H1N1 case confirmed at Arroyo Grande school

January 31, 2014

fluSchool officials at Ocean View Elementary School in Arroyo Grande have confirmed someone at the school was diagnosed with the H1N1 flu virus.

School officials have not yet said if the confirmed case involves a student or staff. The school is also not yet divulging what precautions are being taken to protect students.

Earlier this week, an inmate at the San Luis Obispo County Jail died from H1N1 complications.

Since the flu season began in October, 95 deaths in California have been blamed on the flu, according to a report released by the state on Friday. By this time last year, there were nine flu related deaths.


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Get your flu shot, even if your are one of those people who resist immunization because if you get it then you can spread it to the rest of us!!

If you are around people who are sick be sure they stay HOME!

Don’t shake hands

People should cover their noses with a tissue if they sneeze. Simple

Know who is at risk

(I saw a 10 year old kissing her little sister on the mouth today, children should be taught to kiss their siblings on the cheek or forehead!!) No need to spread your germs.

If you are SICK, Stay Home, Stay home, Stay Home!!