Hill goes to battle with CAPSLO

March 22, 2014
Adam Hill

Adam Hill


Editor’s note: Read a letter from Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo to the board of supervisors that includes a statement by Supervisor Adam Hill at the bottom of this article.

San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill publicly chastised and threatened his fiancée’s employer this week, prompting the organization to notify the board of supervisors that Hill is running a misinformation campaign geared toward influencing public officials.

Last week, Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo CEO Biz Steinberg demoted Hill’s fiancée Dee Torres from her position as director of homeless services to a newly created role of homeless services manager. The demotion came with a more than 20 percent reduction in pay and followed multiple allegations of mismanagement of a program that is currently operating under a deficit.

Dee Torres

Dee Torres

On March 18, Hill sent his legislative assistant Hannah Miller to a homeless advisory committee meeting held at the CAPSLO offices. Miller read a statement chastising CAPSLO for demoting and humiliating Torres shortly after she voiced concerns about the safety of volunteers and homeless services employees.

In addition, Hill’s statement called CAPSLO’s leadership trio of Steinberg, Jim Famalette and Grace McIntosh “obnoxious and counterproductive.” He accused Steinberg of spending thousands of dollars on travel while neglecting the underprivileged whom the nonprofit is supposed to support.

At the end of the statement, Hill warned that the controversy created by the “egos” of Steinberg, Famalette and McIntosh would continue to be an issue with elected officials, the media and donors.

Twenty-two people attended the homeless advisory committee meeting Tuesday.

On Friday, CAPSLO fired back in a letter to San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors Chairman Bruce Gibson, a close political ally of Hill’s. The letter authored by CAPSLO Board President Frances Coughlin noted the nonprofit’s “serious concerns and disappointment” with the actions taken by Hill.

In the letter to Gibson, Coughlin commended Steinberg as an inspiration in the battle to end poverty. She chastised Hill for his actions regarding Torres’ demotion.

“The tone and tenor of this letter, the insulting commentary on our CEO Ms. Steinberg and her management team, and the implied threatening nature are unacceptable and we take exception to his statements,” Coughlin’s wrote. “We also call on Mr. Hill to discontinue his campaign of misinformation to influence other elected officials in an effort to discredit CAPSLO’s reorganization of its homeless division.

“We believe his recent comments, emails, and texts reflect a personal conflict of interest inappropriate for an elected official of our county.”

Letter to Bruce Gibson by CalCoastNews


Adam Hill does this because he can. Nothing will happen to him and he will get re-elected if he runs.


I sincerely hope you are wrong about re-election.


Just an aside…that photo of Hill is creepy.


What is so creepy about a picture that shows Hill in all of his egotistical, self-centered glory? This is probably one of the best pictures available – shows him as he really is.

His letter to the CAPSLO board also supports that image.

Oh Lord, may this all become apparent to the voters and they give the heave-ho to him and all those who subscribe to his way of governing. Sad news about that is the fact that

would include the overwhelming majority of the ‘elected’ people in this county (and state).


The Tribune has “reported” on this in the a.m. paper, and does not even mention Dee’s email, or the diatribe by Adam Hill. Does anyone have a clue as to why they are covering up so blatantly for Torres/Hill???


One of the reasons is the fact that advertising in newspapers has plummeted with the advent of advertising on the internet.

The Tribune’s big advertisers now are entities like government agencies and big contractors who are required to advertise certain things in the newspaper.

I can see why the Tribune treads lightly on negative stories on government agencies (i.e., the County) and big contractors (i.e., John Wallace).

That doesn’t mean it is right to do so, and I still believe the Tribune is failing in its bargain with the readers for presenting fair and honest news.


Yeah, we really want Hill leading our county… vote for anyone but Gibson and Hill’s shill


I think Adam lacks self awareness. His election confirms, in his mind,his infallibility! “The public saw my brilliance as a candidate, therefore I am brilliant” it never dawns on him that he won election because the other guy was an even bigger train wreck as a candidate than he is.

