Super Bowl and the purview of SLO County supervisors

February 1, 2014
Bruce Gibson

Bruce Gibson

At Tuesday’s San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors meeting, board chairman Bruce Gibson attempted to restrict public comment about fellow Supervisor Adam Hill.

Gibson interrupted two speakers who were commenting on a letter published by the New Times in which Hill attacked his political opponents. Gibson said California’s Ralph M. Brown Act limits the pubic to speaking about items within the purview of the board.

“My intent is not to censor your legitimate ability to speak before this board,” Gibson said. “It is very clear in the Brown Act what the purpose for public comment for items not on the agenda is, and that is to speak to the board on items within its purview.”

Yet, Gibson let Grover Beach resident Dane Senser speak uninterrupted about the Super Bowl and spirituality.

“Thank you, Mr. Senser. Go Seahawks,” Gibson said at the end of Senser’s remarks.

Los Osos resident Julie Tacker responded by saying that in San Luis Obispo County the Super Bowl is in the purview of the board, but the conduct of a supervisor is not.

Watch the video below:

fishing village

You could have played golf today at the County courses cheaply. $29 for a round and a beer. Stay off of the roads after the game is finished. 6pm ?.


Fishing Village,

The very first refuge sought by those whose actions are not defensible (and the very first action by those who defend them, out of misguided loyalty or for pay) is to accuse others of name calling and making claims of personal attacks.

Well, hell, this guy has done some really objectionable things, first and foremost being infringing on the first amendment rights of those he represents. What Adam Hill did with that wacky letter in the New Times is reprehensible and the other supervisors should want to hear from the public about how upset they are and how disappointed they are in Hill as one of their county’s representatives.

Gibson pulling out the Brown Act is laughable and pure BS. Julie Tacker nailed him squarely in the forehead with her comment. She rightfully called him out for his double standard.

I do question your broad loyalty to Gibson when his action is so reprehensible, not to mention his defense of Hill. It is not name calling to suspect that you may be paid by Gibson to defend him in the social media realm.

There, did I say that in a nice enough way?


Two thumbs up for niceness.

fishing village

I asked my son ‘what is a super bowl’, a huge bowl of chips with avocado dip?

he laughed, that’s one of the reasons I love him. LOL , I have a $ bet on whatever team he doesn’t pick. My grandson gets the Seahawks, he lives in Seattle, I’ll take ….Colorado?

Is that the choice?


Ha-ha-ha!!! Hilarious!!

People take themselves SO SERIOUSLY when they are talking on topics the BOS doesn’t deal with.

Really, if you didn’t like Hill’s FREE SPEECH in the New Times, recall him!

fishing village

Bruce Gibson is the BEST person for the job, a lot of other voters besides Lost Osos’s few over the top detractors. Keep it civil at least, stop the name calling, stick to the issues.


Video speaks for it’s self. Go Seahawks, SHUT UP People of San Luis Obispo!


Your responses are those of a voiceless individual fearful of his/her life under the rule of a tyrannical dictatorship., for your life FV, how dare the public who put those in charge question their motives or agendas.


If he is the ”BEST” I hate to see the worst.


I especially enjoyed how Gibson wrapped himself in the cloak of the Brown Act; as if it was put in place to protect the government from the people.

His manipulation of that particular agenda was no “clerical error”, Bruce doesn’t make mistakes. This was intended to confuse the public and keep them from participating.

He’s also taken to reducing public comment to 2 minutes, from the traditional 3, if he’s got more than 12 speakers. Saving a lousy 12 minutes for the Board….each time he’s done this they were still out before 5PM and off to an early lunch.

This “management” (i.e. manipulation) of the agenda is disingenuous to the public that put him in that seat. He is the “Smartest Man in the Room,” he doesn’t really want to hear from the public.

fishing village

He’s heard it all BEFORE, a million hours of being berated is enough!! I’m amazed that he puts up with as much as he does….a saint.


He doesn’t have a choice.


If he is tired of putting up with it I have a simple answer, do not run for re-election, then he won’t have to.


If Mr Gibson doesn’t want to hear it or deal with it any more, he should resign and certainly not run for re-election. He represents the people for crying out loud. If he doesn’t like his job, go find another one, probably in the Paso area. Geez!


If there is one thing we’ve learned about Supervisor Gibson, he is a man who believes he has the god-given right to have his cake and eat it too.


Very well said Julie Tacker.

Gibson, this is not an attack, just a fact: you are a two-faced, manipulative liar.

Kevin Rice

Then don’t.


Of course the adulterer wants to shut down any potential criticism of his colleague, his little glass house is on the same plot of land as Adam Hill’s.


The Glass House of Corrupt SLO County is shattering. It’s up to the People of SLO to rebuild from the foundation up. Enough is enough.

fishing village

Very good, MajorityFan, we are all looking forward to a better City!


Keep an eye on who has and is “buddying up” with Gibson. Probably won’t be surprised to see that it is Smuckler, C. Johnson and Irons. Looks like the worship the ground he walks on, not a good situation for Morro Bay.\


The future has never looked brighter for Morro Bay’s future, and that trend will continue with the stability the council majority has brought to the running of our fine city. The unsuccessful recall effort fell flat, as expected, and the majority of Morro Bay citizens are enthusiastic about the improvements we are seeing daily. Community involvement such as volunteering is at an all time high, we all want to see this city prosper and continue to be an amazing place to live.


When the fat lady sings in June then you can tell us all about it.

fishing village

88 you seem to know it all, but my experience is that elected officials seldom publically support one another. They, of course, have their own party affiliations but County Supervisor and City elections are ‘suppose’ to be non partisan , (I don’t understand that) but they declare their parties when they register to vote. Anyway, we voters can figure out which candidates represent our philosophies and ideals the closest by what they write and say during the campaigns. I hope you are right .


It is entirely possible that Gibson is the one cozying up to them – not just to try to control their actions in general, but to attain at least one very specific objective.

The County has been heavily pushing the CMC option for the new Morro Bay sewer plant – a scheme that would have Morro Bay, Cayucos and CMC wastewater all processed in a joint facility at the CMC site – a joint facility THAT WOULD BE RUN BY THE COUNTY.

A joint facility might initially sound interesting from a financial point of view, in that it that MIGHT save money on construction costs. Then again, it might not, given the cost and issues related to running miles and miles of pipeline and obtaining the land that would be needed to run the line.

However, there is a bigger potential risk. The County appears to be attempting to gain control over water supplies – and water, these days, is liquid gold.

Given Morro Bay’s dire water situation, letting the County gain control over the reclaimed water from the new plant could have significant negative ramifications for the City. Many residents are urging the Council to avoid the joint facility scheme and retain complete control of City infrastructure and rights to future reclaimed water.

History seems to indicate that when Gibson wants to be your friend, what he really wants is something else. Watch out, Morro Bay Mayor and Councilmembers. Gibson is not to be trusted.


You should read the letter PAavoe wrote to the State suggesting the County is better suited to run that plant. Funny thing is they don’t run any plants like that. Doh!