New Frontiers sells to Whole Foods

April 1, 2014

New FrontiersNew Frontiers Natural Marketplace has sold four of its five stores, including its San Luis Obispo location, to Whole Foods Market. [Supermarket News]

Each of the stores sold will convert to Whole Foods markets in a few weeks. As part of the transaction, Whole Foods agreed to offer jobs to all of the employees at the New Frontiers locations that the company purchased.

New Frontiers President Jonathan King said he had long considered merging with Whole Foods.

“Over the years, when I have at times wondered if our stores would someday merge with a larger strategic partner, Whole Foods Market has always been my premier choice,” King said. “We know they will provide growth opportunities for our exceptional team members, and continue to bring retail excellence and outstanding service to our local communities.”

Whole Foods acquired New Frontiers’s three Arizona locations, in addition to the San Luis Obispo store. The lone remaining New Frontiers market is located in Solvang, where the company headquarters sit.


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New Frontiers Green Energy

New Frontiers incorporated energy-efficient systems in the new store, including a 100-kilowatt rooftop solar system, solar tube skylights and LED lighting in the freezer doors.

Refrigerator systems use glycol that reduces the amount of Freon needed. The store was the second in the nation to use refrigeration condensers on the roof that adjust to outside temperatures and humidity, thus reducing energy consumption, the company said.

You mean SLO has become Palo Alto! That’s where it all began for Whole Foods, or as the locals call it there, “Whole Paycheck.” Just do the right thing and shop at local stores.

Lesson ?

They’re all corporate whores.

We all gotta eat to live, but if you want justice: EAT THE RICH !

…Or, just boycott. Take your $$$ elsewhere.

in order to eat the rich first we must cook the rich, in order to kill the attached parasites .

Well it’s finally official, San Luis Obispo of 2014 has become the Santa Barbara of the late 1990’s.

And the gentrification of San Luis Obispo continues. Super high prices, profits going out of state, and trendy marketing on products one notch higher quality than Trader Joe’s at triple the prices. Hopefully they will widen the parking spaces to accommodate all the pristine Range Rovers.