Los Osos man among Santa Barbara murder victims

May 25, 2014

suspeted killerSanta Barbara County Sheriff officials have identified three of the victims of Friday’s killing spree as students at the University of California, Santa Barbara: Christopher Michaels-Martinez, 20, of Los Osos; Katherine Breann Cooper, 22, of Chino Hills and Veronika Elizabeth Weiss, 19, of Westlake Village. The names of the three other victims have not yet been released, pending family notification.

Elliot Rodger, 22, posted a YouTube video on Thursday detailing his plans of mass murder while blaming women for not being interested in him. Rodger said he was a virgin who had never been kissed.

On Friday evening, Rodger began his murder spree by stabbing to death three males at his apartment in Isla Vista.

Then, at about 9:30 p.m., Rodger arrived at the Alpha Phi sorority and pounded on the door, no one answered. He then shot three women outside the sorority, killing Weiss and Cooper.

Rodger left the sorority and drove to a deli, he stood outside and shot and killed former San Luis Obispo High School student Christopher Michaels-Martinez.

Rodger left the deli and continued to drive across Isla Vista, shooting at people, running down others with his car and exchanging gunfire with deputies. He was discovered dead in his car with a bullet to his hip and another to his head. It is not yet known if the bullet to his head was self-inflicted.

During his murder spree, 13 people were injured. Of those, eight were shot, four were run down and one person’s injuries are not explained.

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Elliot’s parents should have yanked him from Santa Barbara and put him in a mental institution once they saw those early youtube videos. How did they think making a remote phone callto the Sheriff’s office was going to solve anything? If the parents had been more proactive earlier and gotten him some treatment, his mental health history may have prevented him frompassing a background check for purchasing a gun. I mean, how else can the background check be effective if the information isn’t there in the first place?


Maybe daddy can direct a film now on mental illness., coupled with the repercussions of not addressing it? And the proceeds can go to the victims families?


Yes it would have been nice to have had the parents try and have him committed but not as easy as it sounds. He is an adult and it takes some doing.


And why didn’t the sheriff do his job? He sent 7 deputies to the kid’s apartment on a “welfare check,” meaning to find out if he was alive and/or blatantly depraved, sulking in a corner. The kid, just from the news accounts, is a classic sociopath, meaning he can be totally coherent and seemingly friendly while harboring the deadliest of intent, which he was. Were any of those deputies trained to detect this classic pathological personality? If they had been, they’d not have been put off by his sweet talk — that’s just the way sociopaths are. Did they bother to check to see if he’d been buying guns? By that time, after months of posting violent sick garbage online, there was plenty of evidence to justify followup of their interview, they just didn’t do it.

This is sad case of a rich kid, with all the advantages wealth provides, feeling aggrieved against the world for not giving him still more. Very sad commentary on our society.

fishing village

Heartbreaking, my thoughts and prayers go out to all the families and friends of those who have died. Such a pity we in this country can’t stop this horribleness.


And his left wing daddy’s $$$, who has deep pockets paid for the guns.


Mind you I do NOT support legislation that would deny any the right to bear arms. Just find it ironic that the left wing Hollywood quacks who support stripping freedoms that are part of our country’s foundation, in this case are the very people who supported and coddled this NUT JOB. Rather then spending $ to have the bad seed locked up via a court order in a mental institution, they would rather buy him a $40,000 BMW, pay for $300.00 sunglasses, and take him on first class trips to Europe.

maybe not

In response to Pismo 20 :

“As a society, there are many who bully people who are autistic, handicapped or even in our county anyone with different views.”

And some of them are frequently posting on this very web site.

maybe not

If you need proof of my post, look at the recent CCN article titled

‘Lois Capps’ office murder and coverup scandal’

Most of the posts are unrelated to the title of the article,

and even ToHellinaHandBasket supports my claim.

ToHellinaHandBasket says:

05/24/2014 at 6:14 pm

“Yes fv…..

Just as those who have opinions that differ from people who have no moral compass, look at life as relative, and are sheeple, they are bashed, hated, called names, and bullied to no end.

It works both ways in this age. Get a grip.”

Like it or not…” …some of them are frequently posting on this very web site.”

maybe not

Not only that, but some of these posters get to edit their own posts after they have been posted. What does that tell you??


Too many posts demanding gun confiscation. Won’t work.

This kid is the absolute poster-boy why gun control won’t work.

He killed half his victims with a blade, not a firearm. You gonna think “blade control” will bring those three kids back?

You can buy illegal items (weapons, drugs, stolen property) anytime. This will never change. We spend billions trying to sanitize our land of illegal drugs. Doesn’t work. He would have purchased an illegal firearm or stolen one and done the same tragic damage.

There is much truth in the “amoralism” posting of “in a hand basket” down below in this thread. Mix in psychoactive drugs (Ritalin makes kids commit suicide a lot) and our society creates a sad few shooters. We’ve decayed a lot in our “social contract” behavior. Supervisor Gibson acts amorally in public AND private life, Obama lies whenever he’s moving his mouth and topples Libya/Egypt other governments, Bush starts a war his Daddy didn’t finish, California state senators 3 are under indictment or convicted? Society has lost its compass. I don’t know how to fix it, I just decry it.


“…I do not think this should be about gun laws, though I am absolutely opposed to assault weapons.” What a load of crap.

“Assault weapons” by definition are automatic machine guns which have been under very tight Federal control since 1934. “Assault weapons” are not semiautomatic modern sporting rifles that some people feel compelled to vilify because of their physical appearance.

Just stop the crap.


“Just stop the crap.”

You use that word alot, I’ve noticed. The last one.