If he ever has a serious and sober opponent, say Erik Howell or Shelly Higginbotham he would go down in flames like the Hindenburg; another bloated body full of gas that came to a bad end!


Maybe the next time the circus is in town, they can hire Adam as a clown.


In reality, he’s 3 clowns short of a circus…

Actually a Carnival Barker is more well suited…..

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, you’re about to behold a sight so strange, so horrifying, so utterly monstrous, that I urge you who are easily frightened or upset, who suffer from nervous disorders, weak hearts, or queasy stomachs, who experience nightmares, and any council members over the age of 40 to forgo witnessing this exhibit. There are only two kinds of freaks ladies and gentlemen. Those like Me, and those like fiancee.

Step right up….it’s only one thin dime….one tenth of a dollar. Or, one medallion…Everyone’s a winner!.


QUOTING PELICAN1: “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, you’re about to behold a sight so strange, so horrifying, so utterly monstrous, that I urge you who are easily frightened or upset, who suffer from nervous disorders, weak hearts, or queasy stomachs, who experience nightmares, and any council members over the age of 40 to forgo witnessing this exhibit.

But enough about Adam Hill’s creepy photo.


Adam Hill is the biggest embarrassment in SLO county. The people who were behind re-electing him are complete idiots!


What’s also sad is that it was Adam who pleaded with the governor’s office to post Caren Ray in Paul Teixeira’s supervisor seat–AND THEY LISTENED!!

Just say no to Adam AND Caren Ray.


Do you really think HE has that kind of influence. You sure give him a lot of credit.

I don’t see how another Adam Hill embarrassment has anything to do with the work that Caren Ray has been doing unless this is just another sorry attempt to hang Adam around her neck in an effort to get a Tea Party conservative in office that is beholden to all her north county supports instead of the 4th district.

Kevin Rice

Are you COMPLETELY UNAWARE that Democrat Mike Byrd is running??

Byrd is by far a better choice than Caren Ray who is simply a rubber stamp for Hill and won’t take a position on anything (especially the Phillips 66 rail spur). It’s astounding how many anti-Phillips 66 supporters she has for not even taking a position!

And, yes, Adam absolutely has personal connections to the Gov. office. Yes, he did use them.


It would be hard to be unaware with you and Debbie Peterson promoting him at every opportunity. I have yet to conclude if this is an attempt to undermine the dem support for Ray so Compton has a better chance or if it is because he supports your anti-dust rule agenda. On any case, you have a horse in the race so the position you take makes sense.

A sophisticated politico such as yourself knows darn well why a sitting supervisor with a pending application coming forward cannot state a position.

I have heard Byrds YouTube statement on Philips 66. The fact that he does not understand the the legal issues of the solution he suggests exemplifies his inexperience.

I’m not sure of how you arrive at Ray rubber stamping Hill. There is no evidence that shows a particular loyalty on the board.

I think you way over rate Hills influence, drinking the Adam Hill koolaide. I suspect the process is more complex than that, involving multiple interviews with multiple applicants amongst other things.

Kevin Rice

Well, once again, you simply fathom fiction. There is a PRIMARY ELECTION here, which means voting for Byrd doesn’t help Compton one bit (since that appears to be your big boogieman in this thread).

Caren Ray is yanking your chains on Phillips. She’s actually lying. An elected person absolutely can take a position. It’s falsehood to suggest otherwise. Taking a position doesn’t violate any law, and any elected person is always free to be convinced the other direction.

So, the question is, does Caren Ray support you or not? SHE REFUSES TO SAY! Yet, she has blind support because why? It might help Compton to vote for Byrd?? (WHO ACTUALLY DOES SUPPORT YOUR POSITION) But, it doesn’t help Compton! So, it’s just blind support for Ray who will end up stabbing you in the back and voting to approve Phillips. Mark my words. Send me an e-mail and I’ll stake a cash bet on it. Ray will vote to approve the Phillips 66 rail spur.

I think you underestimate Hill’s tendrils in Sacramento. Yes, the process is involved. No, you don’t seem to be aware of his connections, as well as some additional factors I haven’t discussed here.


