Deputies nab two teens for string of Los Osos burglaries

April 4, 2014

car-theft-612nm022311San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s deputies arrested two teens Monday for breaking into cars in Los Osos and stealing property.

A 14-year-old and a 16-year-old are accused of stealing cameras, iPods, credit cards and backpacks from vehicles in Los Osos late last month. Deputies recovered more than two dozen items believed to be stolen during the string of burglaries.

The two teens are charged with grand theft and possession of stolen property.

Deputies are asking anyone who reported property stolen during the recent burglaries to visit the Los Osos sheriff’s station to claim their property. The station is located at 2099 10th Street in Los Osos.


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Prepping for a career in politics, no doubt.

Does this mean they can’t go to law school and take the bar exam?

Fourteen and sixteen? their parents or parent should be so proud.