Reminds me of a story about President Harry S. Truman.

Truman dlivered a speech to a ladies group at the White House, and several times in expression said that what the Republicans and corporatists that opposed him were just full of ‘manure’.

Afterwards, some of the ‘ladies’ approached First Lady Bess Truman, imploring her to beseech the President to use a different word such as ‘fertilizer’.

Bess replied, “Honey…you should know the time it took me to get him to say ‘manure’ “.

Your comments seem to fit any definition.

fishing village

Other Countries have solved this ‘problem’ let’s copy them!


That would require the repeal of the Second Amendment and stripping the US of over 200M firearms. It would also require removing the means to produce new firearms. In other words it would be impossible.

Lotsa luck!

Truth Hurts

I went to England a few years back. I watched the evening news every night. There were a ton of stabbing by young kids in the streets. Where there is a will there is a way

Theo P. Neustic

Yes indeed, Russia and Nazi Germany had excellent “problem solving” programs


And here we go again. Another senseless murder spree by a crazy individual with access to weapons tha no sane American citizen needs to have access to – let alone crazy individuals. School killings in Connecticut, Colorado, and hundreds of others; theater shootings in Coloarado, and on and on and on.

I agree that this is not just about gun laws, there is some real basic problems with our society – but more stringent gun laws would help.

But what will happen? Well here is my belief:

1. Hours upon hours of news about this shooting; CNN, Fox, etc. Hours fo talk, talk, talk

with the self-annoited experts on guns, crazy people, etc.

2.. Lots of words of sympathy from our politicians; senators, govenors, even the President.

3. Congressional meetings about why, oh why this happened – with lots of long-winded statements about stronger gun laws (Sen Feinstein comes to mind).

4. Maybe even the President will fly to Santa Barbara to offer his heart-felt condolences to the families of those that were murdered in cold-blood.

5. A strongly worded statement from the NRA that guns and access to them have absolutely no connection to acts like this one.

And when all of the above is said and (in about 2 weeks) – what really happens is NOTHING – no change in anything what-so-ever. It will be forgotten about, except by the families and close friends of those murdered, and life will go on.

And then it will happen somewhere else – all over again. Maybe here, maybe your child, maybe your loved one.

People – change will only happen when you demand it. Stop settleing for fancy words from politicans, stop bowing down to the NRA, Demand and accept nothing less than absolute action. Many steps can be taken – America does not have to be this way.


Stop spewing nonsense.

Your comment “…access to weapons tha(t) no sane American citizen needs to have access to…” is pure, unadulterated crap with absolutely no foundation in reason. Thankfully the right to own such firearms is guaranteed by the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights. You don’t like it? Amend it! Just don’t try to pass any additional (and worthless) “gun control” laws because they have been proven not to work.

Your vilification of the NRA is also pure bunk. You’re upset that the NRA works against people like you who want to contravene the Second Amendment for absolutely no reason other than to project that you are “doing something.” You’re about pure, corrosive, putrid politics. Again, amend the Second Amendment or simply remain quiet. Your ideas and desires provide no benefit to anyone except to sleazy politicians.


The Second Amendment is fine as is, it stipulates “a well regulated militia, necessary to a free state” as the FOUNDATION for gun ownership by the PEOPLE, the collective society; not as rootin’-tootin’ lone rangers with no law but themselves.

You care to check the gun control laws that have been proven not to work with the record ? How about the Depression era bans against fully automatic submachine guns ? That worked for decades until the NRA and their corporate stooges diluted the effectiveness.

You wanna go Godwin once more ? I’ll give you an earful !


SCOTUS in DC v. Heller affirmed that it was an INDIVIDUAL right, so, with all due respect, get lost.


Precisely. Slowerfaster’s personal interpretation is wrong.

Theo P. Neustic

He’s a Constitutional Scholar, just like our Constitutional Scholar in Chief


Heller lets you keep a gun in your room ,has nothing at all to do with 2nd amendment assumptions. No wearing a firearm as clothing in public, your gun rights stay in your closet , no place in public except the target range.


There is no “ban” against machine guns dating from the Depression. The National Firearms Act of 1934 placed a federal excise tax of $200/machine gun. Please do your homework before you pop-off.


There has also been no change to the NFA due to the NRA. You’re wrong to suggest “That worked for decades until the NRA and their corporate stooges diluted the effectiveness.”


Why does any American need semi-automatic weapons? They didn’t exist when the 2nd amendment was written. Maybe we just need to recognize that fact, and say they aren’t “protected.” Tom Jefferson would agree with that.


It doesn’t matter if they didn’t exist when the Bill of Rights was crafted. The hard fact is that semi-automatic firearms existed for many, many decades before politicians started putting worthless controls on them to make people feel good.

Thomas Jefferson would definitely no agree with you.


“Thomas Jefferson would definitely no [sic] agree with you.” You know this to be true how?


Jefferson supported liberty. He knew what it was like to be a British subject. He and other framers made it clear that the right to keep and bear arms was important so that citizens could defend themselves — particularly against the government should it come to that as it did in the American Revolution and not to “hunt” as some like to infer.


Well said Sam!


Did the internet, twitter, cell phones, TV, etc, exist when the First Amendment was written? The Second Amendment was written with the arms that the average foot soldier carried in mind. Today, that would be something equivalent to an M-16. Pathetic argument. Try again?


You are conflating issues. Yes, preventative and proactive measures should be sought for the variety of concerns you list, but …

“Look at the bulk of murders on the Central Coast in the past five years”.

How many of them were made possible and easier due to the proliferation of firearms and the access provided to them by criminals, the mentally unstable, and other irresponsible parties?

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