Well Kevin, here is my take. While Michael Byrd certainly looks like a solid candidate, the reality is that he will be an also ran. He is not expected to see much support from traditional dem groups so that will of course hurt his funding. With Compton claiming she can put a quarter million of her own money if need be, funding will be a big issue. Byrd’s position on the dust rule will shift a lot of votes away. He is positioning himself as a moderate independent non-partisan. That is a role already filled. He will likely siphon off votes from the more moderate republicans that will be key to winning the district. That will prevent Ray from closing it out in June and leave it a Compton/Ray battle on November.

I disagree with your analysis of Rays position and responsibility. First off, this is a hot potato issue that I am sure all of the board members would have trouble voting for. Since it is a role of our elected officials to hear a variety of opinions and weigh the merits, it seems inconsistent with that role to arrive at a position prior to that time. We have observed Ray’s commitment to homework and even weighing a vote right up to roll call. The fact that this behavior continues is a testament to her integrity not to your conjecture. The last guy who wanted to bet on Rays votes currently owes me $300 and counting.

We will remain in disagreement on Hill’s reach. I do know for a fact that much of what you have suggested is incorrect but I too will remain silent on how that is.

Kevin Rice

You posit that Caren Ray is a “moderate independent non-partisan”???? Really???? Well, I can see where we differ at least.

As to taking a position, it does not negate hearing opinions and merits to communicate what your general present leanings are. Caren is “hiding the marble”, which is completely non-transparent–especially during an election period.

Care to wager part of your loot? I stand on my prediction.


With regard to Ray bring moderate, independent an non-partisan, I have offered up a voting record and other points of support. She has a decade long record in Arroyo Grande and now the county to refer to. She puts her positions forward multiple times a week on the BOS, various other boards, and her regular meet and greets.

What has she done to prove otherwise? I’m sure you can pull up something but anything close to a pattern is very much doubt.

I’m happy to agree that one of us will publicly acknowledge that we were wrong about Caren when that vote comes.

Don’t worry, I won’t forget.

Kevin Rice

@1 Yes, don’t forget! Assuming the final Phillips vote actually takes place while Caren is still in office. If not, all bets are off.

Just take note that the BoS hearing on Phillips was canceled. You know, the hearing BEFORE the June election where they’d have to take a stand? Bruce really doesn’t want to force Caren (and himself) into voting for Phillips BEFORE the election! ;)


Here is one of the things about Ray that bothers me. It is in regards to the her vote on the issue of forming a Paso water district.

When she explained it at a meet-and-greet, it was like she was speaking out of both sides of her mouth at the same time.

She had this convolted explanation that basically boiled down to this: she only voted one way because it wouldn’t affect the formation of the district and because there were two other board votes that had to occur before the district would actually be finalized.

She is actually for the water district formation, but voted against it on the first vote because she didn’t like the way that the representation for the district would be formed (based on acreage and not one-property-one-vote).

What was published in the news was Ray voted against the water district. They didn’t go into the three-part voting deal before the district was finalized.

That vote occurred when the BOS were starting to ramp up for reelection (election, for Ray). So she got the people’s vote for voting against the water district, but can ensure the Resnikophiles that she will support them when it counts.

So, while I am leery of Ray because of her being so supportive of Hill’s agenda, it is the speaking-out-of-both-sides-of-the-mouth-at-the-same-time that bothers me the most.

I’ve had it with bait-and-switch politicians, and will write-in a vote before I vote for a politician who is so cagey.

Kevin Rice

You nailed it. It’s amazing she gets so much support for taking no firm positions. She’s trying to attract two crowds on every issue, and one crowd will get stabbed in the back later (and will be supplied with a lukewarm excuse to apply to their wound).

Voting for Ray is suicide for Dems. District 4 has not elected a Dem in fifty years. If you swing Dem, Mike Byrd is the only hope for you. As an independent/moderate Dem he has a real chance in a November run-off. Caren Ray is a hard partisan in moderate clothes.


