Sexual assault attempted near Cal Poly apartments

April 10, 2014

cal poly villiageA man attempted to sexually assault a female Cal Poly student Tuesday night in an area outside student apartments. [KSBY]

Around 10 p.m., the man grabbed the woman from behind, put his hand up her skirt and tried to pull down her underwear, according to the Cal Poly Police Department. The victim screamed, causing the attacker to run away.

University police are still searching for a suspect. The attacker is believed to be a man in 20s, wearing blue jeans a dark gray hoodie with a thin blue stripe. He is possibly Hispanic.

Two similar sexual assault attempts occurred on campus earlier this year. Campus police are increasing patrols in the Cerro Vista Apartments area, where Tuesday’s incident occurred.

April is sexual assault awareness month.



These are not “our University women”, and frankly, I find that vague sense of ownership slightly disturbing. Like it or not, men perpetrate >99% of all rapes, assaults, domestic violence incidents, kidnapping, child sex offenses, etc. Women must be on guard always-day or night. While out in downtown SLO; I see older men leering at the college coeds here-and trying to brush up against them while they give off a super-perv vibe. I just saw that yesterday at CVS Pharmacy and the poor young lady looked so bewildered. I ran him off like a dog. These are women just out of the the protection of their parents for gawdsake! Get your lust issues under control!

While I grew up in Los Angeles and there, you exhausted your adrenal glands watching out for deranged men, it is relatively benign here. And yet, not really. Over and over again, I hear of sex crimes here-but there are never any moves to get a forensic artist on board. This is likely the peeper from Buchon Street that started entering women’s homes and is now opting for rape. This is not unusual behavior, and if there is a sociopathic mental issue-it could escalate to more than that, and we could see violence-or worse. The authorities will get a forensic artist after real tragedy strikes. Thank goodness for SARP-they will help this young lady.


Ladies, please don’t walk alone if you can help it, if you have no choice, carry a hammer, or at least hold your keys sticking out between your fingers. Then if attacked, go for the eyes!


I hope some good old boys catch him and make sure he never does anything like this again and saves us all the cost of prosecution

fishing village

Sick monsters are lurking around our University women, how awful. I hope they catch this one!!