We need to protect against localized terrorist attacks

April 15, 2014
Matt Kokkonen

Matt Kokkonen

On April 15, 2013, extreme Muslim terrorist bombing in Boston resulted in 260 wounded and three deaths.

However, the very next day, April 16, 2013, marked another day of terrorist attack on American soil that was virtually ignored by the media. The event showed an extremely well planned and executed military style armed attack on an electrical substation in San Jose, California. This substation supplies power to Silicon Valley.

This attack was carried out in the middle of the night. The attackers first disabled the security systems by cutting the fiber optic lines. They then started shooting the transformers and cooling systems with high-powered rifles. The attack lasted almost an hour, but by the time police arrived, the attackers disappeared without any trace. The bullet casings had no fingerprints or markings. The repairs took months.

The San Jose attack was probably a test run on destroying our basic vital infrastructure. We must protect our power grid against localized terrorist attacks. We must also protect our nation against a catastrophic electro-magnetic pulse attack of an atmospheric nuclear explosion that would destroy electrical wiring, plants and systems. The protections range from proper fencing to ballistic missile defense system. Evil will exist.

Matt Kokkonen is a Chartered Life underwriter and a Chartered Financial consultant in San Luis Obispo. Contact him at (805) 541-1880 or (805) 886-1880.


Ted Slanders

“Evil will exist”

Of course evil will always exist because our Hebrew God of the bible created evil.

“I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, AND I CREATE EVIL: I the LORD do all these things.” ( Isaiah 45:7)

“Shall there be EVIL in a city, and the LORD hath not done it?” (Amos 3:6)

God, not chance, decides what happens in human affairs, like in the case of the incident at San Jose. (Proverbs 16:33; compared with Jonah 1:7) and if our God is having a bad day, then evil will exist towards our country in many ways. Remember, behind every circumstance is the Lord (Amos 3:6). This passages states that evil can be a circumstance to our country and our Hebrew God was behind it.


Worse yet, maybe it’s not “our” God. It’s not Ted’s, if he’s a Christian, as he refers to the Father of Christ as a “Hebrew” God rather than a Christian or Judeo-Christian God. If God’s one mean son-of-a-bitch maybe we need accept things the way they are? Meanwhile Ted needs to start a church. Been forced or lured to church a few times in my life. Ted’s church, front row every Sunday…. or Saturday, or Friday. He hasn’t revealed that to us yet.


I would be there too! Ted, you should consider this idea of starting your own church…. I think you would make quite a name for yourself and thinking people would really enjoy your particular brand of mockery.


David Koresh was a rank amateur. I will follow Ted and only Ted.

Jorge Estrada

Do the terrorists have access to iCloud, the place where every user’s Avitar resides? Something else to think about.

Randy Sheila

Paranoia here folks, that’s all.

All of our infrastructure is vulnerable. Are we supposed to post police at every substation, canal, bridge, dock, plant, etc. and who pays for that? If we were that vulnerable, more would have already happened. The fact is that this land is full of very diverse people from diverse backgrounds and this scares newcomers to this country. Instead of seeing the strength that the diversity offers, they fear what obviously can’t be controlled without realizing that the overwhelming majority of citizens are vigilant, law-abiding citizens who won’t hesitate to turn-in their neighbor, best friend, or family member if they believe serious harm has or will occur. Maybe the solution is for the government to keep even closer tabs on citizenry but that would be absolutely intolerable. Maybe more law enforcement would ease his concern but that is expensive. And back to paranoia we arrive. Honestly, I don’t see why this gets printed.


Maybe because some people believe in free speech, and this is the “opinion” section. Awareness is not a bad thing and neither is being paranoid. Just saying!


I’m willing to bet big, Matt dies in his John Wayne PJs, of natural causes, in his reinforced bunker,surrounded by dry milk, canned beans, and gun powder with never as much as a shot fired his way. But keep up the fear mongering it helps the natural causes.


Hey, paranoia does NOT exclude the possibility that they ARE out to get you. I have yet to see the “strength” that diversity offers, just massive Republican stupidity in search of the lowest wages possible. Even immigrant Tea-Partier Matt Kokkenen has to obey the law with regard to both immigration and tax law.


Sorry to be posting this under Matt’s article, but the topic has been broached. Here’s some background on the wing nut & scofflaw Nevada rancher story, with reference to the (unrelated) Chinese solar project:


“A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes”

–Samuel Clemens


I think you are missing the point of what a lot of people on net, not just here, are getting at. Yes o.k. the guy has fines. He has NO other record that I know of and you send down snipers to post on overpasses?? REALLY??? And save me the………..well the ranchers had guns. Yes so did the police and they had the numbers too. Snipers just RATCHED up the situation.

This ties in with opinion post article here and better yet to the post of Randy Sheila’s right above yours. If the Gov. is acting this knee jerk to this situation in NV. how are they going to treat the rest of us in going after local terrorism? Do we all then get treated like that? As suspects?


I have heard both sides of the story (in general) and don’t know which one to believe. The government is not unique in its willingness to spin the truth. People like Kevin 99 may be gullible in taking the word of the government and their supporters as the total truth in this matter but how do we know that the rancher is being any more honest and objective in presenting his side of the story?


This post was meant as a response to those criticizing Kevin 99’s comments about the Nevada ranch rebellion and the Tea Party in general.


I always look at who has more to gain as the one who I will give a close scrutiny to. In this case IF and I agree at this point we don’t know on the if, IF Senator Reid is doing what it says, then in this case he and the Gov. have the most to gain.


Hmmm …high powered rifles, a co-ordinated attack, wiped shell casings.

This does not sound like a bunch of kumbaya hippies or refugees from the Occupy movement were behind it.

More like right-wing proto fascists.

You gonna stand up and fight fellow traveling fascists, Mr. Kokkonnen ?


“Stand up and fight”? lol “fascist”? lol Occupy wall street was and is a joke. Half of them didn’t even know what they were for or against. I think if you were to ask what the folks in Nevada at the Bundy ranch what they are against you would surely get an answer. You are not dealing with silly little wannabe hippies living in a tent on a city parking lot that doesn’t even know whom their senator is. These people care enough to do their homework and they want a free society and a smaller less forceful federal government. I can’t see anything wrong with that.



Kevin I know in your obvious blind hate of conservatives and rush to judgement you may not have taken the time to read up some on this issue, so I provided a link above. I hope this might help in your blind prejudice.


Opps this was in reply to Kevin 99 at the bottom of thread.


I do find it interesting that a lot of your major media (CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC) as usual glide right over this stuff. Yep let’s continue to keep the uniformed, uniformed.


I have no interest or care in this old con when only the chickens have all the guns!

The only thing I’ll go for is when every law abiding citizen are allowed CWP without taxation.


This is stuff known back in the 1960’s and before!

Aren’t we taxed and over regulated enough!

So what are you purposing, forking out another trillion $?!