Man on the run in Santa Maria area

February 12, 2014

police chaseLaw enforcement officers are searching for a man who fled Santa Barbara County sheriff’s detectives Tuesday evening. [KSBY]

Daniel Arbayo Gil, 29, is a gang member and may be armed. Gil fled from authorities around 5 p.m. Tuesday in the 2400 block of Bentley Avenue in Santa Maria.

Detectives were investigating Gil in connection to a weapons violation. The Sheriff’s Office considers him dangerous.

Gil is described as 6 feet 2 inches tall and about 230 pounds. Witnesses last saw him wearing gray sweatpants without a shirt and shoes.

Detectives ask that anyone who sees Gil call 911 immediately.


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A gangbanger in Santa Maria?

How unique.

Santa Maria cops have to be the most incompetent cops in the world!

I doubt that is true. What is more likely is that the gang problem is so massive, that it would be impossible to chase every single gangster that runs. It is simply too much of a danger to chase everyone down due to the large propensity of danger to the general public. I knew a family in Los Angeles that had their 2 children (ages 3 & 6) killed by a police car during a high speed chase, Not only was there that tragic aspect to it, but the lawsuit against the department was a massive settlement. Why chase, when you can just pick them up later? It is not like the guy is going to skip off to Yale or Harvard or anything….

This was the Santa Barbara sheriff, not smpd.