We need to protect against localized terrorist attacks

April 15, 2014
Matt Kokkonen

Matt Kokkonen

On April 15, 2013, extreme Muslim terrorist bombing in Boston resulted in 260 wounded and three deaths.

However, the very next day, April 16, 2013, marked another day of terrorist attack on American soil that was virtually ignored by the media. The event showed an extremely well planned and executed military style armed attack on an electrical substation in San Jose, California. This substation supplies power to Silicon Valley.

This attack was carried out in the middle of the night. The attackers first disabled the security systems by cutting the fiber optic lines. They then started shooting the transformers and cooling systems with high-powered rifles. The attack lasted almost an hour, but by the time police arrived, the attackers disappeared without any trace. The bullet casings had no fingerprints or markings. The repairs took months.

The San Jose attack was probably a test run on destroying our basic vital infrastructure. We must protect our power grid against localized terrorist attacks. We must also protect our nation against a catastrophic electro-magnetic pulse attack of an atmospheric nuclear explosion that would destroy electrical wiring, plants and systems. The protections range from proper fencing to ballistic missile defense system. Evil will exist.

Matt Kokkonen is a Chartered Life underwriter and a Chartered Financial consultant in San Luis Obispo. Contact him at (805) 541-1880 or (805) 886-1880.


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The best way to protect our power grid is decentralized solar electricity, on every rooftop that can be put to such use. There’s no way a terror attack can wipe out such a decentralized system.

Fear mongering & paranoia…don’t you have more productive ways to spend the precious time you have on Earth?

You close on an (attempted) ominous note: “Evil will exist.” (cues up theramin) Oooooooooo….nope. Sorry Matt, still not afraid here. But, happy to see that CCN provided you an outlet for you to vent your obsessive fear.

I do look forward to your strategy for the impending zombie apocalypse.


“I do look forward to your strategy for the impending zombie apocalypse.”

My evolved Christian thinking directs me to you disparaging the return of the Savior, Jesus the Christ, as a zombie.

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which according to his abundant mercy hath begotten us again unto a lively hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead” (1 Peter 1:3 ).

Yes, Jesus was dead for three days, and was resurrected from being dead per zombie protocols, and as mentioned, one is to eat flesh and blood in true zombie fashion as proffered in John 6:53-70, but, you’re forgetting, Jesus is not your normal zombie, because He is God!

Christians don’t care in how Jesus will look, or His zombie like modus operandi upon His Second Coming apocalypse, but you can be assured that it will make televisions “walking dead” look like a boy scout picnic!

But, when Jesus does come, we’ll even know what Jesus will look like upon His return! Jesus will have white hair, eyes of fire, feet of brass, and a sword sticking out of his mouth. (Rev.1:13-16) That’ll really put the fear of the Lord into those sinners as he cleaves them in two for not believing in Him!

Jesus is gonna put those Hollywood monster-movie producers to shame with His ghoulish creations when He returns with a bunch of horse-like locusts with human heads, women’s hair, lion’s teeth, and scorpion’s tails. They’re gonna be stinging people straight for a whole 5 months! (Rev.9:7-10)

Then our loving and ever forgiving Jesus will send four blessed angels, with an army of 200 million to KILL a third of the earth’s population. Glory! (Rev.9:15-19)

Jesus’ loving nature will have people killed by fire, plagues, and beasts. There will be dead bodies rotting and unburied everywhere. Those that are not killed by Jesus (TRUE Christians) will “rejoice over the non-christians and make merry, and shall send gifts to one another.” (Rev.11:5-10)

Miles, again, I am worried about you being one of the many that will be killed by Jesus upon His return. Please come to Christianity to prevent the horror that will be initiated towards you upon Jesus’ return.