, changing the state Business and Professions Code to allow the Supreme Court to approve law licenses for illegal immigrants. Governor Jerry Brown signed the bill into law in October.

The state Supreme Court’s ruling Thursday will weigh the new California law against the federal statute.

The California State Bar is petitioning the court to issue Garcia a law license.



Hard to respect laws when illegals can get a license to practice them.


people are people, “illegal” is not a useful label for globe dwellers


Cool, can any “globe dweller” come and stay in your backyard? Use your water and leave their waste neatly in your compost bin, then? Maybe they can watch your house for you while you are not there – in appreciation for you sharing “your” land and dwellings.

It totally works that way, right?


only if you operate as if the earth were flat r0y

what is the sum of a triangle in your world?

Mr. Holly

It would be interesting to know if we also paid for his education? Maybe even Welfare benefits while he was going to school. I guess the rest of us will just keep doing it the legal way. But I’m starting to wonder if crime may actually pay?


Considering that we, as a nation, are VERY CLOSE to 51%+ of our citizens receiving some “benefits,” it would be silly to assume that a law-breaking trespasser would not receive monetary or other benefits. Especially if by giving the fruits of other people’s labors to such law-breaking trespassers would enhance some bottom-barrel politician’s “optics” with the low-information voters.

Remember, we (as a nation) are so into superficiality that it’s not funny (at least to those who are able to see past the “right optics” they put in front of us).


What is not logical about lawyers saying that law breakers are perfectly qualified to be lawyers?

Jorge Estrada

It is already a common fact that SQUATTER’S RIGHTS, when perfected, is a right to steal. Congratulations Sergio, having attained the prerequisites, you now have earned a license to steal too.

Only in America, what a country!


He will be great for politics, a lawyer, a minority, and starting out of the gate as a law breaker. Fit just fine in Sacramento and Washington.

Watch this guy be on the fast track to a judicial bench.


Well, that didn’t take too long….

Honestly, did we expect any other outcome? Like I said, maybe he’s a really nice guy, but what does citizenship mean anymore? Hey all you Ellis Island suckers (including my grandparents on both sides) you really did it the hard way.


Excuse me, but he is an illegal immigrant! Why has he not become a citizen? Why isn’t he applying for citizenship? Why hasn’t he been deported?

I always thought federal law trumped state law so this should be a no-brainer. It makes me wonder why anyone would ever want to become a citizen if one can get all the day-to-day practical benefits of citizenship without the responsibilities and tax burdens. Things like drivers’ licenses, in-state tuition at state colleges following a K-12 education paid for by citizens, subsidized housing, food stamps, free medical care, free dental care, breakfast and lunch for the kids at school,help with utility bills, and on and on.

Of course the state bar wants this guy admitted! This is another opportunity for more lawsuits filed by disgruntled clients and an opportunity to file endless mindless appeals – more money for the lawyers. However, many attorneys do not support the liberal policies of the state bar.


Sergio Garcia may very well be a great guy. However, what do laws and standards mean if a person who is here in violation of the law is granted a license to practice law. What has Mr. Garcia done, or not done, to obtain legal status? If this goes through, then why bother with having citizenship at all? Are there other countries in the world that would do the same thing, or are we the only ones?


wretched refuse yearning


Nope!! I’m not letting that one slide by. Trying to compare all the millions who came through Ellis Island legally with all the millions who’ve simply crossed the border is a terrible insult to the Ellis Island immigrants. My grandparents all came through Ellis Island. My paternal grandfather had to come back a second time after having been sent all the way back to Europe the first time. There was very little in the way of governmental assistance back then; immigrants got jobs and began learning English. My maternal grandfather only left his job with USS to go to France in WWI, then he came home. No way in hell would the European immigrants have ever dreamed of demanding all the special treatment that this new crop of illegal immigrants demands as a right. Nor did the European immigrants harbor some fever dream of “Reconquista.” They all were proud to become Americans. I’ve seen South Koreans lined up around the block at the U.S. Embassy in Seoul, waiting to apply for a visa in order to come here legally. What does it say about us that we denigrate their willingness to follow the rules, and elevate a line-jumper over them? How is that fair? I spent a lot of years in the construction trade and worked with a lot of guys from Mexico and Central America. Why don’t you question the Mexican government as to why it encourages its people to come here instead of working to provide for them there? Mexico has everything it needs to be a first-world economy; gas/oil, minerals, agricultural lands, tourist attractions. We should be demanding that Mexico stop exporting its problems to us and focus instead on real reform and economic development for its people. The only reason some people in the U.S. want to grant amnesty (again) to the Mexican/Central American illegal immigrants is to create a huge new pool of dependent Democrat voters. Are the poor Mexican saps working in Nancy Pelosi’s vineyards unionized? I doubt it. The maids and cooks in her hotel? Doubt it. You want to help, but you fail to consider the second and third order effects of helping one group over another. You emote, but you do not think. You are part of the problem, not the solution. I say this not in a spirit of malice, but just to try to wake you up.


While Sergio’s not gonna be my personal choice for an attorney can you just imagine the line of illegal’s at his office when the supreme court rolls over for Moonbeam?