Or you could say she understands that legislation at this level is one bringing people together in compromise and consensus building.

I would say your remarks more represent partisan divisiveness than her actions


REPLY TO 1INTHEMIDDLE: Well, one could say …”she understands that legislation at this level is one bringing people together in compromise and consensus building,” except you would be forgetting to include the fact that she is using dishonesty to do it.

She is purposely giving the residents of the unincorporated Paso area that she is against forming a water district when, in fact, she is for it.

That’s what I mean about talking out of both sides of her mouth at one time. She didn’t say “I voted this way because of a technicality but, when the important second and third votes come around, I will be voting for formation of a Paso water district.”

She’s not being honest now, and ,based on what she has said, if the vote for the water district comes back to the BOS, Ray will do a bait-and-switch scam and surprise the unincorporated Paso residents with her vote for the water district.


Where has she ever indicated that she was against forming a water district. She is on record telling Arnold and the people of the basin that it is wrong to leave the management to the state or the BOS / flood control district as Arnold suggested. She clearly stated her belief that the district should be formed based on one vote per person and that is why she voted against it.

Review the videos to provide accurate comments instead of inaccurate conjecture.


Well, I wouldn’t go so far as to say Byrd is the only choice for Democrats.

As I have said before, I will cast a write-in vote for someone I believe in rather than vote straight-party line for someone who talks out both sides of their mouth at the same time.

My Mom didn’t raise any robots.

Kevin Rice

Do you know if write-ins count? I believe they have to declare in some fashion. But, hey, I credit your nonconformity.


I vote in every election. I have no assurance that ANY of our votes are accurately counted. Our county still has the Diebold-based machines.

After the 2000 presidential selection, I lost faith in the accuracy of vote counting. So, for me, I have no guarantees that any of my votes since 2000 have counted, and probably before 2000, as well.

Voting for me is like going to temple. It is an act of faith.


So Ray said she was in support of local management of the Paso Basin. That is clear and well documented. She also seemed to be in support of the plan put forward with one major exception. She clearly stated that exception, the voting method to establish the district. It turns out that this issue is the area of contention at the state level and the question of constitutionality. All her positions seem very clear and in fact had to not follow along at the point wher it was wrong in her mind. That’s called being a well informed independent supervisor. The very opposite of partisan

Perhaps you are more comfortable with someone who blindly follows a position and sticks to it and follows a predetermined path.

Not what I looking for.


QUOTING 1INTHEMIDDLE: “Perhaps you are more comfortable with someone who blindly follows a position and sticks to it and follows a predetermined path.

No, I am looking for someone who is honest about how they are voting and the reasons for them.

Most voters will not know about Ray’s rationalization for voting against the district before she voted for the district. In fact, most people don’t know that there has to be two more BOS votes before the district is finalized.

I believe Ray took advantage of the three-vote water district to sway the common people into believing she was for them and, at the same time, being able to vote later to okay the Resnikization of Paso by her two votes for the water district.

Kevin Rice

“[Caren Ray] clearly stated that exception, the voting method to establish the district. It turns out that this issue is … the question of constitutionality.”

So Caren Ray disfavors the Constitution and, instead, supports unconstitutional legislation.


Is your complete disinformation campaign entertaining because it is surely not ignorance. Certainly you are aware that she had the constitutionally correct position with regards to the establishment of the district.


Kevin – all wrapped around your own Möbius strip of logic. The rantings you respond to are your own illogical echos. Re-read the issue before you show your twisted pretzel logic.


a one dimensional object twisted in three dimensional space .

Kevin Rice

Furthermore, Caren Ray is a lackey for mega-buck$$$ developers. Her fundraiser tonight is at a developer’s mansion. Last period, about 75% of her money came from developer interests. We’ll know tomorrow who contributed this period.


You are misinformed. The fundraiser was at the home of long time local family and community fixtures not a developer and certainly not mega buck people. It is odd that developers would support a dem, and not a realtor or a conservative, both would be more likely. What that shows is that Ray is someone the business community can work with and brings stability to the position. That is one of many reasons that she is the superior choice.

