Santa Maria couple leaves child in car at casino

March 14, 2014

chumash casinoSanta Barbara County Sheriff deputies arrested a Santa Maria couple Tuesday after they left their 4-year-old daughter in a car while they gambled at the Chumash Casino.

At about noon, Bulmaro Reyes, 23, and Petra Zaragoza, 28, arrived at the casino and left their daughter sleeping in the car. The child awoke and began searching for her parents in the casino parking lot.

A passerby spotted the child in the parking lot and took her to a security desk inside the casino.

Deputies arrested the couple for child endangerment and booked them into the Santa Barbara County Jail.



I want to know how much money they lost… we all know you can’t win at an Indian casino so I’d like to know just how bad the worst day of their lives was. And I’m all for some major intervention to protect that child. How terrified I got when I lost track of my mom in a store at that age and we were in the same store. This poor child did not know where she was or where mom and dad were when she woke up. Unbelievable…


Rambunctious says:”… we all know you can’t win at an Indian casino ”

Right, because so many win in Vegas every day at the white man’s casino.

As far as intervention goes, unless that 4 year old has a US passport she will be deported.


Early nominee for worst parents of the year 2014. Poor kid. Who knows how much bad judgement she has been subjected to.


This couple absolutely needs to be deported…Without those dead beat “parents”, maybe the kid can be adopted or placed in foster care, She’ll have a much better chance of a decent life without those people who obviously do not care enough to keep her safe.


At least they’ll get sent home. Hopefully the girl can get into foster care.

miles archer

My gawd…what a terrifying experience for that innocent girl. Waking up alone…surrounded by strangers…it breaks my heart. I expect this memory will haunt her for far too long.

It’s sad to see the lure of easy money (or sex, drugs, etc)overriding even a mother’s internal instinct to protect her child at all costs. Throw the BIG book of justice at both of the parents.

Sometimes the best families aren’t always the ones that you’re born into. I hope this little girl finds hers one day.


Well said…

Jorge Estrada

All off sight public expenses should be charged to the Chumash Tribe or require they do their own law enforcement. The entrance sign should read: You will be subjected to Tribe Rules.


From the Santa Barbara News Press

“The couple was booked on suspicion of Felony Child Endangerment and transported to County Jail. This charge alone carries $100,000. bail. But because it appears mom and dad are in the country ILLEGALLY, they are NOT eligible for bail and are locked up on so-called immigration holds.” “Now they also face possible deportation.”


Even tho they were booked on felony charges (deservedly), there is zero chance that they will be deported. Obama & Holden do not want them to be and are not enforcing those laws. And besides, these are 2 guaranteed Democrat votes, and at least one more down the road. No way they will be deported.


Ummm….Pretty sure you have to be a US Citizen to vote….

And Isn’t Obama taking flak about the Historically high levels of deportations under his administration?

Just sayin’…..


According to reports from the last Presidential election it seems that you can be dead and still vote.


What reports? Where are they?

Or someone is just slinging something?


Well, there is this:

Then there is this, for example:

And on a slightly different but related subject there is this:

All you really have to do is Google around and you’ll find the info, Kettle.


Yes, I Googled around and it is/was a red herring

Fox Promotes Dubious Claim That 900 Deceased People Voted In SC

The Politifact link is marked Mostly False.

Mortara: “Of the 10 death certificates you received how many of them do you think may have been dead people who voted in the May elections?”

Ingram: “Four.”

And then fox news? No thats not googling properly justducky.

“Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted announced Wednesday that his office found 17 non-citizens illegally cast ballots in the 2012 presidential election — and has referred the case for possible prosecution.”

“Really, though, folks, can’t we just throw this voter-fraud red-state red herring back? Romney lost fair and square. So did John McCain in 2008. Voting by noncitizens didn’t matter. And no, there weren’t millions of people voting multiple times for Obama either.”

17 out of the 5 million voters in Ohio, lol.


SKPTYK says: “Ummm….Pretty sure you have to be a US Citizen to vote….”

You mean when Obama & Holder are doing their best to prevent states from requiring Identification in order to vote? Or do you mean when Gov Brown is continually giving illegal aliens citizen rights, one by one. Like a driver’s license, public assistance etc? There is NOTHING that prevents illegal aliens from voting in California.


Now the Obamacrats are claiming that Obama deported fewer people than Bush, but yes, it seems like only yesterday that they were saying that deportations had increased under Obama.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform will give citizenship to the illegal immigrants already here, and although they are talking about requirements and a 10 year waiting period, I suspect that Obamacrats (I don’t think all Democrats support this) will make them citizens before the next Presidential election so they can vote.



“I suspect that Obamacrats will make them citizens before the next Presidential election so they can vote.”

Is this like the telephone game? Start with something simple and pass it around until it no longer resembles what it started as.


No, they won’t be deported. Obama met yesterday with the Latino cacus which is upset all the deportations and following the meeting Obama has requested Homeland Director to find “legal” ways to avoid the breakup of families in deportations. I have a solution, send them all back and you will not have to break up the family. Solved the problem, no charge!


Hey isn’t that what we all do? I mean…….common it’s rude of the kid to think that just because his parents had a kid, that they should stop living their lives and not have a good time.


Really! Seriously! Are you kidding me? Probably used their food stamp money to play with…