We need to protect against localized terrorist attacks

April 15, 2014
Matt Kokkonen

Matt Kokkonen

On April 15, 2013, extreme Muslim terrorist bombing in Boston resulted in 260 wounded and three deaths.

However, the very next day, April 16, 2013, marked another day of terrorist attack on American soil that was virtually ignored by the media. The event showed an extremely well planned and executed military style armed attack on an electrical substation in San Jose, California. This substation supplies power to Silicon Valley.

This attack was carried out in the middle of the night. The attackers first disabled the security systems by cutting the fiber optic lines. They then started shooting the transformers and cooling systems with high-powered rifles. The attack lasted almost an hour, but by the time police arrived, the attackers disappeared without any trace. The bullet casings had no fingerprints or markings. The repairs took months.

The San Jose attack was probably a test run on destroying our basic vital infrastructure. We must protect our power grid against localized terrorist attacks. We must also protect our nation against a catastrophic electro-magnetic pulse attack of an atmospheric nuclear explosion that would destroy electrical wiring, plants and systems. The protections range from proper fencing to ballistic missile defense system. Evil will exist.

Matt Kokkonen is a Chartered Life underwriter and a Chartered Financial consultant in San Luis Obispo. Contact him at (805) 541-1880 or (805) 886-1880.



We need to protect against localized terrorist attacks


Absolute total baloney. That’s the equivalent of preparing to win the lotto or preparing to get hit by a meteorite. In a thousand life times you couldn’t put yourself in the middle of a terrorist attack in the U.S.–the odds are just too slim.

Get real.


Matt is a good American, better than many who were born here. But because he’s a

conservative he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, according to the left. I just hope

and pray he’s not right in his predictions.

Unfortunately, you probably won’t read his message in the local Trib (our none-official-

record county newspaper)…..not worth wrapping garbage in it!!!


Time out… back up the pango boat….We can’t even control our coastline. It’s just a matter of time before we are awakened by another 911 type incident.


Have you considered the possibility that they are LETTING the Pango boats land on our coastline?



O.K., so Matt’s a little nuts with regard to the evils of modern Finnish democratic socialism. But he’s got this one dead on. The mainstream media exposed it and PG&E and law enforcement hedged for a long time. “O.K., some ya-hoos in pick-ups with guns they shouldn’t be allowed to have shot up an electrical substation”. Except if that had been the case arcing, explosions and fires would have resulted. Well targeted shots punctured cooling elements that led to delayed failure due to overheating. All but 4 of over 100 shots were hit critical elements only. Plenty of people here who know this but how many with the organization to evade sophisticated law enforcement efforts? Immigration and H1 visa’s maybe an open door?


A valid viewpoint in the article. Matt, just ignore the INSULTS of kaney and tojo, they want to minimalize your views on a highly significant point. Insult and ad hominem is the refuge of the liberal fringe extremists.

That extended shooting was a focused, erffective and dedicated attempt to drain cooling oil from heat exchangers on major power distribution equipment. This country no longer manufacturers the biggest ones, so if they disable cooling oil THEN we fry the windings in a major switchyard, how many months or years will the lights be out on that branch circuit?

Of course, for my family, I have diesel, gasoline, propane and solar generation to try and be ready and I get to use them during occasional insignificant PGE failures. Not all four types at some houses, but enough to be the only lights for blocks when PGE blows a jumper. Also have some Stored food, water. Not that much ammo, however. Maybe I’m not fully exploring the right wing stockpiling life ?


I am not a liberal. This just goes to show how uniformly the views have split in this country. Unfortunately they’re not split on actual principles, they are split issue to issue based on what is convenient. Conservatives who do not want big government have no problem with ramping up the size when it comes to anything related to authority, and liberals who hate corruption and authority want to make a larger bureaucracy. It’s getting ridiculous. Conservatives hate welfare, except when it’s being given to farmers and corporations. Liberals claim they want peace but demand Obama intervene for “humanitarian concerns.”

This terrorism thing is absolutely ridiculous. First, it’s a self fulfilling prophecy because the more aggressive we are trying to fight it at its source, the more we create. Second, the cost benefit ratio is absurd. Even doing our best to tick people off worldwide, the actual numbers of people killed by terrorism are miniscule. Finally, by not differentiating between aggressors based on their reasons and just calling them all terrorists, you’re not actually stopping to think why someone might want to influence U.S. policy and is willing to die to do it. These people aren’t demanding suitcases of money. It IS possible that at least once in a while, we could be in the wrong.

I think it’s a very good idea to stockpile food, supplies and ammunition but the only terrorists you need to fear are the ones right in your backyard. You want terrorists? Try the Bureau of Land Management’s behavior in Nevada last week.


