Crash spills pools chemicals on Highway 101 in Pismo Beach

March 19, 2014

chlorineBromineA pickup truck carrying pool chemicals crashed on Highway 101 in Pismo Beach Tuesday, spilling several buckets of chlorine. [Tribune]

The truck was carrying 47 cases of chlorine and other pool equipment when it crashed into a highway sign on the southbound 101 near the Hinds Avenue off-ramp. The pickup veered off the road rolled onto its side in an embankment around 10:15 a.m. Tuesday.

Some chlorine spilled on the road, prompting county health officials, Cal Fire and a hazardous materials team to respond. Officials did not immediately know how much chlorine spilled, but they determined that it did not pose a threat to public safety or the environment.

No injuries occurred in the crash.


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When I drove by both times, there were plenty of folks in various uniforms sitting around, literally, chatting up a breeze to keep the fumes at bay…

It was earlier than 10:15 – I drove by it around 9:15 and it was completely off the road lying on its side (looking like) the trees were holding it up. Quite the spectacle. Unless there was another large truck that totally came off the road and that is what I saw.