Cigarette lighter causes fire in SLO home

January 16, 2014

Screen-Shot-2014-01-16-at-9.21.29-AM-e1389893000637A cigarette lighter sparked a fire in a San Luis Obispo house Wednesday morning.

San Luis Obispo firefighters responded to a fire at 158 San Jose Court around 11:05 a.m. Wednesday. The fire, started by a lighter used to light a cigarette earlier in the morning, broke out in the garage, which had been converted into a bedroom. It spread to the attic of the home by the time firefighters arrived.

Firefighters gained control of the fire within 15 minutes of arrival at the home. No injuries occurred to firefighters or residents of the home.

Three adults, one of whom is elderly, had been living in the house. The American Red Cross provided them with temporary shelter.

Fire personnel estimated that more than $30,000 in damages occurred to the home.


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The lighter started the fire?! all by it’s self?!!

No, sounds like the lighter lit the cig and then stayed lit for an undetermined time, but long enough to start a fire. That’s quote a lighter, must have been a Zippo.