King City Police Department closed because of corruption

February 25, 2014

King City PoliceKing City’s longtime former police chief, Nick Baldiviez, and current acting police chief, Bruce Miller, were arrested early Tuesday morning along with four other officers under charges of bribery, embezzlement and making threats. [KSBW]

Monterey County Sheriff’s deputies arrested officers Mario Mottu Sr., Jaime Andrade, Sgt. Bobby Carrillo, and Sgt. Mark Baker. One civilian was also arrested. They were booked into the Monterey County Jail.

King City, which lies north of San Luis Obispo County on Highway 101, had 17 sworn police officers.

The Police Department is currently closed because so many officers have been arrested. There is a closed sign on the front door.


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The Monterey County District Attorney organized this investigation with the FBI; he did his job.

On the other hand, the SLO County DA helped hide Chief Lisa Solomon’s unregistered stolen gun incident (the gun came from the DA’s Office via Solomon’s ex-husband) along with Paso City Manager Jim App.

When you vote for a new DA, don’t vote for the insider candidate (the one next in line to take over the throne) or we will get the same ole boy system (protecting their own) for our county.

CITIZEN IS SO VERY RIGHT! I was shocked to hear the Monterey DA did his job. That would never happen in SLO. Vote for Dow.

To paraphrase Tip O.

All politics is local–as is the worst corruption.

Hello Bruce, Adam, and Ian!

you left out B.P

King City is a fairly small “living room'” for this sized “elephant” not to have been noticed/

suspected or known outright by a fairly sizable number of citizens, especially those entrusted with the governance of the “Living room.” When one third of the officers including upper

echelon are involved in “bribery, embezzlement and making threats,” it would seem highly improbable that “word” didn’t get around. Citizen outrage is expected in proportion to the higher standard that law enforcement is held to (or used to be held to), but like bankers, state, local and federal office holders, religious officials and the many other categories of folks that many of us learned to trust and respect as children, we forget (ignore) that they are humans, with all the strengths and weaknesses, biases and beliefs that go along with being

human. My suspicion is that a plethora of plea bargaining, snitching and deal making will shortly transpire. Having been once ‘tarred by the same brush” as other people in my profession

who opted to engage in illegal activities while on the job, I do feel sorry for the officers in the

King City P.D. who, some how, managed to avoid entanglement in this nasty affair.

Another example:

More retired NY firefighters cops arrested in pension fraud probe – Yahoo News–sector.html;_ylt=AwrTWf1RyAxTxVwAJuvQtDMD

Our law enforcement around here is also corrupt. Take Cory Pierce the heroin addict for example. Look at the dancing queen Lisa Solemon. Look at the city councilman Fred Strong who,had direct knowledge of her business ripping off a local business and failing to do anythingabout it. It’s rampant here as well. May they all rot in hell.

Yep. Lisa and Chris Chitty’s t-shirt business went belly up and many local businesses never got paid. Meanwhile, despite filing for bankruptcy, isn’t Chris Chitty still on the SLO PDAnd Lovely Meter Maid (Jim Phat Bald Guy App’s words, not mine) Lisa Chitty collected a boatload of cash for having her “reputation” get tarnished PLUS she’s getting a nice pension during her “retirement.”

All of this leads me to wonder how many of those King City police officers and police chiefs will get the same? Will they also get generous settlements from the city? Will they also get hefty pensions after they’re canned? It all just doesn’t seem very fair. It’s hard to have faith in law enforcement when many of them are pulling $$ stunts like these.

Let’s not forget the Police Chief in Atascadero who also walked with a hefty check, no explanation, and a bug retirement check for life. These police officers are like the teachers, pay the unions and you won’t have to worry about it!

HA HA HA when you outlaw cops, only the criminals will have cops.

The only difference between how this department did it and how other departments do it is that the police officers got to keep the cars directly. In the case of other police departments who do it “above board,” the towing yard gets the money from the impound, the city gets some of the money from selling the car (and the state gets some). The cities generally give the money right over to the police departments, who use it to buy things the department needs and then they can increase their budgeted salaries.

The government is like the mob, if you don’t give a cut to the next level up, then they hang you out to dry.

Santa Maria is a perfect example. Who know how many cars they impounded and sold.

I was actually thinking about Santa Maria when I wrote this. Although it is ILLEGAL to pull over a car on the suspicion the driver might be unlicensed, Santa Maria gets the license plate #s of all cars whose owner is found not to have a license or has had their license suspended by the DMV, and they add those to the “hot sheets.” They then use those hot sheets and find other reasons to pull cars over. I was a victim of this about 5 or 6 years ago. Granted, I should not have been driving without a license, but after dealing with the police, I didn’t feel like I was being punished for wrongdoing so much as being the victim of criminal behavior. The whole experience from the EXTREMELY aggressive officer who threatened me absolutely lied about why he pulled me over and indicated a charge which didn’t even correspond to that explanation, to the ridiculous kangaroo court style of the administrative review process, to the $1400 impound charge and storage which remained after I was found not guilty of the crime (because of technicalities I forced the D.A. to charge me with a smaller misdemeanor), I felt extremely violated. No innocent until proven guilty principles were applied.

I don’t think I am that unusual. I’ve known good cops, bad cops, and plenty of mediocre ones.

My Grandfather was one of the good ones. He was fair with ordinary people, but tough when he had to be. He was part of the posse that tracked down Machine Gun Kelly and chased Dillinger around the Midwest. His stint as a DI in WWI served him well.

Still, he knew substandard and a few crooked cops. There was no ‘thin blue line’ with him. Probably why he didn’t advance far in that career.

I have a bit of ambivalence about stories like thiis. I don’t want any crooked or unethical cops, but I don’t want crooked or unethical people period.

For the good ones, it is often a thankless job with untoward risks that the rest of us seldom think about. Those are the ones we should all be grateful for, and for that reason, refrain from making blanket accusations.

Pucker up Ian, SLO PD and SLO Admin? By the way, King City’s administration is a target in the investigation also. Complaints were given for years with no response from their administration, all they did was bully anyone who complained. So pucker up.

“Pucker up’…. SLO is exempt from ANY action by the DA or ANY enforcement agency due to the deeply entrenched ‘good old boy and girl network’. Don’t hold your breath waiting for justice in this county because you will die for lack of air and ‘THEY will never come to save us from THEM’.