Mexican cop accused of smuggling drugs into California

April 3, 2014

police chaseA Mexican police officer appeared in U.S. federal court Wednesday on charges of trafficking heroin and methamphetamine into California. [LA Times]

Last month, border patrol agents stopped a vehicle on Interstate 15 near Temecula that was carrying 11 packages of heroin and methamphetamine. Noe Raygoza-Garcia, a 33-year-old Tijuana police officer, was driving the car.

Raygoza-Garcia was driving very slowly prior to officers pulling him over about 70 miles north of the border. After the officers stopped him, the Mexican policeman was visibly shaking.

The packages of heroin and methamphetamine weighed a combined total of about 22 pounds.

Federal prosecutors charged Raygoza-Garcia with intent to distribute heroin and methamphetamine. He faces 10 years to life in prison.

Interstate 15 has become a major drug corridor into the U.S., for methamphetamine in particular, according to California officials.


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He faces 10 years to life?

Who are they kidding, he will

probably get a slap on the wrist.

Oh California…..what a mess.

Not to excuse what he did, but maybe the poor Mexican cop was “visibly shaking” because he was just a mule, forced into drug smuggling.

It’s been reported that Mexican gangs will threaten to kill family members if you don’t cooperate w/them when they tell you to smuggle drugs.

Raygoza-Garcia faces 10 years in prison but he’s just the low guy on the totem pole.

That’s ok Obama and Holder will give him a few assault rifles and send him home and then fund his kids education.

You forget years of Contra-Gate weapons pipeline flowing South of the Border (can you say “Contra-Gate”?) under Reagan, Ollie North, etc.. Let’s remember who, and what got started before you point to this administration.

Also missing as of late are any references to “Beirut’s Marine Barrack” bombing, yet we hear constant “Benghazi” shouts. Like Reagan, a lot of people seem to suffer from willful amnesia, operate on short-term select memory.

higher powered

Boy you’re really going back in time…even further back than Bush!

Your Red-thumbs Down are my patch of honor, thank you!

“If the glove fits, you stand convict!”

Ronald Reagan is/will be remembered as one of the greatest leaders in history. I think Zach Galifinakis said it best, Obama will be remembered as the last black President.

“the last black President”

Except Zach was making a timeline/history joke, you are not.

Criminal-class cops need to clean up their own act before trying to tell others how to live.

SLO County is loaded with corrupt, 2-faced, hypocrite cops.

“Criminal-class cops need to clean up their own act before trying to tell others how to live.”

Don’t forget that they are hired by the “criminal class” City Managers, who were in turn hired by the “criminal class” Mayors and City Council Members that you sheep keep electing term after term because they are recommended by the DNC.

If you don’t think that the GOP has equally sheep-like voters, you are probably one of them. Your attempt to place the blame only on Democrats is bad enough but you also make assumptions about motivation that are highly questionable. I don’t think that stuff like crooked cops comes from intentional choices of either city managers or city councilmen — at least around here.

It is more likely the result of lack of vigilance in supervision and oversight. They are too trusting of the “professional” judgment of police management and unwilling to risk political kickback by cracking down on them when they tolerate abusive behavior by their charges or fail to pay enough attention to moral character and maturity in the hiring process.

That is almost as good as the condoms filled with liquid cocaine bound for the Vatican:

….Odds are the recipient(s) was the cop(s).