Los Osos man among Santa Barbara murder victims

May 25, 2014

suspeted killerSanta Barbara County Sheriff officials have identified three of the victims of Friday’s killing spree as students at the University of California, Santa Barbara: Christopher Michaels-Martinez, 20, of Los Osos; Katherine Breann Cooper, 22, of Chino Hills and Veronika Elizabeth Weiss, 19, of Westlake Village. The names of the three other victims have not yet been released, pending family notification.

Elliot Rodger, 22, posted a YouTube video on Thursday detailing his plans of mass murder while blaming women for not being interested in him. Rodger said he was a virgin who had never been kissed.

On Friday evening, Rodger began his murder spree by stabbing to death three males at his apartment in Isla Vista.

Then, at about 9:30 p.m., Rodger arrived at the Alpha Phi sorority and pounded on the door, no one answered. He then shot three women outside the sorority, killing Weiss and Cooper.

Rodger left the sorority and drove to a deli, he stood outside and shot and killed former San Luis Obispo High School student Christopher Michaels-Martinez.

Rodger left the deli and continued to drive across Isla Vista, shooting at people, running down others with his car and exchanging gunfire with deputies. He was discovered dead in his car with a bullet to his hip and another to his head. It is not yet known if the bullet to his head was self-inflicted.

During his murder spree, 13 people were injured. Of those, eight were shot, four were run down and one person’s injuries are not explained.


In all fairness, we don’t know that he was so screwed up that he was obviously in need of psychiatric help before he turned 18. After that, the parents can do little more than they did — notify the authorities of the danger and hope that they can be proactive.

Truth Hurts

Cops can’t just rip people out of their homes and toss them into mental health facilities. They have to take what they are given at face value. It is not their fault. It is hard to judge a person and if they are a danger to themselves or others by talking with them unless they outright say what they are thinking. Knowing about the videos would of helped. But in all reality. The kid might have been taken to a facility. Later released. And he would do what he planned to do before. He had over 400 rounds left loaded people. He was determined and this was going to happen. Either now or six months from now. The fact is the guy died shortly after good guys with guns showed up and engaged him without hesitation. Thank you SBSO! Most mass shooters will take their life when law enforcement arrives. If these guys didn’t try to take care of business right away more people would have suffered.


Here we go……

I, as many others have correctly called it. It now becomes about “guns”. Gun control.

Again, to the families that have lost their loved ones in this senseless act of absolute narcissism, may our Lord God comfort and strengthen all of you. There are no questions that can be answered in human terms. But be patient. One day you [we”ll] know.



Okay, the guy with the knife and gun had parents and they bare a bunch of the responsibility. I know liberal parents like to wash their hands and say that their child was raised cage free and that it wasn’t their responsibility… but it was their responsibility to produce someone who could live and contribute positively to our society. They failed.

Now, let me blame the victim. The Martinez family clearly felt that being divorced was far more important than staying together to raise their child. I do really feel sorry for the son, in the pictures presented he wore an old school Justin Beber haircut and looked like any girl scout could mug him for his lunch money. The boy was clearly unprepared to face the world unless protected from harsh words. He really needed to live at home protected… he looks like he wasn’t prepared for his first sleep over. With all the great self defense dojos in the area… a real dad would have started him in one. We all die, but his dad could have given him a fighting chance.

So, let me just say, that in my humble opinion both sets of parents failed and they both have no idea why.


How do you know the parents were “liberal?” Couldn’t some of your conservative friends also have had messed up kids? Seems like Tim McVeigh probably didn’t have liberal parents.


“Now, let me blame the victim. The Martinez family clearly felt that being divorced was far more important than staying together to raise their child.” Roger, you are truly sick.


Did somebody hack Freberg’s account? I can hardly believe what I read regarding the Martinez boy. Freberg’s is blaming parents for their kid being murdered? Not good, Roger, not good at all.


Roger I could see your point in the first paragraph in wondering about the killers parents and if parenting could be the issue but then your second paragraph??? I’m speechless!! Blame the victim for getting shot and killed? How do you know self defense of karate would have worked here? He may have had his back turned and not seen it coming or who knows he may have started to advance on the killer and he shot him. I find your second paragraph appalling and embarrassing to other conservatives.

You have mentioned you have children before Roger, have you taken them to self defense classes when they were younger?

As the world turns

Why isn’t Capps speaking out? Why isn’t Capps meeting with the families? Why isn’t Capps providing leadership? This horrible events occurred in her district.


She is Lois Capps, she continues to do what she has done best, nothing.


And through all this rhetoric not one comment about Christopher himself.


The article is in correct three we’re stab to death with a knife?


QUOTING ToHellInA…: “since we as human beings thinking we know how to do things better than our God who created us….”


Not everyone believes in a “god” of any denomination, while some believe in multiple gods.

I find it hard to believe that any solution based on the ideas of one religion will be of any service to healing the world’s problems.



“Not everyone believes in a “god” of any denomination, while some believe in multiple gods.”

What you say say is true. Except for the word denomination. So your reply should read, “Not everyone believes in a “god”, while some believe in multiple gods.


The Word of God when read/studied, spells out clearly how we are to live our lives and with those who He has also created. The main point is that without God/Jesus Christ our Savior as our sail, our rudder, we are left to our own devices.

Because man is inherently evil, no good can come from anything that we do apart from God. Period.

I’m sorry you find that so hard to believe.


“The Word of God” by universal Christian definition is Jesus Christ. “The word of God” is the Bible. Two entirely different things.


Oh yeah and to suggest “man is inherently evil” is counter to Christian belief. We are made by God in His Image. We are indeed fallen but we are also redeemed by the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ to His Father for our sins. We are definitely not “inherently evil” You’re wrong about that, “period.”


We are redeemed by the sacrifice of Jesus only if we accept Him as our Lord and Savior. Faith, trust, and obedience. Believing in the fact that He [as God in flesh], came not to condemn, but save. Believing in His birth, death, and resurrection.

One is not redeemed if one does not believe these truths. That would be like saying that all paths lead to heaven, which they do not. Jesus is the Way, Truth, and Life.

Probably enmity would have been a better use of word. However, inherently still makes the grade.

As for your first retort, I did not understand that so I cannot comment.


Absolutely not. ALL of mankind is REDEEMED by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ to His Father. In other words, the path to Heaven is now open. Unlike the past where even the righteous had no way to get to heaven, the path is most certainly open to us.

That certainly no guarantee that everyone will take the path, that they will be “saved”, but it’s there, open to all.


So many things wrong with your post, so I will just start with one question…what is an “assault weapon”? Maybe the knife that killed three of the victims?