Cartel hit man cops to nine murders in California

April 14, 2014
Jose Manuel Martinez

Jose Manuel Martinez

A Mexican drug cartel hit man confessed last week to killing more than 30 people, nine of whom he murdered in California. [LA Times]

Jose Manuel Martinez, 51, allegedly told investigators in Alabama that he has worked for a Mexican drug cartel since he was 16, collecting debts and keeping 25 percent of the money. Martinez is accused of execution-style killings, as well as of murdering victims in front of their families. The murders date back more than 30 years.

Martinez lived part-time in Richgrove, a small farm town about 40 miles north of Bakersfield. He is accused of eight Central Valley murders spanning 1980 to 2011.

One Northern Santa Barbara County murder is also attributed to Martinez. Investigators say he shot a 30-year-old man several times in 1980 while the victim was working on a ranch near Santa Ynez. A 17-year-old was also shot during the incident but survived.

Tulare County ranchers found several other victims lying in fields and along country roads. The Tulare County Sheriff’s Office is also investigating unsolved murders with possible links to Martinez.

Martinez was arrested at an Arizona border crossing last year in connection with a March 2013 murder in Alabama.



I read a lengthy article about this in the LATimes and it reminded me of a Cormac McCarthy novel….the guy who doesn’t stand out, could be the guy next door, never makes waves, and just moves through life playing the Grim Reaper.


Could be Mary Malone


I can’t believe the partisan politics, on both sides, that has to come into play here. REALLY PEOPLE??? This guy would most likely have existed with or without any and all the arguments I am reading here. These type have existed going back to gangster days, through the Mafia years, etc. Through every type and name of political party in charge.

How about putting the focus back on the piece of shit at hand? No let us blame each other. We didn’t create the man. His lack of morals and value to life created him. Folks when we continue at every opportunity to play the blame game on the simple stuff, HOW IN THE HELL do you think we will EVER get together on the real problems to fix this country?!!!!