Cold Stone Creamery closes Atascadero store

January 12, 2014

creamThe owner of the Cold Stone Creamery in Atascadero near the Galaxy Theatre closed the store last month because of low revenue. [PasoRoblesDailyNews]

In June 2011, Paso Robles entrepreneur Mike Talen opened the ice cream shop at 6917 El Camino Real in the Colony Square shopping center. However, after the property owner never finished the rest of the project or rented out the existing buildings, foot traffic was not as expected, Talen told the Paso Robles Daily News.

Talen continues to operate a Cold Stone Creamery at 832 11th Street in Paso Robles.



Now that FROYO actually tastes good, ice cream becoming a much tougher sell.

Mr. Holly

Does the closing of this ice cream parlor cast any doubt on global warming? One might think that the business should have flourished because of the so called global warming.

This may qualify for another government subsidized study to get to the bottom of this.


as related to BTDT posts below:

For one the city could work with the owner to do something to mitigate the dirt/mud problem pending the build out. If the developer didn’t cooperate the city could make it very clear that the dirt that migrates onto El Camino would be cleaned up and the expenses would be passed on the owner.

They could at least apply some DG (decomposed granite) on the dirt lot and that would help alleviate the safety issue for pedestrians who traverse the lot when it is wet.

As Lon Alan has opined in the past, our city leaders don’t seem to have the political will to improve the sightlines of our town. Lon is absolutely right with his observations.


I can agree with that. Your prior statement you said they didn’t see things through, so I thought that to mean with this project getting built out. Yea the dirt mitigation fine. I’ve seen jobs be required to keep dust down. As for sightlines, they would need to lay out a better general plan (the city) but at the end of the day, these projects getting completed has nothing to do with the city. The builder will get them done as they see the funds and need available. If the city or the people didn’t like the deal then don’t approve it.


Another one bites the dust in Deadwood. Big surprise with so many big spenders about. At least they died gracefully and did not offer “two for the price of one”,, the usual last gasp of dying Atown food businesses.


Wait one minute, I was told the economy is strong and everything is great. How could this happen?


Location, location, location. People who go to the theater are most likely not going to go to Cold Stone. They just sat and had snacks through a movie for two hours and most likely will go home. My thought is that the one that is in Paso does well because it is surrounded by a lot of restaurants in the area and people are probably more likely to go get an ice cream after dinner than a movie.

Theo P. Neustic

Over priced Ice Cream never appealed to me. I prefer Thrifty cones for 5,10, and .15 for a triple scoop. Yeah I know, I’m livin’ in the past..


Yea I loved those days. I was shocked when I went into Rite Aid in Paso and it was $1.69, $2.49 and $3.29. So much for those pocket change days. :-(


record cold winter, no one eats ice cream when it is below fifty in California


Record cold in mid west. West coast? Above average.

Mr. Holly

The mistake that was made was the elimination of parking requirements. As everyone can now see there isn’t really adequate parking for the theater, Dominos and Que Paseo. You can’t really blame the developer for not wanting to build the remaining phases of the development with the lack of parking. Along with that is the 30,000+ sq. foot abandoned city hall, should it sell where is the parking? Years ago the city paid thousands of dollars for a parking study that identified the parking needs for the “downtown.” To the best of my knowledge they have placed a few parking signs up.

McKinney negotiated that Colony Square didn’t have to participate with the pedestrian bridge across Atascadero Creek, didn’t have to do the entire El Camino Real improvements, didn’t have to improve the exit onto Hwy 41 at Domino’s Pizza and directed staff to reduce the parking requirements. Now the city is paying the price while he is sunning in Indian Wells with the $141,000 that he left with.


Sadly this is yet another example of the results from a a half baked, half finished project.

Month ago I wrote an email to the city manager and the council asking them to address the dirt parking lot in front of the theatre which was unsightly and caused dirt to migrate into the center of El Camino Real from Traffic way to Hwy 41.

I even recounted having seen a middle age woman slip in the (rainy season) mud while she and her companion negotiated their way toward the theatre. She comment to her companion that she wouldnt be returning to the theatre until they fixed the parking lot.

Why is it that Atascadero just cant seem to see a project through to it’s entirety?

Although one could argue that Wade McKinney saw one very important project to completion …. that being his absconding with $90,000 in impropery accrued vacation time, which is presumably now resting in an Indian Wells bank account.


I agree with you on this Mike, except your comment about the city seeing it through. The city gave them the money but it is up to the builder to build out. The city has no say in his timeline of build other than he doesn’t go past the permit time frame.


O.k. getting a lot of difference of opinion, someone please explain how the city is not seeing the Colony Sq. through?


O.k. how about the above article. The city is NOT the builder AND what involvement they had is now done. Is that where peoples confusion is? They think because they lent money that they are somehow now responsible for the buildout? I can understand if one doesn’t like the city, then state that but facts are facts folks. What can the city do to see this through? Should they build it? Are they builders?


We get it Mike, none of the elected officials are up to the task. The only thing you missed was saying you would do a proper job.


I “proper job” requires integrity, political will and three votes. When I was on the council the first two components were no problem. The last component (as related to the top city exec) was a problem


Good tasting ice cream, but loaded with unhealthy amounts of sugar. Diabetics should avoid it.


Yea whatever happened with the idea of opening the theater and the rest will come?