SLO DUI collision causes three-car pileup

May 20, 2014
Derek Johnson

Derek Johnson

San Luis Obispo police arrested a man Monday evening for driving under the influence and causing a crash that injured another driver.

San Luis Obispo resident Derek Johnson was driving northbound in the 3200 block of Broad Street around 5:15 p.m. when he rear ended the vehicle in front of him. The force of the collision caused the vehicle Johnson hit to crash into a third car that was stopped at a red light.

The driver of the stopped car suffered non-life threatening injuries, and responders transported him to the hospital.

Officers determined that Johnson was driving under the influence of alcohol. They arrested him for felony DUI causing a collision with injuries and booked him in San Luis Obispo County Jail.

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Derek is not homeless. He was our janitor’s son at Los Ranchos school in the 70’s. Got into pot and alcohol in Jr High and sadly has shaped and controlled his life to just live from paycheck to paycheck never making any progress. Very sad that he injured someone else finally.

Given his appearance, I can see why some of you assumed he is a homeless person but I didn’t see anything in the article to indicate that. Do you know something not there or are you just indulging your presumptions by making assumptions?

I know you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but geez!

Hey Derek….we are saving a seat for you. Work the steps….and the keys to the kingdom are yours.

And the City wants to build a 200 bed facility to attract more like him. Vote the idiots out.

He can have the keys to the kingdom but I hope they don’t give him any car keys. I hope the judge makes it a condition of his bail that he should surrender his license and not operate any vehicles. This is a good reminder to have uninsured motorist insurance of your own car.

What makes you think he has a drivers license & insurance. Some among us don’thave it, guess who.

Exactly. Like a judge telling a drunk loser not to drive is going to have an effect. Now the state of California is giving licenses to people who have no business having them. So now, unlicensed drivers will be “licensed”. This state is so screweled!

NO, This Country is so screwed! We the people (citizens) are so screwed. What can be done?