Arroyo Grande Bank of America robbed

April 4, 2014

boa1Arroyo Grande police are investigating the Thursday robbery of the Bank of America on West Branch Street.

Shortly before 6 p.m., the robber entered the bank, said he was armed and demanded cash from one of the tellers. After receiving an undisclosed amount of cash, the man fled on foot toward Wesley Street.

Two weeks ago, the Pismo Beach Bank of America, on the corner of Price and Dolliver streets, was also robbed by a white male shortly before closing. Officials are not yet saying if they suspect the two robberies were committed by the same man.



To roberttorrance:

Sorry, but I have to ask if you are delusional, seriously emotionally disturbed/mentally

challenged or just plain stupid. The sad part is that you have access to this forum to makethese types of allegations without citing any factual basis which likely borders on slander.

However, I guess if you are delusional or seriously emotionally disturbed/mentally

challenged that would be a legal defense against slander because you don’t have the

mental capability of distinguishing truth from fiction. Stupidity is not a defense against


Annibali has no brother. The FBI is investigating this bank robbery because they

investigate all bank robberies. That is their statutory obligation. But they are investigating the robbery in concert with AGPD. Facts, sir, not delusions or fiction. “Just the facts.”

Please, sir, go back to Torrance, get some counseling and save everyone in SLO who

follows Cal Coast News from any more of your sad delusions. Before anyone out there

poses the obvious question, yes, I do know Annibali. That is a fact. How else would I

know that he has no brother?

I will go away again until something else out there in this alternate universe prompts me to



i hear the fbi is investigating arroyo grande’s chief on this one as the suspected robber is the chief’s brother. the chief is covering up his brothers foot tracks. agpd has been removed from the investigation


4/3- around 3, two men in a black car used Pismo ATM right after me and somehow stole $940 dollars from my ATM account. I saw them in the parking lot- thought to myself that they looked suspicious. There were others at the ATM- a guy with a cell phone took pics? A blonde woman who they cut in front of? What a bummer. It was a great vaca until….


I hope that the robber got away with lots of cash.

One small step against the criminals at BOA !

BOA, Wells Fargo, Chase ….all the top dogs , stole TRILLIONS from Americans; and NOT ONE has been prosecuted or put in prison where they belong !

Until these civilization killers are presented with justice, I hope these small time desperados get away with the loot.


Good thing the chief got the city council to install expensive cameras in the village in order to catch criminals They are suppose to have a live feed right to the police dept so they can catch people in the act. Lets see what excuse the PD comes up with to explain this one. Last time a shop got broken into we found out the cameras were not live at that time and we got to pay more to have that happen. What crime was Annabaldi hoping to curb, graffiti, yep we spend 10s of thousands to keep graffiti down in the village, and I am not sure they have caught any real criminals with this system. I am just thankful no one was hurt and the FBI will be involved so this guy/ gal should get caught.


Can we get some details? And pictures? There’s cameras all over that place. They have to have several pictures of him.

And the guy ran off on foot? Real high roller there.

Many people had to have seen him. It’s only a matter of time before this junkie gets caught.


I think we live in the most bank robbingest place in the world. I think I’m the only one that hasn’t tried it yet.


San Diego is near the top of the list too.

Probably 2 or more per week.