An evening at Cal Poly with the Temptations

February 21, 2014

temptationsBy ERICA EVANS

Seeing the Temptations, or as they like to call themselves, The Temps, at the Christopher Cohan Center on Cal Poly’s campus couldn’t have been more perfect. When the Temptations took the stage on Valentine’s Day, Otis Williams said, “as of a month ago, this is 54 years of the Temptations together.”

The Temptations’ started playing music from off the stage and in a high pitched voice an audience member sang, “after all these years, they’re still here,” which got a lot of laughs from the crowd. Two minutes later, the band came marching in, single-file, in matching flashy red outfits.

I was immediately transported back to the 1960’s.

The band didn’t miss a beat as they performed “Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone,” with guitar player, nephew of original Temptation Paul Williams, giving an outstanding performance.

Bruce Williamson, the baritone, told everyone to get their mobile phones out and to put them in the air. The room was immediately filled with the illuminating glow of hundreds of smartphones as the band sang “Get Ready.”

Williams then announced, “this is the Temptations anthem,” and the band played “My Girl.” It was riveting with the audience singing along.

And although there was only one original member of the Temptations left singing on stage, I still felt like I was able to see the history of what influenced today’s music come to life.


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When I moved here from he Los Angeles area in 1970, my friends when visiting said, “what in the world is here”, as during that time Atascadero had only one four way stop sign at El Camino and Traffic Way, no restaurants, people were still riding their horses on the sidewalks, at 5pm. nothing was opened, and I do mean nothing.

I had to tell my friends, “there may be nothing now, but, just wait”

Now look at what’s becoming the best place in America to live, The San Luis Obispo County!”

We may not have had much back then, oh but how great to see first class entertainment and other high class events come in.

If you go see this group, keep in mind you’re only seeing A Temptation. Only one of the original group is left. We saw them a couple years ago and it was unimpressive. Plus they segued into a monologue set to music of ” how your woman should treat you” and “how to be a good woman”. Lame.

Sadly, no love for the opening band, the Damon Castillo Trio?!?!

C’mon Erica…this talented and LOCAL singer/songwriter has been a leader in the local music scene for over 20 years!

I saw this group years ago, and while they are very good entertainers they are just singing Temptation songs… If Paul and Ringo found two other guys to take John and George’s place on the stage and sang Beatle songs would that make them the Beatles. Like the saying goes “there’s nothing like the real thing baby…..

It must have been a very memorable experience for those who grew up in the 60’s.

Lovely, thank you, sorry I missed it.