Truck hits Cal Poly professor riding a bicycle

January 30, 2014
Brian Lawler

Brian Lawler

A popular Cal Poly graphic communication professor suffered a broken pelvis after a pickup truck crashed into the bicycle he was riding to work. [Tribune]

Associate professor Brian Lawler was biking to Cal Poly around 8 a.m. Monday when the truck collided with him in the intersection of California Boulevard and Taft Street. Lawler said he was riding northbound when the truck heading southbound turned left into him.

Lawler suffered several scrapes and bruises in addition to the broken pelvis.

“I’m busted up, but I’m okay,” Lawler said.

The crash also destroyed cameras and other class equipment Lawler was carrying at the time.

The pickup driver stayed with Lawler until emergency personnel transported him to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center. The hospital released Lawler Wednesday.

He said he hopes the city will make the intersection safer for bicyclists.


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To the pick-up truck driver:

There’s some stand-up MFer’s left after all! Sorry about the accident but much respect to you for doin’ the right thing!

Brian, get well soon!

Just Sayin’…

He just mowed down a cyclist and you pat him on the back. Well at least no one has blamed the cyclist yet. Come on folks you know you want to.

Another one down, SLO on a pace to set a record for hit cyclists.

I’m guessing you have no problem with the cyclists riding three abreast yesterday on 227 near the country club?

Nope. Cyclists riding three abreast are no more than a momentary obstacle on your way to your golf game. Your 7,000 pound Escalade, however, is a menace to every living thing along the road, including the deer splashed all over Highway 1 on my way to work this morning.

I wish I could affford a Escalade or even a round of golf at the country club, but since I’m not the head of the APCD and making almost $250,000 a year I’ll just have to keep my 14 year old Honda

Your point is a complete non-sequetar, but I’ll play along anyway; how wide is the shoulder there near the golf course? Is it wide enough for three to ride abreast without impacting the motorized vehicle traffic? If not, what is the point you are trying to make? As “tofofay” asked, are you looking to blame the cyclist? Mr. Lawler did nothing wrong, broke no laws and was put into the hospital; it was not his fault the pickup driver didn’t see him, so please don’t try to blame the bicyclist.

It bothered you ‘nut didn’t it? even though 227 bike lane is wide enough to fit maybe 4 cyclists. Did you hit em with the windshield wash that you have directed out? Good man.

Just because a cyclist could do it doesn’t make it legal or smart, traffic on that road is at 55 mph, the smart cyclist stays as far to the right as safely possible

Kudos to the driver of the pickup truck for doing the right thing after he did the wrong thing; at least the driver didn’t flee the scene. In reading the article at the Tribune and realizing exactly where this accident occurred, it would seem that the driver just did not see the cyclist; given the path the driver was on, he most likely was going to merge onto the 101 Southbound, and given how much traffic California Boulevard can have that time of the morning, the driver was most likely trying to turn in between oncoming vehicles. Why he didn’t see the cyclist probably had more to due with the volume of oncoming traffic than him being in a hurry to get on the freeway, but that Taft Street intersection is a very busy place at peak commute hours.

Mr. Lawler suggested that the intersection be made safer; perhaps some paint and striping similar to what was accomplished at California Boulevard and Monterey Street would be an improvement; at least it would be “something” being done.

I’m glad to read the prof is going to be ok and yes intersections, as well as the entire road, can be unsafe for bicylist too. I would propose the improvements to start with a requirement for all who use public roads to have deffensive driving training. The roads are for all who use it and for that reason all need the comply with same courtesy.

So sorry to hear this. Brian is a long time resident who has been involved in community affairsfor many years.

I’m just glad he was not more seriously injured, i.e., paralyzed or killed! I’m sure the truck driver feels horrible.

Brian, your “can-do” attitude is a breath of fresh air. Even with signs etc. accidents still happen.It’s called human error and that is why they are called accidents. I hope you feel better and heal completely very soon.

The driver stayed with the victim, and didn’t hit and run?

That’s unique these days. I’m glad Mr. Lawler will be ok!

Get well soon, Brian, glad you made out alive.