Former Atascadero police chief steps in for King City

February 28, 2014

King City PoliceDennis Hegwood, the former Atascadero police chief who was terminated shortly after being cleared of rape charges, took the helm of the King City Police Department as interim chief late Wednesday.

King City Attorney Roy Hanley said that Hegwood, who Hanley worked with in Atascadero, is the right man for the job. Hanley said that the rape allegations that plagued Hegwood were fueled by closed-minded reactions to a biracial sexual relationship.

In 2004, a woman claimed Hegwood had raped her but later said the sex was consensual. Even so, city officials found fault with Hegwood having sex with a business acquaintance’s wife while on city time.

After first asking him to stay, city officials determined Hegwood should resign because ‘he had lost his moral authority,” and agreed to support Hegwood’s plan to apply for industrial disability, according to the resignation agreement. Atascadero also agreed to give Hegwood a total payout for health benefits, sick and vacation leave of $64,650.

On Tuesday, six King City police officers, including the former and acting chiefs of police, were arrested on felony charges including conspiracy, embezzlement and bribery. The brother of the acting chief was also arrested in the scheme which involved impounding the cars of mostly unlicensed drivers, then selling them when the cars’ owners were unable to pay towing and storage fees.

The Monterey County District Attorney’s Office is continuing to investigate allegations of corruption. In addition, the department is currently under an FBI investigation after several thousand dollars that officers seized from bank robbers went missing.

Hanley suggested King City hire Hegwood, who assisted over the past year in an internal affairs investigation into King’s City’s police department.

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Crime statistics are dropping because all of the criminals on the government payrolls.

Government, at all levels, is massively corrupt and out of control because it is being manipulated and controlled by the public sector unions.

Public sector unions are organized crime organizations.

Government is corrupt because government employees who are members of public sector unions are willing accomplices of organized crime.

Government employees who are affiliated with public sector unions have a serious conflict of interest.

There is no such thing as an exploited government employee.

Your arguement is a complete fail NorthCountyGuy

The Chiefs and other execs who have been exposed are not union. In fact they are often chosen for the sole purpose of busting union membership which is at a lowest level in many years.

And just who do you think is often the source of complaints against unethical and corrupt behavior? Well I hate to burst your bubble NorthCountyGuy, but its line level employees and their union leadership. Think about the situation involving your own chief and city manager there in Paso … who exposed that nonsense?

God save the whistleblowers !!!!


You are mostly right. If you remember the former Chief of Police of Atascadero was forced to resign following allegations of an alleged rape. An IA investigation ensued and he then resigned. Top level people are rarely held accountable for the actions, they are allowed to resign, just look at Chief Chitty of Paso Robles, John Wallace with the Wallace Group. And to be blunt, the only way that a crime spree at this level is able to continue is the complete complicity of lower level staff. If you recall the allegations of misconduct in SLOPD has been rampant for years – Corey Pierce, McDow, Limon and etal. However, like everywhere there a many good officers, but to survive they sometimes have to turn a blind eye to the corruption. Look further into SLO and you had per the articles herein an idiot supervisor who ordered his staff to dump hazardous waste at the back of the City yard, an employee accused of bilking the City for thousands of dollars (i.e. grand theft auto), an employee accused of religious discrimination, a lowlife employee outted on this site for charging unsuspecting residents for the very same services he was hired to perform for the City. Then lets talk about the Building Maintenance Supervisor in PR who embezzled assets, then the Shandon GM who embezzled assets, the former GM of Cambria who embezzled assets, the two secretaries of San Miguel CSD who embezzled assets. Then there is 1-2 knock out Mason who almost kills a bar patron then is fired then rehired at SLO Fire. So the point is corruption exist at all levels of local government and what it demonstrates is that the idiots at the top are too concerned about covering up the misconduct, then making an example for all too see. The misconduct is a true reflection that local agency managers are utterly incompetent. To further add to this just look at the ridiculous Nacimiento pipeline – the $180 million pipeline to no-where or that is a whole in the ground. Then just look at the piss poor water resource management that exist county-wide and the voluminous scandals surrounding Capslo, various other governmental officials, like Jan Marx who plays both sides of the fence. The real problem is us taxpayers, we fail to demand accountability from this corrupt individuals. The list goes on and on. Corruption, incompetence are the hallmark of local agencies.

Once again, it is time to remind all that you will read nothing of any of this in The Tribune, a pure PR and ad sheet.

This isn’t just about public sector unions, or government employees, this is about MORAL TURPITUDE.

We as a culture, for a variety of reasons have chosen to toss out the moral compass in our attempt to grab the all mighty Brass Ring.

“Welcome To The Jungle”

Welcome to the jungle

We’ve got fun ‘n’ games

We got everything you want

Honey, we know the names

We are the people that can find

Whatever you may need

If you got the money, honey

We got your disease

Guns N’ Roses

My contact with Dennis Hegwood was casual but I found him to be a good man with a great sense of humor. The allegations turned out to be false but that does not seem to matter to the people who wrote comments. I also believe Roy Hanley to be a man of good judgement.


From what I understand, the rape part turned out to be false. That’s sort of like getting a D- and then saying “the accusation that I got an F is completely false.”

We really cannot make this stuff up, huh? Truth is stranger than fiction…

Ready to stop voting party loyalty? Ready to stop listening to someone tell you how to vote? And the hard one: ready to do your OWN homework on issues and candidates?

WTF the guy was worthless .

Who cares, it’s King City. Besides, Hegwood already had his nose under the tent with the internal affairs investigation.

Business as usual in Bell,…. err… I mean King City..

I was was right!

When Cops are outlawed only criminals will have Cops!

Exactly WHO appointed him Police Chief? Why does government have this insatiable appetite for reinforcing failure?