Supervisors vote for Paso Robles water district

February 19, 2014

The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday in favor of creating a water district for the Paso Robles groundwater basin.

water2Supervisors Frank Mecham, Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson voted to support legislation to create the district while Debbie Arnold and Caren Ray voted no. Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian, R-San Luis Obispo, said he would draft a bill if the county voted in favor of creating a district.

Proponents of the proposed legislation said that a district is needed because the basin is in crisis. Two North County water groups have proposed that a nine-person board made up of large and small land owners govern the district.

Opponents of the district voiced concerns that the creation of a district could lead to higher taxes and increased water rates. In addition, there are fears that a district will lead to water banking.

Ray said she is in favor of a district, but wanted the legislation to prohibit water banking and exporting water from the county.



NEWSFLASH: people who never think there is enough government vote to instill MORE of it!

Regardless of the reason, these people just LOVE to self procreate. More, more, more! Then it is someone else’s problem, and we can go back to figuring out ways to avoid responsibility and create more bureaucracy. Another fund raiser, anyone?

Oi vey!


Anyway to recall Frank?

Jorge Estrada

I hope Frank to tells Sac to get lost and we won’t be a party to the I’ll sell my water to you and you sell your water to me parasites. Banking, what a joke, we don’t need any of that toxic central valley water in our clean sands.

Jorge Estrada

The fact that San Luis Obispo continues to questionably siphon water from the Salinas River, for their continued drought exempt growth, appears to have resulted in direction for more controls over the rightful owners of the basin that is in crisis. Slo Angeles will generate the buck$, with your water, while the North County hay-shakers at best will be allowed to He Haw, what da?, jist happened?

Sorry Frank, your no hick but the SLO taking of water while there’s a need to keep it here makes no sense (a direct factor not being discussed). We are water wealthy on this side of the Santa Lucia but we do get the hot summer days and winter deep freezes. North County weather in itself requires our water resources to remain as naturally delivered.


Hey Frank, what are you getting out of this? It looks like you have earned your big gift basket of pistachios, fuji water, justin wine and some pomegranate juice.


Big Gov types like Hill and Gibson don’t surprise me when they vote for this dubious water district. However, Mecham has been a total failure and disappointment. I can’t believe I voted for him. This is big-time cronyism heading are way. Bend over.


OK…Everyone who thinks the county(BOS) is doing a good job, raise your hand. Now, raise your hand IF you think the county (BOS) has time to lend yet more oversight to another agency. Again, raise your hand if you think they (BOS) will do a good job.

Now, raise you hand if you think this decision will become just another brick in the bureaucratic wall.


….and raise your middle finger if you think the priorities of Gibson and Hill are WAY effed up.


I voted for Frank Mecham multiple times when he was Paso’s mayor and again when he ran for supervisor. But now, he’s lost my support.

He was one of disgraced former top cop Lisa Chitty’s biggest supporters yet stayed under the radar during Chittygate. He supported massive growth in Paso yet when the city failed to improve roads, bridges, sewage treatment plant, etc., he was also MIA.

Now he’s gone on to serve at the county level and it’s like he’s been Abelized. Abel Maldonado also went from small-town mayor to serve at higher levels of government and he continually flip-flopped on issues and got a big ego. Abel and Frank have seemingly forgotten where they come from.

Frank–what happened? Why are you joining forces with Bruce and Adam?! So disappointed…


I read elsewhere that Mecham’s rationale for a “yes” vote was to preclude the State from coming in and further fouling the waters.

While I appreciate his vision, it points to a larger problem.


It’s a reasonable statement since the state has indicated they would do just that


Bureaucracy is a giant mechanism operated by pygmies.