Popular Los Osos contractor dies

January 22, 2014
Ramon Camacho

Ramon Camacho

The man known for putting a smile on the faces of Los Osos residents driving through mazes of sewer construction has died.

Flagger Ramon Camacho, of Los Osos Wastewater Project contractor ARB, died recently due to health problems, according to San Luis Obispo County’s sewer project website, Dig Los Osos.

“He made our detours bearable,” said Los Osos resident Julie Tacker.

Camacho was known for his cheerful personality and helpful attitude. He frequently smiled and made hand gestures as he directed traffic around the construction zones.

“He was truly a legend in Los Osos and we could not have found a better ambassador for the ARB team,” said ARB Project Manager Paul Gallagher. “We are all saddened and shocked at his passing.”


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On behalf of the Camacho family, I would like to thank each and everyone who expressed their love and concern with the passing of my brother Ramon Camacho Jr. it means a lot to to our family seeing how much he was loved in our community.

… There will be a memorial-fundraiser BBQ on behalf of Ramon Camacho Jr. On Sunday February 2. 2014 at 1604 N Pine St. In Santa Maria Ca ( in the Chiquita laundry mat parking lot) from 10am-4pm everyone is welcome to attend and it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you and Godbless.

… This is for my brother Ramon (Kia). It’s really hard for me to express the fact that you are no longer with us. But you will be forever in our hearts and memories. Only God knows why he allows this things to happen brother. I can’t say goodbye because I know we will see each other one day. I love you brother not only me but dad and the rest of the family. Rest in peace.

I am so sad about Ramon. He was the first ARB guy that I met. I drove by him and he looked so hot. I got out of my car and gave him a cold bottle of water. We were “buds” after that. He always had a smile and an answer to your questions, like..”how do I get to so and so from here”. Always a pleasure to talk to and very helpful. Yes he will be missed and I love the picture you posted here. It really captured his personality.

Ramon was a relief to see out there in the Los Osos chaos. Always had a smile! What a huge loss.

what a nice story, thank you for sharing it, CalCoast, News!! good news is a welcome addition. This sounds like a truly nice person.

God bless Ramon Camacho and is family, a wonderful person.

Really sorry to hear this. He always had a smile and a wave for us when we went by.

Too young to die!