The cost of Paso Robles’ hotel boom

February 14, 2014

paso 011Paso Robles has a handful of hotels in the planning stage which could double the number of North County rooms over the next 10 years and also increase water requirements for the drought ravaged area.

Under a city council seeking additional room tax revenue, Paso Robles has more than doubled its hotel space from 648 rooms in 2000 to 1375 rooms currently. Two of the proposed hotels include a Marriot Residence Inn and an Oxford Suites. [PacificCoastBusinessTimes]

One of the largest proposed projects, dubbed the Gateway Project, includes plans to annex 270 acres south of the city. The Paso Robles City Council is moving forward on a proposal that is slated to include large gardens, three hotels, 62,300 feet of retail space and office space, up to 35 single family homes, vineyards and open space.

One of the Gateway proposed resorts, Entrada de Paso Robles, is slated to include 280 rooms, 80 bungalows and an outside attraction called discovery gardens. City Manager Jim App told the Pacific Coast Business Times that the gardens, which will be planted first, will have water recycled on site, though he did not explain how this would occur.

App said the developer of the project will also have to purchase state water from Lake Nacimiento. Nevertheless, state water has been oversold and much of it exists only on paper, the reason it is dubbed paper water.

App said he thinks the project will be completed in three to five years.

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