SLO transit forks $1.5 million to CAPSLO homeless center site

April 3, 2014

capsloThe San Luis Obispo Regional Transit Authority committed $1.5 million Wednesday to the purchase of a Prado Road property that the Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo will use to open a homeless services center. [Tribune]

SLORTA and CAPSLO will jointly purchase 40 Prado Road for $2.2 million. In addition to serving as the site for the future homeless services center, the location will become a transit maintenance and dispatch facility.

The vast majority of the money the two agencies will use to purchase the property will come from government funding. State and federal grants obtained by SLORTA by way of the San Luis Obispo Council of Governments will account for the entire $1.5 sum that the transit agency is contributing.

CAPSLO has already secured $250,000 from the San Luis Obispo City Council to use for the purchase, and it is expecting a matching contribution from the county board of supervisors. The remaining funds will come from donations raised by the newly created Homeless Foundation for San Luis Obispo.

The proposed homeless center will consist of 200 beds, a commercial kitchen, laundry facilities, showers, storage space, offices for caseworkers, multipurpose rooms and a children’s classroom.

CAPSLO settled on the site after a proposed location on South Higuera Street prompted community backlash.

The announcement of the purchase agreement comes three weeks after CAPSLO reorganized its homeless services division and demoted its homeless services director Dee Torres.


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What a hell of a way for government to exploit more tax dollars

It is quite an incentive for some of the derelict and irresponsible to continue their bleeding heart parade and manipulation on the rest of those trying to make ends meet

Don’t ask me if I ever been homeless or down on my luck … many many have from time to time and they don’t they “do not” throw this “S” on others!