Body of Guadalupe drowning victim found

April 12, 2014

wavesThe body of a man who was swept to sea during a baptism at a beach in Guadalupe on March 30 was found two and a half miles away on Friday morning, according to the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department.

Benito Flores, 46, of Santa Maria was assisting Pastor Maurigro Cervantes with the baptism of an adult cousin when a large wave swept the three men from their feet. Cervantes and the man being baptized made their way back to shore, but not Flores.

A hiker found Flores in a tide pool near Mussel Rock about 7:45 a.m. on Friday.  A Santa Barbara County air support helicopter retrieved the body.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s deputies are investigating the manner and cause of Flores’ death.

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He’s fine, better than he ever was, actually. Life on Earth isn’t where it ends.

One would think-if they were a theist, that is, that a “Omnibenevolent god” would treat a new member of the flock in a more propitious manner.

Don’t think …just beleive.

Thinking just makes your head hurt !

I very much prefer to have “my head hurt (it’s called thinking, by the way),” by using

the marvelous contents inside that have taken over 4 Billion years to develop, to

engage in deductive/inductive reasoning and critical analysis as opposed to blindly

believing (with no evidence, which is why it’s called faith), in the supernatural cast of

characters contained in your Bronze Age myth book written by Mesopotamian goat


Damn shame, hope he didn’t suffer.

The poor fool drowned …oxygen deprivation. For sure – he suffered.

BUT, he should have known that ‘baptism’ is not now by water. It is by ‘Spirit’ and by fire.

He was ignorant, but suffered the same fate as those opposing the TRUE God of the Hebrews of the Bible.

I will pray for Mr. Floris and his family.



GEEEZ … I put in a petition for this poor soul’s ultimate salvation …a person I did not know.

That should at least get him a ticket out of Purgatory ( excepting other possible sins I am unaware of ).

“JUDGE NOT”, …that is the rule to follow. Yet, my comment is condemned by Negatory Nancies.

Truly, a prophet is not welcomed in his own town !