Cal Poly Greek parties enter near-alcohol prohibition

February 13, 2014

cal polyHard alcohol, kegs, beer bongs, shots, pitchers and drinking games are all banned at Cal Poly fraternity and sorority parties, according to a university policy adopted Wednesday that took effect immediately.

Last month, Cal Poly administrators place all fraternities and sororities on social probation, barring them from hosting events and parties. Administrators did so in attempt to get the Greek organizations to agree to a policy that requires them to register parties prior to them taking place.

On Wednesday, fraternity and sorority leaders agreed to a party registration policy, thus lifting the social probation status.

In addition to creating strict limitations on drinking, the new policy bans parties on school nights and during finals week. All fraternity and sorority parties must now end by 1 a.m. and last no longer than five hours.

Greek event hosts must register all parties with the university prior to their occurrence. Host must register parties of 100 or more 10 days in advance and parties of fewer than 100 five days in advance.

Party hosts must also submit guest lists 24 hours in advance with birth dates listed for those 21 and older. A wristband system is required during the party to distinguish those over 21.

The new regulations apply to all parties affiliated with fraternities and sororities. Parties held at houses in which the majority of the residents belong to a Greek organization are subject to the rules as well.

If the university regulations conflict with the rules of a Greek organization, the stricter rules apply, according to the new policy.

Organizations found in violation of the party policy face returning to social probation, as well as additional penalties as the discretion of university leaders.

Fraternity and sorority representatives will review the new party policy in March with the option to propose changes. Any changes to the policy must finalize by the beginning of the 2014 fall quarter.



Come on Delta’s – over? Nothing is over until we say it is. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

jumping in

Big brother is at it again, and yes, kids just need to say “NO.” Is the Cal Poly President going to list his guests when he has a party, will he have 10 days to let everyone know, if not then it is discriminatory at best. If it is a liability for one, then it is a liability for all. You can not pick and choose. Stop making rules for everyone. The kids should disband, maybe then this community will understand how many good things they also do . More than just supporting events like CASA, Special Olympics, Women’s Shelter, American Cancer Society and many others , they provide income for the slum lords, they provide money to the stores downtown, they keep the bars and restaurants in business and lets not forget they single handedly are the cash cows for our local law enforcement pensions and court house coffers. No person in America should give away their rights, our military fought for you to have them, I suggest you keep them.


Agreed. I find it ironic that Cal Poly has always been the “Learn while Doing” school, whose goal was to prepare young adults for a productive place in society. So, instead of instilling values of freedom and responsibility, they treat them like 10 year-olds. Why not let these adult students be subject to the same laws that the rest of the adults in SLO are subject to?

I suspect there is some other agenda or goal than those stated by the administration.


While I agree with you about the deterioration of freedom in this country, it is not solely due to the Democrats/liberals/socialists as you imply. There have been plenty of Republicans/conservatives/fascists joining them on many issues other than economics.

That said, Sarah Bellum is right about their option to disassociate from the University and enjoy their freedom that way.


I predict this will end Fraternities and Sororities at Cal Poly.

Kevin Rice

Possibly, but i guarantee it won’t end college drinking!


Truthfully, with the advent of cell phones and facebook (and what ever the more-popular facebook replacement is), there are far less reasons for fraternities and sororities to provide social connections. Extreme restrictions aside, the environment that gave rise to and fostered fraternities (not unlike unions) are no longer applicable today.


Well, now the kids can go back to the old days when the parties were all over the neighbors, march on the local businesses, and show their Poly Powers. I hope their are 100 parties all over this town on every Friday and Saturday night and may you all have a wonderful and safe time.


These rules are so incredibly strict that it is obvious the goal is to stop all parties altogether. If someone is there who should not be, will the fraternity president be arrested? Sued? Fined? Placed on probation? Are we going to have SLO PD raid these parties to make sure the organizers have done everything right to the letter of the law OR ELSE? And what other faults will they find – parking problems, furniture outside, walking outside drunk? This is nothing but a money-making racket for SLO PD and an effort by Cal Poly to wash its hands of any potential liability the next time some student gets hurt or sadly dies.


It all seems to be about government control. In this case a university controlling fraternities and sororities. Humans should be allowed to make their own decisions and not have the government step in every time some human decision is flawed. I personally think this overreach of power does more harm than good. I would prefer the government (university overlords) stay out of it. They have every right to control what goes on on campus and every right to grant status to fraternities and sororities, but geez give people a little slack and let them live as they choose. If they break school or city laws they should be dealt with accordingly. Nanny, Nanny, Nanny!!!


I find this very confusing. Why would any organization put up with that type of overview on activities that are off campus, on private property? I asked a few friends of mine if there were any academic benefits of having a fraternity associated with a college. What does being “officially sanctioned” do for them? No one could think of any. We all agreed that the sole purpose of fraternities is social.

It seems to me that every aspect of these fraternities could be accomplished by a private, non-college affiliated organization on private property and would be subject to the rules of law that the rest of are, which seems to work just fine. They could tell the University people, what they do in their private lives is none of their business, and to go pound sand.

This does not make sense, what am I missing?

Sarah Bellum

Bingo. It won’t stop anyone from drinking. All it does is provide legal cover for the university the next time a student winds up in the ER with alcohol poisoning, so they can be shocked – shocked! – that drinking is going on at a student party.


Spare me a moment and read an old guy’s rant:

From the article “Party hosts must also submit guest lists 24 hours in advance with birth dates listed for those 21 and older. A wristband system is required during the party to distinguish those over 21”. Rules appear to apply to ANY residence where “majority” of residents belong to a frat/sor.

Nanny state, nanny state, nanny state. WHAT buzzkill lawyer wrote this stuff?

Guest lists? LISTS? The frats agreed? With birth dates! “Dah, Komrad, your list is approved! Have a nice day, dos vedanya”

I have this to say: you “students” (more like sheep) need a HEALTHY injection of libertarianism and good old USA freedom. I realize your idol/icon Obama just blew away the Constitution as to Executive orders again this week, and I realize he’s successfully dragging us to the brave new world, but bottom line, you kids may have little or NO idea of the freedom, energy, limited government and a bit of liberty that us grey haired old fools grew up with, worked under, PROSPERED under.

Perhaps the USA around you is leading you to accede to this behavioral modification and restraint. Wish you could have seen us in the 60’s. (The EIGHTEEN sixties, I’m old LOL).

I grieve for your generation, my country, the debt we’ve left you, and I grieve for this society of sheep led by a utopian socialist president and Democratic Party leaders Reid, Pelosi, Steinberg, Jerry Brown. God help you all. It all seems SO VERY MUCH dragged left, from college dictates to Washington dictates.

Sarah Bellum

Oh, baloney. Stop acting like this is freedom’s last stand. If you want your organization associated with the university, be more careful with the booze. If you want to wake up in a puddle of your own vomit, don’t drag the university into it. Simple enough. No commie pinko socialist progressive liberal nanny state conspiracy involved.