Cake thief identified through Facebook

February 13, 2014

A Morro Bay man who snatched a chocolate cake from the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo was identified after the restaurant personnel placed a video of the theft on Facebook.

A Facebook user identified the cake thief as Shea Martin, and an officer went to Martin’s home to question him. However, martin fled out the back door.

cake2Shortly afterwards, Martin called the San Luis Obispo Police Department and admitted the theft. He agreed to turn himself in, but never showed.

A few days later, an unidentified female went to the Madonna Inn and paid for the cake.

Nevertheless, the Madonna Inn wants Martin prosecuted for the burglary so the police department will be submitting this report to the District Attorney’s Office requesting a burglary charge.


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Was the cake harmed?

Rather than lock this guy up, he should be required to work in the Madonna Inn kitchen for a week.

This guy obviously thinks the rules of society apply to everyone but him. Who does he think he is, George Leage?

George would deep fry the cake.

By the looks of things, this wasn’t his first time copping a cake. He seemed to have the MO down pat.

This was so brazen, makes me wonder too, how many other things he’s stolen from other businesses. I would bet this is not the first time he’s shoplifted. Any other businesses have any video of him making off with items? It’s only a misdemeanor at most, maybe even just an infraction, so he’ll get a fine, and he’ll never go to jail because of overcrowding or a plea bargain down to an infraction – his public defender lawyer courtesy of us taxpayers because he’ll claim he can’t afford one.

Where’s the compassion. Mr. Martin looks like he could be a chocoholic

I was about to say the same thing. Did you see that side view f him? Mr Martin might be addicted to chocolate cake. But was that a whole cake that he swiped? It looked like a piece of cake.

I actually laughed watching the video, I can’t help it, I thought it was funny. I was reminded of the video where a police officer stuck his baton through a doughnut shop window and snagged a doughnut off the counter (the kind with a hole in it). The shop owner saw the video and posted it as a joke, they weren’t angry and the officer because the officer knew that he was allowed to have a free doughnut, but it was the first time that he helped himself since no one was available at the moment! LOL

Of course I know that these are two entirely different scenarios, stealing vs. knowing your welcome to a freebie but I have a hard time getting angry with someone who takes a little bit of food. It’s just food after all but yes it wasn’t a slice of bread it was Madonna’s chocolate cake and that is some mighty GOOD CAKE.

This is a classic case of “You can’t have your cake and eat to too”

Mr. Martin? Oh yes I remember…that could have been my son!

I love the fact that he sent in a woman to pay for it and now it’s like………hey I paid, AFTER THE FACT so no crime, no foul. This moron needs to buy a freaking clue!!!

Yea crime would be so much better if we can wait to see if we get caught and then just in case we do, give it back and say I’m sorry and everything will be alright??

Give him about a 100 hours of community service working in a bakery. Why? To make him thing about it the entire time.

It could be that she was the recipient of the cake and didn’t realize it had been stolen until the story became public. She could have just been trying to do the right thing or to keep herself from being charged as an accomplice.

O.k. right thing but………………………after the fact. So if I rob a bank tomorrow, if I have a chance of clarity later in the day and return, all is good? If she was really concerned she could have went straight to police and said as much and like they said with him, being so small an amount, they probably would have believed her and let her go.

Basic problem with all these things is these types of morons always have to take (like running) it to the next level and make worse. Again ZERO empathy on my part.

This is almost as good as the Copper Clapper Caper…..‎

I think MBPD needs to lay off the cake themselves if they couldn’t catch Mr 4X at a full run!!

Really!? Troll MBPD for what? That they called the guy (rather than waste money sending out a unit) and then the P.O.S. doesn’t hold up to his end of agreement. So why does that make MBPD bad guys?

Read more carefully. The MBPD went to his house before he called in to the SLOPD. He literally ran away from them before initiating and then abandoning the “agreement.”

Even so, if he is fit and knows the neighborhood, out-running cops is not that tough if they aren’t prepared for it. They are lugging around a fair bit of weight with weapons, radio, body armor and non-running shoes. They would have to be exceptionally fit to catch a moderately fit young man without the aid of dogs or other officers. I don’t think that this was a sufficiently high-priority call to justify more than one or two officers.

And I need to view the video before speculating. Mr. Martin doen’t seem to be a particularly fit young man.

Yea missed that my bad in hurry out door this morning but still why do people always jump at the chance to bash law enforcement? Yea the donut joke here and there but like you said if they were unprepared and also is it may have been why risk injuring yourself for such a small crime, they could always get him another day.

People “jump at the chance to bash law enforcement” not only because of the cake/doughnut joke which is just that, harmless joking, but also that SLO government and public safety ARE FULL of frustrations for the honest public. Bashers are venting legitimate frustrations, with:

a firefighter bully felon martial arts fan REHIRED after leaving a man untended whom he assaulted in a public restroom,

a BOS chair who is involved with a subordinate, an adulterer, and they both sign a “hold SLOCO harmless” agreement which any lawyer knows will be tossed on the first day of trial under a well-entrenched concept of that agreement being “in violation of public policy”,

cops and child welfare who cite then muzzle a popular alternative media reporter, freaking ABDUCT her grandchildren for five months, while the BOS champion (Hill) of a county agency bangs somebody he votes for mega dollars contracts for, and it’s not a secret, it’s out in the open, wholesale political corruption,

a BOS chair that took no notice of 7 years plunging NoCo groundwater levels and now seems likely to shove through solutions favorable to water-raping wine interests,

I could go on and on, but it’s unfair to extend this blog with the tons of well known issues. Just understand the mixture of bits of humor mixed with TONS of frustration with hit-or-miss professionalism/performance by SLO public safety agencies and elected officials.