Mike Byrd

1inthemiddle and Kevin Rice, you both seem to have strong, albeit conflicting, opinions about me. I’m just a phone call away if anyone wants to talk directly to me and see if we can clarify any misconceptions.


Mr. Byrd, let first apologize for any perception that I was discrediting you or questioning your integrity through this dialog. I was simply pursuing a Socratic analysis of of others arguments to there logical conclusion. One which I do not agree with. I have no reason to think you are anything but an honest man worthy of being a candidate in this race.

You have taken the honorable position of denouncing partisanship and mud slinging and have stated that you nor your supporters would engage in this activity. Kevin Rice has presented himself as a support of yours on multiple occasions on these boards. While he has a long history of attacking Caren Ray, In the last 24-48 hours he has accused her of being a lackey, partisan, a liar to her constituents and having sold her vote, all in relation to a campaign discussion.

How do you reconcile the inconsistency of these approaches?

Kevin Rice

@1inthemiddle — Don’t blow air up our skirts. Steve Cool is a retired real-estate developer who has interest in development projects, including his brother Monte Cool who is a very wealthy developer/real-estate attorney.

Ray’s prior fundraiser at Gary Grossman’s cliff top mansion—Gary Grossman, CEO of Coastal Community Builders, developer of Dalidio Rancho.

Ray has accepted OBSCENE contributions from developers. Read her filings.

Yes, Caren Ray is a shill for developers and Phillips 66–and Hill.


You’re misinforming readers with your statement as Ray IS for affordable housing for working families, thus aligned with builders who strive to provide such housing! Seems she’s doing precisely what is one of her platform, seeking to get Head-of-Household jobs, enable affordable housing, and bring a balanced approach to govern our county. Perhaps with you it’s damn if she does, damn if she doesn’t.

As for obscene contribution, shouldn’t your spotlight be on Compton, who has NO government experience, yet deep pockets funding her campaign, including large sums from out of town?

Kevin Rice

So taking $13,000+ from the Dalidio developer (mega shopping center) is for “affordable housing”? Not to mention the non-disclosure of that MAJOR DONOR (a violation of state law). Excuse me while I choke on this portrait of CAREN RAY.

Caren Ray’s “balanced approach” is speaking out of both sides of her mouth.

But you cover your eyes and point at Compton? Where’s her obscene millionaire $13,000 contributions? THEY DON’T EXIST!

Oh, and, “Experience” is the go-to chant for the person sitting in office and means little. Lenthall had “experience” when Dems voted him out. You’ll chant “experience” until partisanship enters the room in the form of a new candidate that you support.

Caren Ray is the silver spoon (always appointed, never once elected) candidate. Backed by Hill (which is enough NO argument in itself).


A few additional corrections.

The current Dalido project is primarily housing, with small lots that fit the format of “work force housing” It is difficult to look at the proposed plan and uses and conclude that it is a mega commercial center. Let’s not forget that the courts have Already found that the rights exist for a much more aggressive plan than what has been proposed currently.

On the subject of the evil developer donors. Can you name a single project of theirs that is in the 4 district or even proposed on county land. The closest you get is dalidio which is in the process of annexation to the city, so also will not be in the jurisdiction of the county.

Kevin Rice

@1inthemiddle, I disagree that Dalidio Ranch is primarily housing. That’s the “bone” thrown into the mix for the Agenda 21 crowd. It’s also in the airport flight path where there really shouldn’t be homes built, IMO.

It doesn’t matter if these developers’ projects are in district 4. What matters is the developers, brokers, attorneys, planners, and others have bought Caren Ray’s vote.


We can defer the dalidio discussion for another time as I would need to pull up the statistics on the project to argue my point.

While I think when you accuse someone of selling their vote it would be reasonable to assume some gain is purchased, so I think there is great relevance to the fact that none of these developers have projects in locations where Ray has any influence on.

But let’s follow your logic anyway.

