Cal Poly Greek parties enter near-alcohol prohibition

February 13, 2014

cal polyHard alcohol, kegs, beer bongs, shots, pitchers and drinking games are all banned at Cal Poly fraternity and sorority parties, according to a university policy adopted Wednesday that took effect immediately.

Last month, Cal Poly administrators place all fraternities and sororities on social probation, barring them from hosting events and parties. Administrators did so in attempt to get the Greek organizations to agree to a policy that requires them to register parties prior to them taking place.

On Wednesday, fraternity and sorority leaders agreed to a party registration policy, thus lifting the social probation status.

In addition to creating strict limitations on drinking, the new policy bans parties on school nights and during finals week. All fraternity and sorority parties must now end by 1 a.m. and last no longer than five hours.

Greek event hosts must register all parties with the university prior to their occurrence. Host must register parties of 100 or more 10 days in advance and parties of fewer than 100 five days in advance.

Party hosts must also submit guest lists 24 hours in advance with birth dates listed for those 21 and older. A wristband system is required during the party to distinguish those over 21.

The new regulations apply to all parties affiliated with fraternities and sororities. Parties held at houses in which the majority of the residents belong to a Greek organization are subject to the rules as well.

If the university regulations conflict with the rules of a Greek organization, the stricter rules apply, according to the new policy.

Organizations found in violation of the party policy face returning to social probation, as well as additional penalties as the discretion of university leaders.

Fraternity and sorority representatives will review the new party policy in March with the option to propose changes. Any changes to the policy must finalize by the beginning of the 2014 fall quarter.



How stupid is this. I will have to pull a Rodney Dangerfield and go back to school and pee on the presidents doorstep after I puke.