Central Coast leads in water conservation

February 10, 2014

water2People living on California’s Central Coast use less water per-capita than any other Californians, according to a California drought database. [MercuryNews]

Californian water consumption varies dramatically from region to region. On the Central Coast, residents use 143 gallons a day per person. In Palm Springs, with its large lawns and numerous golf courses, usage is a staggering 736 gallons a day per person, five times as much as residents of the Central Coast.

Even though people in cooler moister climates use less water, landscaping is a larger factor often accounting for 50 percent of water usage.


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If the Water Distirct that is being proposed by PRAAGS/PWE for the PRGWB we are going to not only be the lowest per capita, we are going to be sending our water to the others in California that do not conserve.


I just discovered our toilets (retrofitted 2.5 gal), have 2 flushes in them. duh…..so, if you press down on the handle you need to let up, not hold it down. !! saving gallons on every flush.

“Water, water everywhere …and not a drop to drink ! “.

We have an ocean at our doorstep, but Americans are too stupid to invest in modern technologies unless they are TOYS !

Desalinization exists all over the world, and works in extreme locales. But, it is not the ‘free market’ capitalist businesses that make it it so. It is pro-active GOVERNMENTS that provide the monies to build and maintain the desal plants that produce the life-giving fresh water in places that would otherwise be barren desrts.

Get with it, people !

Capitalists, the ultra-rich, have only two interests …interconnected: MONEY and themselves. They don’t give a rat’s patoot about anything or anybody else.

Wise up ! The ultra-rich are ENEMIES. …Enemies to everyone else, enemies to civilization, and enemies to YOU !

Our state leaders would rather waste hundreds of billions on a really fast train to nowhere than build a few desalination plants. Talk about wasting money on toys!

We could do both … if we want to.

it’s not an either/or.

Public investment means GOVERNMENT proaction.

the stupid capitalists will NEVER invest in the future or society.

We would all be better off to put the capitalists against a wall and … well, you know!

We could have modern, efficient , bullet trains AND a complete energy grid, and a good educational system.

We could do it, but Americans are just too stupid. They are stupid beyond the tipping point. They believe the lies of Fox news and Limbaugh.

They’re commiting suicide, and they deserve it.

I hope to live long enougjh to laugh !

If i don’t, most of you are still aXXholes !

We should always try to conserve water here in California. I know some of you east coast or mid west transplants may not know it but we live in a desert. Every ten years or so we go through this very same thing…why we don’t demand a better long term water vision from our representatives…I will never understand. Maybe a good old fashion drought is what is needed to wake Sacramento up. Most people in this county and in my neighborhood are conserving water so obviously we need more than conservation. Have any of you ever heard anything other than public conservation from Governor Brown or any of our representatives? We have ripped out our lawns, we have laid down rock and planted ugly drought tolerant plants, we all shower under a dribble and flush twice but still we do not have enough water. The technology exist to allow this state to ease the pain during a drought, and if done right we can save that stupid 3 inch fish too! we just need the guts and the leadership to do it. Oh! Well….at least we got rid of those messy plastic bags! Maybe water is next on their list.

One should always strive to not be wasteful with anything.

…as for the bags: that was just a lesson in Fascism. If we truly cared for the environment, we’d have required biodegradable bags and plastics.

Irony of ironies: take Frank’s (my favorite hot dog) – they have the biodegradable plastic cups for milkshakes… but use Styrofoam for the soda/tea/water. At least it is a start; but more importantly, a free choice.

Good job, Central Coast people.

Check out the database. It’s interesting that the two areas in our county with the highest water usage per capita are Paso Robles and Nipomo. Does it make you wonder why they’re running out of water?

In Paso was that residential or ag. use? We are running out of water here in Paso because of the huge amount of acreage devoted to vineyards, that have gone in, in last 25 years. A lot of the other cities in this county, aren’t necessarily sharing with ag.

While I agree that ag uses a tremendous amount of water, it would be a good gesture for the citizens to tear out their lush green lawns and replace with native vegetation that can survive with little to no water other than rainfall. This issue isn’t about ag or residences. We all use the water, we all need to share in cutting back.

Great idea. We’ll all do it as soon as you and them tear out your water sucking grape vines. Lets not forget the 29,000 acres of grapes in paso aren’t part of SLO counties “natural vegetation”. They were brought here in 1797 by settlers. There are however, numerous “Native grasses” in SLO county. Educate yourself would you.