SLO council approves Garden Street Terraces project

March 5, 2014

garden streetThe San Luis Obispo City Council issued the final approval Tuesday night for a downtown development nearly 10 years in the making.

The Garden Street Terraces Project, created by San Luis Obispo developer Hamish Marshall, will consist of retail and residential space, as well as a 48-room hotel. It is located between Garden and Broad streets and Marsh Street and Garden Alley.

Mayor Jan Marx, Councilman John Ashbaugh and Councilwoman Carlyn Christianson supported the project. The council voted 3-1 for approval, with Councilwoman Kathy Smith dissenting and Councilman Dan Carpenter recusing himself because he owns property in the area.

Marshall began pitching the project in 2005. It has since undergone several revisions to meet city requirements.

Occupancy of the hotel and residential units is expected to begin in 2016.


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Where are the low income units?

Not within eyesight of Jan Marx or Christine Mulholland that’s for sure.

4 story downtown hotel with NO parking! WTF

Well, if the place ever catches fire, SLOFD has that shiny new Tiller Quint-Ladder Truck 100′ ladder truck/engine combo thing they love cruisin’ around in.

At least we have THAT going for us…

(btw: very nice job on combining teams into one combo unit to save the city money, SLOFD).

Corrupt SLOtopolis in action. This is the worst/stupidest city council ever. The “liberals” are the ones willing to provide welfare to developers so projects like this happen. They’re destroying the SLO we all know and love. What do the residents get out of this deal? More tourist domination of downtown. Fewer places to park, an overwhelming height to our little downtown, views blocked — or rather transferred from those on the street (the public) to those in the luxury boutique hotel suites towering above the streets. Residents also have their property (parking lot owned by all, but disposed of by city council and staff autocrats as if THEY own it) confiscated and turned over to private developers for a pittance. If you’ve followed the financials on this project, they stink — huge multi-million dollar subsidy from city taxpayers to the developer. The project doesn’t “pencil out” without direct subsidy. (And they call that “free enterprise!”) Would you believe the council approved this monster of a fraud on the people without even knowing what the final financial obligations will be? That, they were told by staff, is detailed stuff they can deal with later, after they’ve approved the thing and can’t back out. This is like Russia where the cronies in business cozy up to the “officials” to loot the public domain. This project came about only after secret back room negotiations the public wasn’t party to. This city stinks. It used to be a well-governed place. Well, no more. Too bad there aren’t any news media to report what’s going on. The Trib report was a triumphal march for the paper’s Chamber of Commerce client. Ashamed to admit I voted for all three of the clowns who approved this; fooled once, but not twice.

Sounds like there’s no hope. Probably time for you to move on.

Or fight!

hijinks says:“liberals”

Your attempt to paint this as a liberal/conservative issue is crap, I’m a lefty and never voted for Marx as is is clear she is compromised and has been for many many years (copelands, sierra club, SOAR, etc).

This is about money, power, social status and controll. Bullshit politics crosses all party lines as it heads to the bag of public money.

Everything so said is correct, but you have to face this with the fact that the appointment was endorsed by the Democratic Central Committee and the other two are also members and are fully backed and supported by the party. It use to be that local elections were by the people and for the people, Now you can look around and see Jan, John and Carlyn as well as Gibson, Hill and Ray all backed by the Democratic Party big time as it is for the Republican Party too!

And don’t forget that this troika of liberalism just voted to raise the amount of money they can take from individual campaign donors so that contributions twerps like us can afford don’t even count anymore, but the guys who want to buy project approvals can pretty much finance their campaigns. This had something to do with the “times change” meme. That’s the understatement! Carlyn’s got to go!

@hijinks: “Ashamed to admit I voted for all three of the clowns who approved this; fooled once, but not twice.”

Seriously “hijinks?” If you really thought that San Luis Obispo was so “well-governed” that you voted for John Ashbaugh, Marx for a 2nd term, AND still thought that SLO was still so well-governed that you voted for Christianson in the special election…..then you are just plain IGNORANT!!! Hope you are proud of the damage your vote and those who voted like you have done.

San Luis Obispo is too far gone to save. At most we can stop the pro-growth, pro-development and social engineering while SLO still looks kinds like Santa Barbara (but before it becomes like L.A.). But the old SLO with all it’s small town charm is already DEAD! Thanks to ignorant voters like you “hijinks” who woke up a little too late.