By that line of thought all the candidates votes have been purchased, in fact all politicians except those who have enough cash to buy the election for themselves have sold their vote. So the debate becomes do we want to elect a person whose vote was purchased by development money, or by big agriculture and vineyard money or whomever Byrds major donor holds himself out to be, perhaps the the pro off road lobby, I have no idea. Maybe you do.

What I do know to be true is that along with Rays large donors she also has more small local donors than the the other two candidates combined.

Kevin Rice

@1 Are you kidding? Caren Ray has enormous influence on the entire county. She is 1/3rd of the necessary votes to pass a project!

Your reasoning regarding “all politicians votes have been purchased” falls flat because all contributions are not significant. For Caren Ray, JUST TWO contributions from megabucks developers totaled 25% of her entire bankroll!

Your “small” contribution misinformation also fails:

Caren Ray $4,541 in small contributions

Lynn Compton $5,604 in small contributions

Lynn Compton has more small donations than Caren.


Kevin, you are making my point. If Ray has that kind of influence then where are these projects in the county that the developers have purchased a vote for. As far as I know they are all in city boundaries. That is why the question is relevant.

I don’t agree that the argument about purchased votes falls flat, which was the logical conclusion of your argument, not mine. Yes, not all contributors are large but as of the January filing. . .

Almost 58% of Byrd’s donations came from one person, a property investor too as it turns out. And a republican who supported Maldonado in 2012 which goes to support my previous premise that Byrd is being used.

In Comptons case, a single donor has been responsible for 65% of the available funds, Lynn, her husband, and their business have provided almost $52,000 as of the January filing. Again, going to my earlier statement that there are people rich enough to try to buy an election not just a vote.

So now the 25% that was provided by TWO different developers seems to pale when compared to these others.

I will toss you this bone though, I was wrong about the small donors. Shame on me for trying to work from memory.

Kevin Rice

I think you’re working from memory too much. There are projects in county jurisdiction. And, there is no $52,000 contributor. That’s complete horsepuckey.


Well I asked for specifics of these developers projects in the county jurisdiction. I know of none. If you do please put it out there, otherwise I think it stands that tat there are not any.

Yes, I think I was very clean the Comptons (Lynn, husband, and their business) as of the January filing have provided almost $52,000 to her campaign. I’m sure it will be significantly more now and that I think is available today. It’s a matte of record. Perhaps less time focused on Ray’s fillings and a bit more on the others will help.


In president Obama’s first election as president, he came off as a pretty liberal guy. Yet he could not have been elected without the votes of a lot of Republicans.


And Ms. Ray’s voting record is 89 – 3 following Mr. Hill for the 89, and the only response we get is something along the lines that we should only pay attention to the “important” votes, the ones that suit your case. I for one think all votes are important and at 89 – 3 it is clear Ms. Ray is Mr. Hills lackey for votes.


Well you may think it serves your case to call all votes important, but I hardly agree that consent agendas and routine business and accommodations and awards are of equal weight to real issues, but let’s play it that way. The total votes as of March 4th were 104. 91% of the time the vote was unanimous. 96% percent of the time Rays vote matched Hill. 95% of the time it matched Gibson. 94% of the time it matched Mecham and Arnold. That is hardly a case for being a lackey. Now I’m sure you would like to argue that it is the contested votes that matter and that is wher Ray has been equally in disagreement and agreement with Hill, Mecham and Arnold. Only Gibson stands out as the one Ray never voted with in highly contested votes.

I am at a loss for the basis of your argument.


I’m not surprised you’re at a loss. Let’s just start w/ where it began:

Adam Hill pushed Governor Brown’s office to appoint Caren Ray. He took multiple trips to Sacramento, meeting with the appointments secretaries and with the Resources secretary John Laird.

Knowing that now, you should no longer be at a loss.

Just say no to Adam Hill AND Caren Ray.


Except for the fact that the statement you made is 100% inaccurate so it serves as nothing.

Where there players making calls for her, without question. Hill does not have that kind of influence outside our county. I can’t believe anyone but Adam himself thinks so.

