King City Police Department closed because of corruption

February 25, 2014

King City PoliceKing City’s longtime former police chief, Nick Baldiviez, and current acting police chief, Bruce Miller, were arrested early Tuesday morning along with four other officers under charges of bribery, embezzlement and making threats. [KSBW]

Monterey County Sheriff’s deputies arrested officers Mario Mottu Sr., Jaime Andrade, Sgt. Bobby Carrillo, and Sgt. Mark Baker. One civilian was also arrested. They were booked into the Monterey County Jail.

King City, which lies north of San Luis Obispo County on Highway 101, had 17 sworn police officers.

The Police Department is currently closed because so many officers have been arrested. There is a closed sign on the front door.


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Newsweek had a good article about this kind of stuff back in the late eighties. It was in regards to all the cops on the take down in Miami FL. In general they say that it isn’t surprising by and large if or when a cop may go bad. Psychologically the thinking of a criminal and a cop is similar

Now before you all go hitting the down arrow or beating me up on this, I gave you the source and am stating what I read and not necessarily my opinion.

Same thing happened in Guadalupe in the 70’s, maybe early 80’s. SLO South County Supervisor Howard Mankins had complaints from constituents about increasing property crimes. He went to the Sheriff to find out why. The Sheriff told him heroin was de facto legal to buy in Guadalupe because the police were corrupt. Mankins, a white Mormon in his 40’s or 50’s, went to Guadalupe with a couple of off duty LEO’s for protection, bought heroin on the street, then came back to hold a press conference on the steps of the courthouse in SLO. The Guadalupe police chief went ballistic and threatened to arrest him but the SLO Sheriff just collected the dope from him and destroyed it. The SB DA’s office disbanded the department shortly thereafter.

Ridin’ Dirty

Wouldn’t it be nice to see our own DA Office take on some public corruption cases like the Monterey County DA. All it takes a little fortitude and an appreciation for the public welfare. Are you listening Jerry Shea and staff?

Shea is part of the SLO County good-ol-boy network and wouldn’t do anything to upset the applecart of his fellow “public servants” unless he was forced to by overwhelming and very public information. I just wish I knew which (if any) of his prospective replacements had more character so that I could vote intelligently in the forthcoming election for that position.

Shea won’t do anything about anything the good-ol-boy network’s relatives do either. How about all the rich kids who kill people in cold blood (texting, drunk, high on drugs) with daddy’s Bimmer who get a nice little probation, and that’s all — wouldn’t want to ruin their lives, would we? But, man, does he go after the social misfits who don’t have money! Justice SLO-style.

There is a candidate who has NOT been endorsed by Gerry Shea named Dan Dow.

Rick Holliday>TacomaRose…..I took the evidence we have on Morro Bay city staff, employees etc., to our county D.A.’s office, their answer…..”Take it to the State, were not interested, thanks”! Well, you may become very interested, very shortly! HELLO KING CITY!…

Wow. Just wow. Even though I am becoming numb to malfeasance and corruption at all levels and services of the public type, it still is quite disheartening to hear it.

“Chief Bruce Miller said Tuesday was the worst day of his life. He added that even IF he is found innocent, his reputation will be tarnished forever.” (emphasis mine)

Chief, I would have expected an innocent man to decry “WHEN” – not “if.”

A great number of these victims are hard working migrant farm workers who bust their asses daily doing work no one else is willing to do.

For the city officials to exploit them, is shameful.

It really should not matter their social status. Corruption is corruption; crime is crime. We should have a strong distaste for ANY and ALL corruption, regardless of the victims.

Robbing a rich man is still robbery; one is taking another’s property. The crime is in the taking. If we start rationalizing crime based on the victim’s social status, then we have failed completely.

The fact the victims were economically disadvantaged, and were being exploited by persons in authority makes these crimes even more heinous.

Of course, crime is crime, but these crimes were being perpetrated by those very individuals who’s job it is to serve and protect..and they deliberately targeted victims of a LOWER socioeconomic class who they KNEW take advantage of.

These crimes were ALL about social status.


Baby Bell

To Serve, Protect and Pillage!

Kind of like the staff at SLO PD

They sounds like a personal cram that can’t truly be backed up with facts.

Although it does sound hard to believe, it is evidently true. Here is another story on it with more details (KSBW is a monterey TV station)

Even the FBI was in on this

Yikes. Doesn’t sound like the book has hit them yet: bail of $10 to %50K, and on full pay without having to work! Sounds sweet compared to having to rot in jail till your trial like the people they stole cars from would have to do.

Please note the CONTEXT next time: “SLO PD”

Hey Kevin,

Where you been. Just ask anyone about the ticket quotas, “poundage incentive program at SLO PD sponsored / promoted by Ian and others”. Have you forgotten about Officer Corey Pierece, Limon and McDow and these are the most recent corrupt officers in SLO. Also, how did Corry steal drugs from the evidence locker all by himself when he didn’t have a key? However, there are a lot of good, hardworking officers on the force, but SLO admin has been trying to get rid of all of them for a number of years.

I saw your “context”, but you have to start somewhere, like Morro Bay for instance Kevin Rice. Now there….. I have the proof! Then we move on to the rest of the world Kevin…..

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