Teen’s car rolls over near Arroyo Grande High School

March 12, 2014

agpoliceA 17-year-old Arroyo Grande High School student suffered minor injuries after his car rolled over multiple times Tuesday afternoon. [KSBY]

The crash occurred around 12:30 p.m., and the vehicle landed in a field just west of the Fair Oaks Avenue and Valley Road intersection by the high school campus. Initial reports from the Five Cities Fire Authority indicated that the student may have been texting while driving, but Arroyo Grande police officers said they are not investigating the crash as a texting case.

Officials say the student was the lone passenger in the car.

Witnesses said the car was traveling at high speeds prior to the crash. After the rollover, pieces of the vehicle scattered in the field.

The crash remains under investigation.



The son of someone “important” maybe?


Mom and Dad’s auto insurance will be getting a big hike their rates.


“Officials say the student was the lone passenger in the car.”

Prolly should have been driving. There, investigation complete.


Why are they not investigating?


Very last sentence…………

“The crash remains under investigation”.