Cambria Community Services District director officially files to run For Supervisor

March 5, 2014
Muril Clift

Muril Clift

Muril Clift, a director with the Cambria Community Services District, formally filed his paperwork Tuesday to run for supervisor in San Luis Obispo County’s District 2. He is challenging incumbent supervisor Bruce Gibson.

“With my extensive record of public service at the state, county, and local levels, I am challenging Supervisor Gibson to change the current atmosphere of control fostered by the incumbent, to a new spirit of cooperation between the County and local communities,” Clift said. “As Supervisor, I will listen and then lead; bringing us together, while respecting the needs and values of each community.”

In addition to his work on the Cambria Community Services District, Clift has also served as an elected director of the San Maria Airport District, and as a trustee of the Kern High School District. He currently serves on the San Luis Obispo Local Agency Formation Commission.

Clift has lived on the Central Coast with his wife of 50 years since 1982.



I guess we will all know this coming June whether Gibson’s peccadilloes affair and breach of

trust caused his constituents to question his integrity.

It seems that today there is an arrogance that attaches to power — rules that apply to normal people are suspended and you’re able to get away with things that normal people can’t.

Character is certainly a major trait that people look at when they’re judging leadership.


Well, he did a great job planning and leading Cambria CSD to water independency. Oh that is right we are in a water crisis of epic proportion, but he is a better option than Brucie Boy!


Hes got my vote. But he’s been married 50 years.? How old is this guy.


Doesn’t matter to me, at least he’s still married to the same women and we won’t have to pay for his fluffy! Right now, I would vote for anyone, including the dog catcher, the runs against Gibson and Hill. I’m sure Ms. Bianchi will be out supporting and defending her fair hair boys!


i have it on good authority that matt kokkenon will once again be running for dog catcher….so be careful what you promise


Actually I can think of a few that would be worse than Mr. Gibson, but they are currently in jail and wouldn’t be able to run.


Now that I think about it, some of those in jail do have better morals than Mr. Gibson, but they would be unable to run for office, at this time.


Well it looks like Mr. Gibson, his “assistant”, Mr. Hill and Ms. Torres all got to their computers. “4” thumbs down…….


Not familiar with Clift, but anything would be better than Gibson.