Nine sexual assaults near Cal Poly may be linked

May 29, 2014

calpolySince 2012, there have been nine sexual assaults near Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo in which a man attacks a woman from behind, and now police think the attacks may be linked. [MustangNews]

In each case, a white or Hispanic male in his 20s grabs a woman from behind and tries to pull down her underwear. After the woman screams, the suspect runs away.

The latest two attacks occurred in April.

One in five female college students are sexually assaulted before they graduate. Even so, this type of assault is unusual.

“That’s actually the rare type of sexual assault; the stuff that actually happens quite frequently at Cal Poly that doesn’t enter the statistics is more of the acquaintance, the date rape,” said Christopher Bickel, who teaches about sexual assault in his criminal justice classes.

University officials are addressing the rash of sexual assaults through emergency alerts and encouraging safe practices.


Women are still only paid 67 cents on the dollar compared to a man in the US. In some countries, it is legal to kill women and in other countries if a woman is raped they imprison or kill HER. In the US, we have a high degree of pornography viewing. With that comes certain ideas such as “look at her-she is asking for it”. She may just be hiking or carrying in the groceries, but in the sick male mind, a whole different scenario exists. There is a lot that could be done to educate males-but it is not. Also….64% of women in college have been shoved, slapped or hit with a fist or had to physically say “no” to sex (by pushing or fighting him off). Being a woman-I am afraid to walk alone at night in certain places. Afraid of what men might do. And that is sad.


The 67 cents per hour comparison only works with averages, if you use a same job comparison women make the same wages as men. It’s just that on average, women tend to be in lower paying or part time jobs, although that is changing too. And please don’t lump men together like that, some of us were raised correctly and would never hurt women. In fact, I think most men would pound somebody they caught in the act of molesting women.


PEPPER SPRAY these gals should be carrying it and even if he runs spray it at him. You can buy a small canister at a gun shop and just have it in your hand as you walk. If someone just went to pull down my pants I would chase the bastard down and give him a healthy spray before calling the cops. Hell a good kick to the crotch would also be in order before calling the cops.


dog: It would seem that you are a male, as I am; neither of us has any idea at all of how traumatic being sexually assaulted must be. Having the presence of mind to spray an attacker near their facial area while being attacked sounds real good in theory, but in the shock of the moment, probably not very practical. And kicking the guy in the crotch? Again, not being a woman, can you fathom how terrified someone must be during an attack like this, knowing the history of how sexual assaults have turned into great bodily harm and even murder. I would assume that most women who are attacked, regardless of when the attacker stops only wants one thing at that moment, to be left alone.

Nothing, absolutely nothing any woman does, says or wears is a justification for being assaulted, period. The old adage about sexual assault being more about the violence and control more than it is about the sex I think still rings true. Yes, this perverted individual needs to be caught and face incarceration and possible treatment.

And all women need to be aware of their situations, even being to the point of being “on guard” when the situation suggests it, unfortunately.



I think that dogeatdog’s advice about pepper spray might be good for many women — although certainly not all as you point out. Don’t underestimate the ability of most women to overcome their fears and react with sufficient force given some training.

I think that use of pepper spray and other self-defense tactics should be encouraged. It is a more positive and enabling way to deal with an unfortunate reality than the avoidance techniques which tend to reinforce fear and dis-empowerment.

fishing village

What kind of men do this? Sick!, deranged individuals! Who knows? Is our society so screwed up men believe this is the right behavior? Catch this guy, please!!

Cathy S.

What took them so long, I figured that out a year ago. Descriptions of both the attacker and the attack are too similar. Not overly impressed.


“One in five female college students are sexually assaulted before they graduate.”

This speaks volumes about our culture…very sad indeed.


This statistic seems to be very loaded. Where are all perps? Shouldn’t they be charged at the same rate?