Hahaha. Matt Kokkonen are you for real? This might have worked a little bit for national politicians but it’s not going to work for you. What’s funny is that you are totally right wing which implies a respect for capitalism, and yet you would support something with such a low margin of return.

Investing money into preparation for a terrorist attack is about the biggest waste of money going. First, the chance is SO SMALL it is ridiculous. Secondly, all the terrorists attacks against Americans in a decade couldn’t hold a candle to a single day of preventable deaths in the United States. Third, any terrorist with sophistication is going to have a sophistication FAR greater than anything that local officials could possibly prepare for. And finally, this kind of mindset really just turns our own officials into tyrants.

Seriously man, stop reading World News Daily and starting wrapping your head around things that actually matter and you can do something about.


You are an imbecile. The intelligence and will of a 5 year old could kill hundreds or thousands locally including you and your family if you have one. You have no idea whats unguarded and there for the taking. Your drinking water supply is open game, your treatment plants are open game, you utilities. Its called complacency, and when you live in a bubble like SLO you libs think nothing ever bad will happen cause your above all.


So many things COULD happen! I certainly do not think that bad things can never happen to me. But I’ll tell you what… we’re going to be a lot better off using the money for preparing for things that are more LIKELY to happen. We’d also be better off ensuring that the leaders who represent us learn to respect the lives of others who are not like them, so that we don’t have to constantly be looking over our shoulder.


This attack was, indeed, taken very seriously by enough people in the know. I truly believe it was not widely reported because precautions are being made to prevent/limit this type of infrastructure crippling. The “quality” of the attack leads me, in my limited wisdom, to believe this was not a typical terrorist attack. There is something about this incident (including the “handling” of it) that sends up certain red flags with me.

Sure, our infrastructure is highly vulnerable to attack; not just power, but water treatment/supply and food distribution. Heck, why even bother with anything – just EMP us and let us devour ourselves within a week, as many “war gamers” have warned for years.

Freaked me out when I saw that missile launch off the coast of Los Angeles in November 2010… thankfully, that was nipped in the bud (or we hope it was).


Fear mongering, the new national pastime. Turn off the news and get out in the garden.

Kevin 99

And we also must recognize that the language and actions of the extreme Right are spawning more terrorism. These subversives in Nevada, for example, who believe that a rancher has the right to mooch off of taxpayers by refusing to pay grazing fees and, when the Feds appropriately begin the process of removing his cattle from Federal land, the Separatists and Tea Party Jihadists come in with their guns to challenge the government. How is this not sedition, and how is this not an overt assault upon the government?

They should thank the Lord every day that Barack Obama is the President, and not I.


It was an overt assault on the government. That’s what made it so beatiful!




Tea Party Jihadist? I’m always amazed at what the moderators allow here and what they do not. First of all I think Kevin should do a little more research in this Nevada land issue. There are two sides to every deal and as usual the federal government has failed to hold up it’s end of the deal.

Ranch land needs constant care, fences need repairing washes need to be back filled just to name a couple of examples.

The work was being done and paid for by Bundy so he stopped paying his fees. Not the right way to deal with uncle sam but that is what he did. He was wrong to stop paying his fees but to claim anyone is “spawning more terrorism” because they are standing up for their perceived rights is flat out wrong.

To call the people that side with the Tea Party Jihadist is flat out wrong. The American people are beginning to take notice of the harshness from the left. When the pendulum swings back hard you can blame folks like Kevin. No one that disagrees with him is a good American.


Yes, those tea bagger separatist jihadists who have a LONG track record of damage, chaos, rape, murder, arson, beatings, etc. I am so tired of seeing all their terrorism on the news every single day! All around, everywhere I look, I see the smoldering wreckage of the destruction and damage they constantly are causing! Yes. THOSE guys. They are our biggest problem.

You go, Kev. Show ’em all how wildly “out there” those nutjobs are.


You haven’t the SLIGHTEST clue what you are talking about with regard to the Nevada conflict. His intent was not to mooch off taxpayers, it was to avoid paying a fee which would imply contractual consent with the terms of the BLM which was trying to reduce his herd to 150 cattle.. and that is just the tip of the iceberg behind the actual details of that situation.

But thanks for parroting whatever views you read in the mainstream media instead of coming up with your own.. so helpful


Personal attack removed.

Less about each other, much less.


I could probably stand to be a little less condescending and insulting with my comments, and maybe it wouldn’t invite so many personal attacks.


I chose generalized sarcasm and (hopefully) wit. I doubt it penetrated the target, but at least the “non nut-jobs” likely understood it for what it was.

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