SLO Social Seen, house party 2-10-24

February 10, 2014

How do you experience international drinks and culture without having to travel anywhere?  Friday night a group of Cal Poly students celebrated with an around the world party where students visited five homes each posing as a different country. From fur coats and Olympians in Russia to dancing and guacamole in Mexico, these students know how to party.

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Wow, what an awesome job Lauren! This video is great – captured the day perfectly. To the user before me… @Pelican1… I attended the event and, incidentally, was sober the entire time as I was suffering from a severe cold. Just wanted you to know that this birthday celebration did not revolve around alcohol, nor is alcohol our “common denominator.” Our common denominator is friendship and our love for Chad. That aside… fantastic video, Lauren!

Sadly, these kids cannot really enjoy the cultural diversity without alcohol as the common denominator. Rather, this is just another reason to party.