SLO city attorney slated for third straight raise

May 14, 2014
Christine Dietrick

Christine Dietrick

Correction: The proposed raise would be Dietrick’s third raise in three years, not her third raise in four years.

San Luis Obispo City Attorney Christine Dietrick is due for another pay raise.

A year after receiving a 4.5 percent salary increase, Dietrick is slated to receive a 4.2 percent bump in pay. If Dietrick receives the salary increase, it will be her third in three years. She previously received a 3.5 percent pay raise in April 2012.

At its upcoming May 20 meeting, the San Luis Obispo City Council will likely increase Dietrick’s salary by slightly more than $7,000. Following a council review of Dietrick’s performance, Mayor Jan Marx and Human Resources Director Monica Irons are recommending that the council raise her base salary from $168,000 to $175,006.

The proposed raise comes just one month after the city spent more than $2 million paying down its legal insurance liability. In February 2013, the city learned that it had accrued $3.1 million in legal liability owed to the California Joint Powers Insurance Authority.

The CPJIA also raised the city’s annual rate by $74,000 after the city lost a costly lawsuit over its practice of ticketing the homeless.

Dietrick already makes significantly more than California Attorney General Kamala Harris, who earned a $143,571 salary in 2013.

The council also reviewed the performance of City Manager Katie Lichtig, but no changes to her contract are proposed.

Also at next week’s meeting, the council will consider awarding itself pay raise. A committee on council member compensation is recommending changes to salaries and benefit structure that would allow council members to earn $4,800 more annually. The mayor’s pay could increase by $6,000 annually under the proposal.

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So she gets another raise. She gave the City direction on Measure A & B, then PD filed a PERB complaint and guess what PD won = piss poor legal advice. She gave advice to council on the homeless issue and the end result is that it cost the City hundreds of thousands of dollars due to piss poor legal advice. She gave council piss poor legal advice on the idiots who illegally dumped hazardous waste at the back of the City Yard. The record is clear of piss poor legal advice and council gives her a raise. Councils expectations must be really low.

Also, remember last time the City got measure Y passed they gave employees huge raises. So whY is measure Y important – this valuable employees need more money to pay for their screw ups.

With inflation running around 1.5% most people in the private sector are quite thankful if they can get a 2% raise. She is averaging 4% for the last three years.


Let us not forget the NEW POSITION that was created for her brother by Ms. Monica Irons (Human Resource Director: Jamie Iron’s wife, Katie Lichtig’s landlord) who had previously placed him in when a position that opened so he could get the experience he didn’t have and then he failed the test and bang, a new position was recently created.

She has failed the taxpayers of this City big time but she has served Katie and Jan Marx very well and I guess at the end of the day that is what counts. Elect a new Council/Mayor and oust this useless employee along with a few others.

But, but…she’s a successful business woman…IN MORRO BAY! General Secretary Irons and his comrades don’t approve of that. They will attempt to purge, and have succeeded, anyone who does no think along the party line. To them, success belongs ONLY to the people.

After reading all of this it is unfortunate if you see the name Irons is involved in it is one BIG MESS. SO unfortunate especially for the CIty of Morro Bay as how things are turning out BOTTOM line

we the citizens are the losers. Seems to be a family affair at our expense.

The residents are the ones that will suffer for all the disruption. I also find it very interesting that irons didn’t bother to show up for the candidate debate. That would have been a great time for him to share his “vision” of the city and all the “accomplishments” that he had achieved during his term so far. My vote and most everyone I have talked to is going to Carla, who as mentioned above, listens and responds to the people.

kkeene88…..he can not share his vision either because he does not have one or if he does it is certainly not one that will get him votes. And Mr. Makowetski declined as well. We have an elderly friend that lives at Casa De Flores retirement community in Morro Bay. She said Makowetski showed up there and reminded her of the traveling salesmen that would come door to door back in the 1940’s selling snake oil. Him and Iron’s are all over the map. Rather then participate in a healthy debate that would be most informative for all in the community. They would rather prey on the elderly or hold gatherings in Morro Bay’s biggest dive bar.

Kalalau says:

11/07/2013 at 9:11 pm

So…now on another thread…the one about Katie Lichtig….the SLO city manager…..someone has posted:

“Keep following the trail and it all leads back to Katie. Anybody want to explain why Katie lived at Monica Irons and Mayor Irons house for two months and then Katie hired Council Member Christine Johnson!s husband for a $100k. A Job that he was not even qualified for. If you work for the City and even attempt to bring up improper going ons you get fired or they create a hostile work environment.”

The plot thickens….and their agenda????

Like or Dislike: Thumb up 11 Thumb down 3……..

They are blatantly corrupt! Another reason I will be voting for Carla Wixom for mayor of Morro Bay coupled with Headding and Nancy Johnson for council.

well, at a minimum its bad PR… but then we need to pay for various perks the council gives themselves. I am still a bit amazed at John Ashbaugh’s compensation…

What is John A’s compensation?