Like so many of these attempts, action not rhetoric is a better example.


I happen to know that it is true. Adam was the one to push Caren Ray’s name at the governor’s office. He traveled here to do it. You believe differently if you want. In this case, your different is simply wrong, incorrect, not true.

True: Adam Hill pushed to have Caren Ray appointed.


The one statement there that is true is that hill did push for her as did many other. A lot of pushing for many people occurred. A number of people were interviewed, some twice. Ultimately the appointment committee put forward a name. Hills influence on that process was trivial at best.


At Ms. Rays votes of 89 – 3 in agreeing with Mr. Hill, a 29.66 to 1 ratio, you may be at a loss but most are not and see Ms. Ray as what she is, a devote of Mr. Hill. I do have to wonder about your math skills, your comment that as of March 4th, 104.91% of vote were…. I always thought the most there could ever be of anything was 100%, but maybe you are using those math skills that our government has become so famous for using.


Seriously? Reread the post. There was a period and a space after the 104, indicating 104 votes, not a point. 91% of the time the board was in agreement.

Again, an attempt to distract from the actual facts.


Maybe a period but no space. Facts are for every time Ms. Ray vote opposite of Mr. Hill 29.66 times she votes the same as Mr. Hill, fact.


Facts are there have been 104 votes that we can count, up to and including the March 4th meeting.

When everything is taken into account, as you suggest is the best measure because every vote has equal weight, there is very little difference between the supervisors with Arnold being an outlier by only a couple votes.

In 104 votes:

Ray was as likely to vote with Hill as with Mecham by not sharing a position with either for 5 times each. 7 times she did not vote with Gibson which in fact is more than the 6 time Mechamm was not with Hill or Gibson. Then we jump one whole vote to 8 to indicate how many time Ray and Arnold have not voted together. In fact, Arnold was more likely to vote with Ray than any other supervisor.

So by your logic, Ray is Hill’s lackey and Hill is Mechams Lackey, or is it Gibson, or maybe the other way around. But wait, if Ray is Hills Lackey, and Arnold is most likely to vote with Ray then doesn’t that make Arnold the lackey of Ray so then she is also Hill’s

Oh it’s all so confusing when you try to take 5 independent minds and describe them based on a difference of 1 or 2 votes cast of 104 over 6 months.

Again I say, where is your argument?

Kevin Rice



Ray is Hill’s lackey.


I guess I was looking for substance in an argument, not just argumentativeness.

Kevin Rice

I guess I am looking for substance in a county supervisor, not Caren Ray (nor Hill, nor Gibson).


I agree. I can’t help but cringe when I think how Ray would vote IF the County BOS ever actually had to vote about defunding CAPSLO’s homeless services.

Having doofus Hill’s agenda is bad enough to contend with. I really don’t want a Hill rubberstamp to have to deal with, as well.


Well that is exactly what Hill wants. They are now his enemy and he would rather the county take it over. People are playing right into his hand


Makes you wonder if Adam Hill and Caren Ray are an item, doesn’t it?


“A thief thinks like a thief”. Where has this any place in the discussion, or do you draw from personal experience? Remember, when you points a finger, three point back at you! Insinuations are the equivalence of pointing fingers.


Attacking the messenger is a logical fallacy. Try again.

I base my comment on the fact that Hill met Ray on the time and day when hsi fiance, Dee Torres, was out of town, and Hill had told the APCD that he would not be attending the meeting because one of Torres’ kids was home sick and he had to stay with her.

Yet he had time to meet Ray in an out-of-the-way place when he was supposedly playing nurse to one of Torres’ kids.

Hill is now a big supporter of Ray….perhaps a more loyal supporter than he is for his fiance, Dee Torres.

As my mother used to say, “A skunk doesn’t change its stripes overnight,” and I doubt Hill is grooming Ray out of the goodness of his heart.


If you see Adam walking down the sidewalk, it’s best to go to the other side of the street. For those of you who voted for him: Please put on your thinking caps next time!