Central Coast fish thieves arrested

April 15, 2014

handcuffDepartment of Fish and Wildlife wardens arrested two Santa Barbara County men Sunday for allegedly stealing from other fishermen and commercial fish markets to resell in Hollywood.

The two licensed fishermen, John Wilson, 53, of Santa Ynez and Kai Griffin, 23, of Buellton, allegedly snatched live rock crabs out of the nets of fellow commercial fishermen and other sea life from fish markets at the commercial dock in the Santa Barbara Harbor. The pair then sold the stolen catch at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market.

During a two-month investigation, wardens observed the subjects stealing live rock crabs from receivers in Santa Barbara Harbor and then selling the catch. Wilson and Griffin also sold sea urchins, Kellet’s whelks (out of season), live rock crabs and clawed rock crabs that were illegally landed.

Officers booked the suspects into the Santa Barbara County Jail on felony charges of conspiracy and grand theft.

“Thanks to some good tips from the fishing community and good, solid police work, we were able to catch the suspects and stop these illegal sales,” said California Department of Fish and Wildlife Lt. Wes Boyle in a press release.


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I have been working in the harbor for over 25 years. sadly I have seen manipulative jealous competitors SETUP another person in the harbor to get them IN trouble. this HAS gone way beyond anything I’ve ever seen. you should be ashamed of yourself to take down two men that I’ve known for the whole time I’ve worked in the harbor. I have seen and watched these two men work with the upmost integrity. Media is a very dangerous AND most of it untruthful as we all know. it is always one sided. someone in the harbor called the media so they can detour from the real thieves. we all know who they are if you work in the harbor. I do the paper work for the harbor And I have seen all the receipts for every purchase they have made. It is impossible to steal fish from locked market. These men have been set up and I have heard their lives we’re threaten. Their property has been damaged. Charges have not even been made. What kind of world do we live in.? I am keeping me eyes and ears open, because I will personally report everything I hear and see. I know so many people that are going fight to get the real story. Not the one that is filled with lies about these good men. “God bless us All”

To whom it may concern,

John Wilson owner of Sea fever seafood based out of Santa Barbara California. Has been falsely accused of stealing fish with no proof. West Coast sea food based out of Simi Valley California; another vendor at the Hollywood farmers market is the one that has created all of the lies and allegations, out of greed and jealousy. These two men from Sea Fever seafood have been convicted by the public because of the one sided story media has told with no proof to back up those stories that media newspapers have told. there are no charges that have been made by the fishing game because John Wilson had all receipts and could prove that these allegations were all complete lies. Because of West Coast seafood and a few bad seeds in the Santa Barbara Harbor these men reputation, their livelihood, has been completely destroyed. Not one editor from a new station or newspaper have called or contacted John Wilson from Sea Fever seafood to hear his side. They have just cut and pasted what they have read from another person that wrote it. What happened to true journalism.? People have killed themselves over falls accusations that have been printed.

West Coast seafood from Simi Valley California buy their fish from downtown Los Angeles from these filthy overseas fishing boats. Go back to their store wrap them in cellophane and say they caught these fish. If you saw their boat they couldn’t catch a trout on their boat. But John Wilson from Sea fever seafood has the nicest crab and lobster boat in the Santa Barbara Harbor This is not the first time that West Coast seafood has terrorized and cause complications and problems for fever seafood. The media should be ashamed of them selves for printing untrue, no facts, with no effort to find out the truth. Again John wilson has not been charged: there are no charges that have been made. He is innocent of all charges and accusations. Please clear his name

Good “Catch” officers……

I am glad to see the Wardens doing real work with Real victims. This is in contrast to parents being cited for helping their 14 year old cast a fishing line at Margarita, and harassing feral pig hunters which are considered vermin. Good to see your overzealous police behavior being directed at real issues.

These guys have a serious case of crabs.

About fifteen years ago,this same guy, Wilson, had a dock hose stuck down his boat’s smoke stack, with the water turn on, in just retribution for his poaching of lobsters from other guy’s traps. He’s a real piece of work ,obviously.

Something fishy about those two…